como usar las brochas de maquillaje (cara) | brochas de maquillaje y sus usos

hello my beautiful people today i come with a new tutorial how to use makeup brushes how to use it i don’t tell you more and i invite you to watch this tutorial let’s start with the foundation brush is it synthetic fiber the next brush is for concealer and is it made from synthetic fiber this also concealer brush but ideal for cream concealer now the powder brush the next brush is for blush but also you can use it for contour i use this brush for contour this is for blush now the fan brush for sweeping powder or for highlighting don’t forget this is 1 part of 2 tutorial of how to use makeup brushes the next one is makeup brushes for eyes if you like it this tutorial give me thumbs up also i invite you to subscribe to my channel where you will find makeup tutorial,hair tutorial take care and i see you in the next video chao,chao.

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