Cynthia Erivo’s Makeup Tutorial with Makeup Artist Terrell Mullin | THR

– Hello, I’m Terrell Mullin. I’mma show you how to recreate Ms. Cynthia Erivo’s
makeup from today’s shoot. My inspiration kinda
pulled of what Corey did with the hair today with all the colors. As one of our go to like, things we do when we wanted
some quick dramatic eye and play up the eye and have
a little fun with it is that we just take a color of choice. Today, we shall use white. You find the person’s crease. You basically just paint
a line within the crease. You wanna make sure when you do this, you leave the eye open and not close. Cause sometimes what’ll happen is, Close you eye for me, Falyn. You close the eye and
then once you re-open it, you loose that exact space
when you put the line. So make sure when you’re doing this, to look at yourself in the mirror and find the crease that way
and then go in with the line. You don’t wanna do one quick stroke. You wanna create the shape of the eye and make sure you hit that and
not just go one quick swipe but as though you’re
painting because you wanna make sure you really get in
to the crease of the eyelid. And I love to go all
the way across the eye to the bridge of the nose. What I’m using today is the Maybelline Tattoo Studio Pencil in White. As you can see, the crease
starts from the end of the eye all the way across the
lid to the nose bridge. And what you gonna do from there is wing out the end of the eye,
kinda pull it a little bit. Winged it out from the
waterline and have the two meet. And if you mess up, don’t be afraid. You can always go back up and
clean up with the make up wipe in the Q-tip and just
sharpen the lines that way. That’s just really really simple. And if you want you can always go in to the waterline as
well and meet the two. Today, we didn’t cause we didn’t want, we just like what it did
without the waterline but if you wanted to, you
can go in to the waterline and add the same color as well. Now we’re going to the other eye. (upbeat music) Like I said before, start
from the outer corner with the eye open and make your way in. (upbeat music) And for me the bolder the color, the more dramatic the look will be against the skin complexion. So if you’re fair shade, maybe go with like a Turquoise or a blue. If you’re darker shade, like a white, a silver will always look good in this. (upbeat music) Once that’s done, I typically use, I go with the more natural lip because you don’t wanna fight that. So what I’m using today
is Rihanna’s Fenty. Love this shade, one
of Cynthia’s favorites. It is, what this is one called? Fenty Glow. I wouldn’t do a bold lip
with a eye this dramatic because it’ll get too costume-y. So here’s the final look we created if you wanna re-create at home. If you haven’t checked
out the hair tutorial, please make sure you do so. And thanks so much for watching. (upbeat music)

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