hi guys I hope you’re doing well back today with a review and haul video
on an affordable makeup site here in Australia you guys know I love my affordable
makeup so I wanted to test this side out and report back the site is cosmetic
capital . com. au you and i’ll put the link in the description bar for you guys i saw an ad for them the other night on
TV and it just looked too good to be true so i looked it all up and it’s
definitely true so i have to let you guys know about
this site shipping was really really fast they’re
in sydney i think and i’m in Queensland so it was only about two to three
business days everything was packed really nicely
nothing was broken which was very good and it’s a flat rate shipping fee so six
dollars 50 for as little or as much as you order which is good for me because i
would like to all out quite a lot so flat rate shipping and they’ve got such
a range of different products from drugstore to high end makeup skin care
hair care now polishes give sets heaps of stone what I’ve noticed they’re
always updating their stock and then what daily specials on all the time I signed up for the newsletter sorry
miss out on any bargains because as I said they’ve got a lot of high-end
products as well for amazing prices so i didn’t want to miss out on anything the one thing that I wanted to check up
on and i emailed them about it was is everything real and authentic because
for the price it’s like you know is this real and yet they guarantee that everything
is a hundred percent real and authentic and when I received my order everything is good to go all in all guys
i definitely recommend the website i contacted them and they’ve been very
kind enough to give you guys a fifteen percent off discount code which i’ll put
that in the description before you guys I don’t get anything from it it’s purely
for your shopping enjoyment and I’ll get into
everything but I got so starting out with now polishes and this one here I’m wearing today they’ve got AC now
polishes and they’ve got OPI and other brands as well but I want to get this
one because i love the vibrant peachy color and this one using peach side babe so I had to get that one and then this
one here is in salt water happy and it’s just a beautiful light blue lavender
color which i thought would be really pretty as well lip product I’m wearing this one that today it’s by
la girl and it’s a glaze lip-paint now heard a lot about these
but I haven’t tried them out before so I just got the one just to see if I like
the formula and the application and then i’ll probably go back in order more
because i really like it as I said it’s what i’m wearing today this is in the shade peony so it’s a
really nice pink Carly peachy color very pigmented it’s
got a really nice peppermint sent to it and it’s really nice and refreshing on
the lips as well and very easy to apply the next product is by mailing and this
is one of their color Alexa’s now a lot of people have tried these out as well
and this is my first one as I said I’ve got just a selection of
products I’ve got a lot more shades on this site but i just wanted to get one
shade of each of things i wanted to try first this one is in radiant raspberry so it’s
a deeper pink it’s more sort of like a raspberry or
watermelon pink so you’re looking forward to trying this
one out also a hard candy product this is the
plumping serum volumizing lip gloss now I try this yesterday and it’s got a
really nice metallic gloss finish to it and the last product is a covergirl lip
stick now this one is in 280 rapture and it’s just a really nice light pink color
and it’s got a nice Sheen to put a lot of foundations to choose from – I got this one here because weirdly I
haven’t tried this one before and I know a lot of you guys really really like it the l’oreal true match foundation so I’m
really looking forward to trying this one I got the shade golden sand also a blush this is by
Maybelline and it’s the master matte blush stick in flushed up and it’s just
that’s what I’m wearing today but it just gives the cheeks a really nice bit
of light pink flush look and yeah it blended really nicely on my
skin I just use my finger to blend it in and yeah it didn’t move my makeup or
anything it was very nice getting onto a couple of high-end products which yeah
as I said if they’ve just got such a selection on there so this is by elizabeth arden and it’s
the ceramide lash extending treatment mascara it’s what i use today even though I’ve
got falsies on so the one looks like this and it got
right so that the base of my lashes and gave me the link and volume I was after
so looking forward to trying it out more with the ceramide technology it says it helps lengthen define and
revitalize lashes so you have that goes and this is all so excited about I only
just got one because I just wanted to see and then I think i’m definitely
going to go back for more they’ve got a lot of nods limited
edition things on their site as well so if there’s anything that you’ve missed
out on have a look and see if they stock it and so this is a single eyeshadow in
pacha this is my first not a single eyeshadow i love the
packaging it’s some tiny I just couldn’t believe it when I got it because yes i
said this is my first one it looks like this I’ve already taken the little nas
plastic thing off and as I said this is in the shade sure
now normally i look at this and say no way his way out of my comfort zone but i
see so many people using this in them makeup tutorials and it’s just looks
gorgeous on them it’s a beautiful transition color or
great to warm up I shadows so I’m going to try it out we’re going out of my comfort zone and
try out this shape i’ll report back and as I said that but skincare and
haircare on there as well I haven’t tried to add any hair care
products from them as yet but maybe in my next order in care I got this here now this is by revital
and it’s the royal jelly in college and face masks and you get to face mask
treatment it says nourishes firms and hydrates and that’s what the individual
face masks look like they’re so it’s the sheet mask inside so that’s everything that I got in my
first cosmetic capital order guys I’m definitely going back as i said in this
first order i just wanted to get a small selection of things just to try them out
and report back to you guys but I’m really really happy so i definitely
recommend them put the link in the description by four years please subscribe if you haven’t already
all my social media links in the description bastard like I’m saying hi
hope you’re all having a wonderful day and I’ll speak to you soon child I’m just so sick so i probably
wouldn’t repurchase that one the pc glow tonic go on my water definitely going to repurchase

