DDs How to make a fabric Lace Zipper Pouch sewing tutorial

hi and welcome to Darvanalee Design Studio
my name’s Nicole Reed and today we’re going to make this cute little zipper
pouch using a lacing so let’s get started okay so a lot of people who’ve I’ve seen
these life steps around and a few people have asked me how to install so today I
thought I’d do a cute little pouch for you and that way you’ll be able to
install one yourself and you won’t find them intimidating anymore all right
you’re going to need a few things before we get started the first thing is you’re
going to need some interfacing okay and I’m using today Pellon shape flex 101 and
it’s measuring six and a half by twelve then in the lining you need two pieces
of lining fabric with the same measurement six and a half by twelve and
then you also need an outer fabric and I’m using animal spirit by Tallulah pink
today and again that is six and a half by twelve inches now what you want to do
from here is actually take your outer fabric and your shape flex 101 and you
want to press that onto the back now your Shape flex 101 is a bumpy side and a
smooth side and you want the bumpy side to go down onto the wrong side of the
fabric so just lay it down there and then you take it to the ironing board
and you give it a press and make sure it’s sticking down okay so we’ve done
that and that’s all ready to go so you’re also going to need today a rotary
cutter and also some matching thread a Lace Zip and I’m using variegated thread
today because we’re doing top stitching you’re going to need some thread snips a
pair of pinking shears and some pins so now that we’ve done
that and all our prep work is done we’re ready to go now the first thing we’ve
got to do is actually make some take some fabric out of these bottom corners
here now you need to be very careful with directional fabric if you have a
pattern you want to make sure that you’re actually doing this in the bottom
of your fabric and I’ll grab my ruler and I will also grab my rotary cutter
and we’re going to cut a one-inch square out of each corner so just like that just one inch be
careful not to go too far and you repeat that with your other outer piece and
also your lining so your pieces will now look like this and so were you lining
next step is to take one lining and one out of fabric and place them right sides
together and we’re going to sew a quarter inch seam allowance along the
top and you do that with both pieces making sure that you’re lining
everything up and again stitch across there okay so you can see here I’ve got
it’s nice and neat all my raw edges are aligning up alrighty so we’re off to the
sewing machine to get sewing okay so now what we’re going to do is we’re just
going to sew a quarter inch seam allowance all the way along so our panels are together and we’re
going to flip them right sides out and we’re going to head over to the ironing
board and we’re going to give them a good press okay so we’re at the ironing
board and now what we’re going to do is actually press our seams open and what I
find easier is just to run my finger along and that opens the seam up for you
give it a bit of a finger press and then just hit it with the iron and then grab
my clap art and just press that seam open and as you can see that just leaves
it open and then I flip it over and I give it another good press there and now
what we’re going to do is make these so they’re right sides out
so we fold it over aligning our raw edges and hitting it with the iron again just to set that crease ready so you can
see there it’s a nice crisp clean and we repeat that with the other one ok so now we’re going to install our
zipper okay and this is actually sewn on top so this is where you can use your
some of your embroidery threads or your variegated threads always look nice I’ve
got mine set up on my machine and ready to go so we just need one piece of our
constructed panel with the right side facing up then we’re going to get our
zipper and the zipper end should be approximately a quarter quarter of an
inch in from each side so a better quarter of an inch in from this side and
a quarter of an inch in from this side and you can just eyeball that okay and
then you just slide it up and you just want the bottom end of this tape just
sitting on that folded edge that you created grab some pins and you’re going
to pin it into place making sure that it’s lining up all the way so you can
see on the back here that the zipper teeth are just here so the zip is going
to open up just fine and you can test it at this point so you see there that it’s
not actually catching on any of the fabric all right so then we can just
stitch that just run it back the other way and make sure it’s not getting stuck
which it’s not alright so now we take that to the sewing machine and we top
stitch that okay so if you need you can just use your normal presser foot and
you can adjust your needle as you need to
or you can use your zipper foot that’s entirely up to you
I’m using my vintage machine and as you can see it’s got quite a narrow toe on
it so it sits right up against the zipper teeth so I don’t need to put a
zipper foot on this one which is great so we just remove our first needle our
pins oh and basically what you’re going to do is you’re actually going to stitch
