hey guys it’s Victoria we’ll come back
to my channel in today’s video I’m doing another fall
makeup tutorial today I think I want to go for more of a dark green eyeshadow
look so I did a burgundy eyeshadow look last week so if you haven’t check that
video out me she would do that after this I’ll link it down below and also
probably on the screen at some point during this video and I just thought
that green would be kind of like a different eye color to wear and it was
definitely be perfect for fall so let’s get started so today I didn’t do my face
makeup I only did my brows so I’m using the Beauty Blender bounce foundation
today I’m gonna use my Beauty Blender and dab some of this all over my face
elevation has literally become one of my favorites so I highly recommend I do
have an entire review of it on my channel but I just really love this
foundation we’re concealer I’m using my all-time favorite Tarte cosmetics shave
tape concealer you guys don’t know I love this concealer I don’t know the
best I use every single day I to adopt this underneath my eyes um down the
bridge of my nose Cupid’s bow my chin I don’t like to with this concealer anyway
like make a shape of a triangle under my eye because it’ll look like too heavy I
think so I just like to dot it because it is so full coverage but I do
Belen dydt out in the shape of a triangle so just look at the same effect
but just a little bit of a lighter look and for my powder today i’m using the
laura mercier translucent powder top my Beauty Blender into that and the
underneath my eyes and along the bridge of my nose but a bit onto my forehead
just to set it for my bronzing powder today ignore the powder on your face I
like to put the viewfinder crazy I’m using the kind of cosmetics bronzer in
the shade tequila tan and I’m going to use a bronzing brush
bronzing brush contour brush going to bronze my face living it up into my
hairline my temples using a blending brush I’m going to use a setting bronzer
and contour the sides of my nose going back in with my translucent powder going
to clean up the contour and then I’m going to go in with a fluffy powder
brush just dust all of that I’d like to do is go back in with the bigger end of
my Beauty Blender and just tap and we think make sure it looks blended and
flush them using the benefit dandelion blush is going to my cheeks and kind of
read up a little bit I like to blend it kind of into my bronzer a little now I’m
going to go onto the eyes for this green eye shadow look I’m going to start out
by using the tiny cosmetics you’re so money pallet to use this morphe blending
brush I’m going to add the shade blue faces which is a matte nude color just
going to apply this onto the crease and you guys know I always do this I just
like to high definition to the crease and the eyelid before we add any other
colors it really helps to blend everything together and I’m also just
adding a little bit of that to the lower lash line or I go back to the Kylie
palette I’m going to use the morphe 35c palette and I’m going to use this to add
some more neutral colors to build up the brown in the crease and everything
before we add green like to add the shade scandal which is aunt matte nude
color again add this into the crease kind of
bringing it a little bit above the crease so that when we add the green we
still have like this hint of brown in the crease to add this shade of mix in
which is a little bit of a deeper Brown and I’m just laying that over top and
kind of focusing it just to above that crease again I just got new like morphe
brushes and this brush the m4 for one brush which is the one I’m finessing
it’s so good like I haven’t tried this one out yet and this one is like amazing
so you guys are looking for a really good eye shadow blending brush this is
it’s amazing I love this one like it’s blending everything so nicely okay now
we get to add some color going back in with my colleague palette I’m using the
shade stacks which is a matte green color I’m going to just tie this to the
lid and I’m just going to continue to build this color up we’re just using
this flat eyeshadow brush to really kind of Pat this across the lids and blend it
into the crease a little bit no I want to go into my morphe palette I’m going
to add the shade devoted which is a deep green color and I’m just going to apply
that I’m just going to apply that over the other Kylee shadow to help us get a
little bit of a better color payoff I’m using this really dense and Real
Techniques eyeshadow brush and I’m just going to use the same green color from
the morphe palette and pack that onto the lid and as you can see that I think
makes a difference with how Figment ‘add the shadows come up using the green
again and adding that to the lower lash line now I’m going to go back into those
to neutral brown colors that we use in the crease before and I’m just going to
reapply them to the crease and I’m gonna admire today because I’m really liking
the blended outlooks lately that don’t have such sharp edges all the time to
add the shade balling Bay which is this gold color right here they’re just gonna
use a pencil brush and add that gold color to my inner corners because I’m
really liking of gold in her corner lately for my lashes today I’m using the
house of lashes Juliet eyelashes they look like this they’re so pretty
so to blend in this lash band I’m going to use a black pencil liner and just
line the inner corner with a black pencil to make it look like the lash
band is continued for my mascara I’m using the Tarte big ego mascara and I’m
going to do this to blend in the falsies with my real lashes and also going to
add this to my lower lashes now that the eyes aren’t done I’m going to use this
fancy Beauty highlighter this is the lightning dust and fire fire crystal
highlighter duo just going to mix both of these highlighters apply then to a
cheek bones lights onto the tip of my nose bridge of my nose and then also
just right above my brows and I’m just going to tap out some of this
highlighter on my nose lipliner today i’m using the morphe crush lip pencil
just lining my lips definitely want a nude light lip with this I look so
that’s I’m gonna go for top of that I’m using the Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid
lipstick in the shade at Pier Hollywood and as you can see it’s a very light
nude color so this is what I’m gonna use and I’d like to use a darker lip liner
when I use these kinds of with six so everything is done and this is
the finished look this look is super smoky and I don’t
usually wear green eyeshadow so it’s something different and fun for fall so
wonderful I really liked playing with this color today and creating this eye
look for you guys so let me know what you guys think of it down below in the
comments and if you guys wear this color eye shadow that’s it for today’s video I
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