29 thoughts on “COSMETIC CAPITAL HAUL AND REVIEW | tango2+‏

  1. You got a great selection of products!!
    I've seen the website advertised on tv and thought it was too good to be true…but I might have to check it out now ☺ Thanks for doing this video!

  2. Oh no!! Like I need to find a new shopping site. really thanks 😄😄😄😄 You could totally use that NARS Persia eye shadow as a blush it looks like Exhibit A which is gorgeous xx

  3. Omg!! I discover SO MUCH from you… I watch hundreds of other beauty channels and you're the one I learn the most from. Thank you so much! I hope the pregnancy is going well, you look glowing! 🙂 <3

  4. they have a lot of great stuff on their site, I noticed some of the products are old packaging or shades that are discontinued which is awesome if you're favourite lipstick shade is no longer available in store!

  5. i love Cosmetic Capital too 😂 and i agree with you,they ship quite fast,i'm from sydney and sometimes they only take a day to arrive which is good!:)

  6. I love that Elizabeth Arden mascara. I get a little test size one every year when they give away their little test kits at Myer when u buy their stuff. Strangely never bought a full size. Heading over to check it out right now! Thanks for the info and the discount! xoxo

  7. Thanks for the info Mel and especially for the discount code, very kind of you and the company. Have had a good look and also signed up for email – like I need to do more online shopping!! Have a great weekend.

  8. I saw the ad too and I decided to try it too, I ordered some stuffs that I needed and it only took 4 days ( I am in Perth) the shipping and all was perfect.

  9. Love the video 💕 keep doing what you're doing 👍🏾 You're so pretty 😍 I make videos too !! Just uploaded a video on my channel 🙂

  10. Saw the post on your insta another day n went straight to there site lol… Finally we have a Australian site that has affordable makeup 💃🏻💃🏻… I decided what I want just gonna place the order… 😍😍

  11. How great. I love a make up site that's Australian….might go for a look now (nooooo says my credit card and husband though). Thanks Mel xx

  12. After watching your vid, i quickly had to check it out for myself and OMG! what a score! Thanks heaps for sharing your review and haul for C.C 🙂 currently filling my shopping kart 😀 but is the 15% discount still avaliable? doesnt seem to be working?…

  13. Great Review, You are very thorough in your explaination and really give a detailed insight into the product :). I found a website last month selling the most affordable cosmetics i've seen on the net. The websites URL is: You should check them out and maybe do a review on one of their products. They offer free shipping, coupons, discounts and they have a sale on lol. Look Foward to your coming videos, I really love your reviews 😀

  14. I just came across that site and was curious what people were saying as OMG… so cheap!
    Thank you so much for this tutorial, it was great to see and will definitely try it out (:

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