all the way along and you’re going to hit each one of these see those little
holes at the top of the flower you want to aim for that and that way you know
that you’re going to get it at least an eighth of an inch underneath
stitch down okay so let’s get that underway so you
can see there that my needle is actually hitting where those little dots are and
you can see there that it’s all stitched down okay and that’s what you want all
the way along so we grab our other piece and we line those up so you can see here
that this edge here is lining up and the same as over here as well so you can see
there that it’s it’s lining up alright and then we place the zipper on top just
as we did before and then we grab our pins all right so we’re ready to head back to
the sewing machine and at this point I just give it a test and see that the zip
is opening same as last time and we repeat exactly the same thing now you
may want to get your stitching a little bit closer but I find that just hitting
those little little dots just there at the top of the lace is the best place to
stitch it down you won’t have any problems with anything missing or
anything like that okay and now we’ll be ready for final assembly all right so
we’ve got our pouch now and basically our zip is working beautifully okay so
we know that we’ve installed that correctly now what I want you to do is
open your zip – halfway and then I want you to take your outer fabric and bring
them right sides together aligning your raw edges especially in the corners here now when we are aligning our sides you
want to make sure that your lace apart is facing so the edge of your lacy zip
is facing down towards your out of fabric and you want to make sure that
that seems aligning now if you can’t get a zip in there so if you can’t get a pin
in too where the zip is just use a wonder clip
works just as well as a pin and you want to do the same with your lining except
you’re actually going to leave about a two inch gap so if you just mark that about two to three inch gap okay so we’re almost finished our pouch
now so what we need to do is just trim off all our excess threads and then
we’re going to just to go ahead into the lining and make sure that we’ve still
got an opening there and that’s what we want and our zippers open because
otherwise you can’t turn it out the right way all right and now what we want
to do is actually just clean up some of these edges so I’m going to grab my
pinking shears and I’m going to pink all the way around leaving about quarter of
an inch so you can see there that it’s all pinked all the way around it just
gets rid of some of the bulk out of out of when you’re turning it around okay so
now what we need to do is actually box up our corners so what you need to do is
actually just line up your seams and you’ll get a nice straight edge and
we’ll do a half inch seam allowance across there and you’re going to repeat
that on all of your corners okay so you get your seams and you line them up and
then a half inch seam straight across reversing at the beginning and at the
end just for some extra security and you do that to all four corners
all righty so now we’re going to box up our corners I have aligned my seams and
I know that they’re sitting there fine and I’ve got the fabric into the machine
and I just need to do a couple of stitches do a bit of a reverse and then
back again and we’re using a half inch seam
allowance okay so we’ve sewn all our four corners
and we’ve boxed them up now and so you just want to trim off your threads and
get rid of those and then you want to just quickly pink the edges as well and
that’ll just stop everything from fraying and now we are ready to turn it
in the right way so basically you come down to your hole that you left before
and you find your opening in your zip and you just bring it all the way
through turn that through push your corners out shouts super rap so there you go one last Super pouch
that’s very easy to use and it’s very easy to put in and it took no time at
all about 15 minutes all up with cutting and everything you can make them quilt
it as well you could use a little bit of fusible fleece in there or a bit of
wadding and you could quilt them up but I like them like this they great for
pencils I often put my sign nations in them as well you can fit a pair of
scissors in so you can see there can fit quite a bit in also a rotary cutter and
I could fill them right up and then I’ve got myself a great little zipper pouch
and the lace-up just adds that nice touch to it okay so I hope you really
enjoyed our little tutorial today on how to install a lace zipper into this
gorgeous little pouch these pouches come in handy for many many things I use a
lot of them for little makeup bags for the girls or nail polish this is my
daughter’s pencil case that she uses to school that I nicked offer and this one
is one that I use for all my makeup brushes okay so if you liked this video
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happy to answer any questions that you might have my name is Nicole Reed for darvanalee
design studio thank you very much for joining me today have a great day
everybody and I’ll see you again soon bye for now

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