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Hey, guys. I’m Brooke here on set with CoverGirl. This is the fun party look,
and it’s bold, it’s beautiful, it’s bombshell sexy. I promise you you’re going to have
an amazing time at whatever party you’re heading to. Who’s coming with me to mine? Every party look should
start with a good base, which is why I’m going to begin with
CoverGirl’s Ready, Set, Gorgeous in Natural Beige, number 205. What’s awesome about this
formula is that it’s oil free, and it’s not going to
leave a shine on your face. Better to be glowy for the party
than greasy, don’t you think? I like to start with a dab of foundation
on my cheeks, nose, and forehead. Using clean fingers or a triangle
sponge, just start blending outward. Blending this way helps me
avoid getting severe makeup lines around my neck and hairline. I just keep blending until
I’ve achieved an even tone. All right. So next up, we’re going
to put on some concealer. I use CoverGirl’s Ready,
Set, Gorgeous Concealer. It’s the same as the foundation, so
you’re bound to get a perfect match, plus it has this awesome applicator
wand, so what could be better? Starting to beneath my
eye area, I’ll lightly dab concealer with the included
application wand along the darkest area under my eye in a
crescent shape, like this. Apply a bit of concealer to the inner
and outer corners of your eyes, too. Now I’ll take the pad
of my ring finger– which I’m using because it’s my weakest
finger– and lightly dab to blend. You can also dab concealer
on any red spots that remain. When I’m done, my skin tone
should be natural and even. Ah, yes. CoverGirl’s TruMagic Sunkisser. I love this stuff. It’s a skin perfector, and it gives
me just the right amount of color. I feel like a California goddess. I’m going to use this cool
TruMagic Sunkisser as a bronzer. I’ll use the sponge
applicator to apply it to my hairline, cheeks, and jaw line. Just blend it in. You don’t have to use much to
get an even, sunkissed glow. Who’s excited? I know I am. Because this right here is the
Bombshell Boutique eye look. This is the Bombshell
ShineShadow in Copper Fling, the Bombshell Intensity Liquid
Liner in Pitch Black Passion, and the Bombshell Volume
Mascara in Very Black. What’s awesome about
this look is you’re going to be the sexiest
bombshell at that party. Let’s put some on. I’ll start with a generous
application of eyeshadow. This stuff will really make my lids
shine with bold, shimmery color. Next, I’m going to do a cat eye with the
eyeliner by taking my line out and up a bit. When drawing a cat eye, it’s important
to make both sides symmetrical. I’ll finish with the Bombshell Mascara. It’s a two-coat mascara, one for
volume, the other for intensity. This look will really
make your eyes pop. For this mascara, you’ll need a
makeup emulsifier or some mineral oil when you’re ready to take it off. OK. Pucker up. This right here is LipPerfection
Lipcolor in Honey, number 258. I’ve been looking for a
pink like this forever, and I’m so happy to
have finallly found her. Since my eye look has a
light, shimmery finish, I’m going for a more
toned down lip look. Here it is, the fun party look. It’s easy, it’s breezy, and00
dare I say it?– it’s beautiful. Now I want to tell you guys
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