Crazy Things People Say When You Suddenly Wear Lipstick – POPxo

Hey, you look nice today. -Thanks.
-What have you done? So, I was saying, Abhilasha,
I didn’t get this one point. -Okay.
-I didn’t get to understand what this is. Shreya, whom are you
trying to impress today? What did you do? What’s different? -There’s something different, right?
-Yes, indeed. -There is something different!
-You tried something different. I didn’t understand this one.
Can you explain this? Yeah, so basically, for this client, we have to send them the
first set of options that they… Are you wearing make-up?
You have applied make-up, right? Is that make-up? Tell me! Don’t you think you should
try a different shade? Will you start giving
make-up tutorials now? Hey, wait, wait…
Are you going on a date? By the way, this is the first
time you’re not looking like a child. Go on a date. Just one day… Just one day
I decide to wear lipstick, and these people are after me. Does that happen to you too? Let me know in the
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100 thoughts on “Crazy Things People Say When You Suddenly Wear Lipstick – POPxo

  1. ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺😎😊😎😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😎😎😎

  2. When I first time put on eye liner in college my class fello said wah aj date pe jana and I was like what the hell

  3. Yes always when ever I put makeup yours only problem with lipstick but my when ever I just put lip balm or fill my eyebrows

  4. Yes it happens with me when I apply lipstick for the first time, my friends were just looking at me.
    Why people do like that it's our life we can do anything we want.

  5. When I stopped wearing eyeliner just for a day, people asked me whether I cried on that day and did I have fever 🤒

  6. Mai un logo mai sy hun jo daily lipstick lagati hai ghar mai b..jis din na lagain log puchty haun bimar ho jhagra hua ghar mai sab thik hy shadi thikchal ri hy etc..lipstick lagy na lgy logo ka kam hy kehna

  7. This happens with me alott….I have got bigger whenever I apply lipstick everybody stares at me nd it makes me feel so awkkkwardd🤐

  8. I start ask my frnds is there anything fun on my face…. coz those irk looks makes me feel embarrass…🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  9. Is this only me who finds similarities between shreya and Elena (Nina Dobrev)????? If anyone thinks like me here please let me know🙄

  10. Yes whn i applied lipstick people stare me but same i do with peoples bcz that shade doesnt suit them n look so dark in in my mind why she wear lipstich such a dark!

  11. Wearing a bright n candy colour attracts too much attention
    That's y I can't wear my favourite candy colours very often… 🙁

  12. Yes! It freaking happens to me to…like having the self satisfaction of getting ready and looking beautiful for yourself is AMAZING so don't go telling me I'm looking cute for someone else nope gurl I'm looking cute for nobody but myself

  13. If you're obviously wearing lipstick and someone still asks you if you applied makeup the only legit answer is "No, I killed an enemy with my bare teeth and carry his/her blood on my mouth as a war trophy."

  14. I wore it once and one guy at my work place was like did you come from a wedding function? Like who wears casual clothes with lipstick to a wedding?

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