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hey guys hope you’re all doing well back
today with another cosmetic capital haul sorry about my nasally voice I put a
little bit of a cold going on but I definitely wanted to make this video for
you guys today I just received my order in the mail and yeah I want to sleep
those know what I got that they’ve got so many sales going on just coming up to
em to financial year their prices are already incredible and yeah they’ve got
sales on top of that so definitely want to let you guys know about that and show
you guys what I got as well they’re now stocking ultra 3 which I’m
really excited that I always get lots of questions on my channel and on my
Instagram where I purchase mobile 2 3 products from normally from my local
chemist but now from cosmetic capital because they’ve got a great range of
ultra 3 on there they’re also now stocking BUIS
which I get a lot of questions asking do I have any bas products in my makeup
collection and what I think of them and no I don’t so I got a couple things
today but definitely let me know what you guys recommend from bas so I can
make another order and try them out I’m really keen so the brand is fantastic
and great prices as well yes I will put the link in the description bar guys
it’s a fantastic site I’ll bring down a couple of other halls and you guys know
I love affordable products and this site the prices are amazing so definitely
check them out I’ve also got after pay as well which I know is quite popular at
the moment so I’ll go through everything that I got today with you guys first off
a silicon sponge I’ve seen these all over Instagram and I’m just so curious
so this a thing that is for 95 so I really just wanted to get it to try it
out let me know if you guys want to know what I think of it I see mixed opinions
on Instagram so yeah I definitely am looking forward to trying that out the
crombie way is I got 258 they’re symmetrical foundation brush as soon as
I saw it on the website I thought yes I need to try this out so that’s what it
looks like there you guys know I love my own
or brushes for example this one here I love it because I love how large the
surface is and just putting on your foundation is so quick and easy so I’m
assuming you go like that and just apply your foundation that way
once again really large surface very nice and soft what I love about these
dents type brushes is it doesn’t absorb too much of the product and it really
does just buff in your foundation beautifully and less that really nice
flawless finish so looking forward to trying out this one on two primer this
is by la girl and it’s a pro prep HD smoothing face primer I actually tried
this on the back of my hand just before and it really does smooth out my skin as
it helps smooth and fill in fine lines and pores paraben and fragrance free and
enriched with vitamin E so I’m looking forward to trying this one out as well
and as I said on the back of my hand like you could actually see the
difference and also by la girl I got these two huge actually the packaging
looks quite luxe super the price so this is their just blushing just peachy blush
and you have no I love my peach tone blushes so I have to get this one here
stunning and also this little eyeshadow palette which is there I lux
mesmerizing in hypnotize and I’ve got this for the sort of more Mohs burgundy
shades which I thought would be really nice in the cool months here at the
moment so that’s what the shades look like they have actually really quite
pigmented they are a combination of matte and a shimmer sort of a sheen
shade in there as well I just love two tones so I took this one
also another eyeshadow palette and this one is by alter three I haven’t tried
that many eyeshadows out by Ulta three so I’m having a like this one this is
the all about eyes in the mood they also have a combo of matte and
shimmery shiny shades as well I got this detangling brush now I have to get it
since it’s rose gold so I thought it’d look quite nice on my vanity this is
what it looks like here it’s got quite a large surface on it so it should make
brushing to my hair really quick and easy but the rose gold also another one
that by la girl and it’s their lipstick in it’s a cream lipstick in forbidden
love and it’s just a beautiful nude years know I love my new lipsticks
another living is by L’Oreal now I’ve already got this one that I’ve nearly
finished it and it is one of my absolute favorite news one is in nude ballet the
other new that I like some of this L’Oreal collection is nude vibrato
that’s a really nice one as well who can I got a nutrient-rich facial moisturizer
and this is from their super greens range
I love sook and pastor I want to try out this moisturizer their masks amazing but
you know this one I have a Smith of it it’s kind of like a sweet smell to it
which is really nice so let’s try this one out you guys know I love my
Neutrogena oil-free one yeah I just wanted to try one out by Supan so I’ve
got that one and also these areas they’ve got all sorts of things on their
site guys so I wanted to get these earrings as well so this is one where
you put the stud on the front and then these little prongs go on the back I’ll
show you so that’s what they look like there I
love that style so I got those it’s got so like a little turquoise stone in
there so that’s if you think I’ve picked up this time guys as I said I’ll put my
other cosmetic capital hauls in the description bar so you can check them
out as well definitely let me know what other be
wireless products you recommend I just didn’t know where to start so yeah
definitely let me know what you think I should try out and I’ll order some more
as I said I’ll definitely leave the website link in the description bar I
think they’re also giving you guys a discount code I find out today so if I
do I’ll leave that down there as well which is fantastic especially with the
sales on it as well so good so definitely
check it them out let me know what you guys get tag me on Instagram or
something so I can see what you guys got as well that is pretty much if I hope
you guys all having a wonderful day please subscribe if you haven’t already
and I’ll speak to you soon ciao

17 thoughts on “COSMETIC CAPITAL HAUL (BYS, Ulta3, LA Girl, Sukin + More) | tango2+

  1. Great video! I have the la girl eyeshadows and they are great but i also have the sukin moisturiser and it doesnt work with my skin. I hope it works for you! Xx

  2. You definitely need to try the BYS berries palette (ABH modern renaissance dupe) and the BYS pure silk serum foundation

  3. Hi Mel, Other great video. I'm a member off Capital Cosmetics but not have bought anything I will now you showed us some great things.I didnt know you can get Ultra3. The only BYS that I have used is the nail polish love it. I hope you are feeling better soon. Have a great week. ☺

  4. ooo i need to get some bys and ulta 3 products! i would like to see you try out the bys berries palette! its apparently a dupe to the abh modern renaissance palette! x 💕💕

  5. I love Capital Cosmetics…I've brought some L'Oréal products for great prices. The only BYS products I've tried was the fluro nail polishes years ago….but I loved them, the fluro pink was beautiful. Love Amanda. Xx

  6. Hey Mel, I have found out that castor oil (which you can find at chemist warehouse) can grow out your eyelashes and eyebrows. I am trying this method presently and i think it would be an awesome video to see your results. Luv ya girl 💜✌🏻️

  7. Great vid Mel. You should check out BYS Berries eyeshadow palette and BYS Matte eyeshadow palette. I bought mine from GLOSS for $19.95 but Cosmetic Capital has them for $13.95! The BYS highlighting trio in O1 illuminate is also beautiful. 💕 xox

  8. BYS palettes are like dupes for Anastasia Beverly Hills, Modern Renaissance palette. Pls try it.😊😉

  9. The only thing I would try for BYS is the nail polish I’m not convinced of the quality of their make up and their eyeshadow is probably poor quality and full of talc but I do enjoy cosmetic capital but I’m getting more into mineral make up and natural stuff now

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