hey guys it’s Victoria welcome back to
my channel in today’s video I’m going to be reviewing the colour-pop frozen
collection I’m going to be using the Elsa palette from this collection and
try it out cuz doesn’t two came out and this just looked like a really pretty
collection so I’m gonna try this palette today and do what I like with it so
let’s get started the box itself as you guys saw looks like this snowflake on
the front all blue and then the names of these colors are on the back this is a
nine pan eyeshadow palette just what the POW looks like you have this picture of
Elsa on the front and then the nine shades which are so pretty I really like
this palette because I think the shades in here are very different and not
something that you always see in a palette obviously it’s perfect for an
Elsa palette but you just don’t see these colors together that often you can
see it is fairly small like my hand compared to the palette a nice and small
palette and yeah so there is an AMA palette you guys are interested which is
more like purpley colors and a couple of golds did all my face makeup already so
I’m just going to zoom you guys in and then we will start the eyes so I’m going
to start out by going in with my NYX concealer on a flat concealer brush and
just priming my lids going to use this full of your brush from morphe and I’m
using the shade fire which is a neutral shade going to apply this right into the
crease of the eye as well as to the outer corner then I’ll let me have a
little bit of that shade leaved down going to go into this deeper burgundy
shade a spindrift and I’m gonna start off with this very lightly and then
build the color up I don’t want to start out too harsh because I don’t want I
want it to all look very nice and blended so as you can see it’s like kind
of like a purpley color and it gets more purpley on the island kind of comes up
in the palette but it’s still very pigmented oh I really like this color
for this inner half of the crease I’m going to blend in some of the shade
water which is a matte pretty blue shade laces fumble engine
into that purpley color I really want to make sure that it’s above the crease
because we are gonna do a cut crease later on so you don’t want the concealer
to cover it up I’m just reapply in the shade spindrift
on that outer corner I’m going in with a blending brush and just blending it out
a little bit more make it slightly softer but now I’m going to go back in
my concealer and a lot concealer brush and I’m going to cut this crease from
the inner corner to about halfway on the lid we’re going to add some shimmers
just muster out with the northern light shimmer and place that right on the
center of the lid right on the concealer I’m going to go into the shade foolery
which is so pretty um it looks like a blue circle letter
like these two that I’m really interested to see how this is going to
apply like literally looks like flurries on my brush actually see how this
applies once you place it on it’s not going anywhere so very minimal follow um
considering the fact that it is such a loose glitter I think if you like ready
get it on the brush well and then place it don’t you know brush it on tap it
down so pretty reflects so that it looks blue like
certain light it’s so pretty I absolutely love it it’s like a chunky
eyeshadow glitter now for the inner corners on the brow bone I’m going into
the shade cuddle close which is a white shimmery color and placing that which is
also a very pigmented shade for the lower lash and I’m going into that matte
blue shade on this angled brush and placing that all across the lower lash
line and might a little bit purple and then I’m adding a purpley color
blending them in the middle just like we did on a lid I might add some glitter to
the bottom that shade flurry to the blue on the inner half of the lower lash line
just cuz why not sweeping away any excess glitter I’m going to use my kiss
lashes and kind of see how this looks without doing a wing because I think I
kind of go that way today now that these eyelashes are applied I don’t like when
there’s that gap of no lash band so I’m going to go in with a black pencil liner
and just meet the gap and then it makes it look so much better wait to see if
you wear the definer and then you don’t have to do that I’m just going to go in
with my Urban Decay mascara and apply some of this the eyes are done we’re
going to keep using our color pop products I’m going to apply the color
pop flexitarian highlighter and this Pilar is so pigmented for lips I am
going to do a nude lip but I’m gonna start off with a liner so this is the
NYX lip liner in natural and I use this all the time but it’s just the perfect
shade so I’m going to just line my lips with this and I’m using the colour-pop
ultra matte lip and this is in the shade sunny side and it’s the perfect nude lip
color so I’m just going to apply this right over top so this is the finished
look so that’s it for today’s video I have
ended like this talent you guys can see how gorgeous these colors are and I’m
really happy with it um but yeah so I hope you guys liked
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will be probably doing a New Year’s makeup look coming soon and yeah so stay
tuned for that know that’s it for today’s video and I will see you guys
next time thanks for watching bye

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