Kirsty: Hi everybody, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, we are gonna do Colour Blocking with gel polish. Gonna show you how easy-peasy it is. Right! So, what we’re gonna do is, we’re not gonna use a base colour, we’re colour-blocking all of the colours and that’s what it’s gonna be. We’re not gonna put like, a base colour of whatever down, we’re not gonna put base coat on, we’re gonna work directly on top of this acrylic nail. So, I’ve got colours. I just need to add some of the Flame Point to my little pallet. I say pallet. It’s just a bit of Backing Paper from a Sculpting Form. And I’m gonna start with Flame Point. Just pick up a dollop and then what we’re gonna do is, you use the brush to create sharp lines. Just run it through and then we’re gonna go round the cuticle. This is a really good tip as well of how to get nice and close to a cuticle, you can actually use a Detailing Brush. So, we’re creating a border. This is really important when you’re colour-blocking. It gets everything nice and crisp. But now. I’ll just make sure that’s a little bit more crisp, that’s it. I’m gonna fill this in. When you put the gel in, it touches the border and just settles really nicely. We’re going to cure that now. Now we’re going to take Glass and a Half. Right! I’m gonna pick up a dollop of that and I’m gonna place it down, and then, this is like your little pool that you’re gonna work from. So, what I’m gonna do is, get this cuticle here nice and neat first of all. And then, we’re gonna… Oh, it’s been a long day. We’re going to bring some of this product directly right at the side of that previous colour. Now, because it’s set gel, this is set, this is not. When you actually put the gel next to it, it’ll want to just go nice and neat. It’s pretty amazing to be honest. It kind of sucks itself dead close to it. So, you put it close to it, and it’s sort of like moves forward and meets the gel that’s set and gives you a really crisp line. So, we’re gonna do abstract shapes. So, now again, I’ve put a dollop of the Snow White on. I’m gonna drag through that to create a line, and do this border here. And then, we’re gonna do this line. And we’re gonna fill in. Can we see how easy that is to fill in? And how perfect that line is? Pop that into lamp for me. And we’re gonna take Candy Apple. And again, I’m gonna fill that in. Pop that in the lamp. And I’m gonna continue to do this all the way down the nail and alternating the colours. But I think it’s very important to start at cuticle area, so you get that perfect first of all. So, once you’ve done that, I’m gonna topcoat. This will make it nice and smooth. Make sure you kick the brush around the edges of the nail, so you’re sealing the gel in. So remember, it’s really important to start at the cuticle area. Pop that in. I’m gonna finish with a little bit of Cuticle Oil. Ooh! Now, that is a sexy nail! There you are, guys. Bit of Colour-blocking with gel polish. Everything I’ve used today, all those colours, they’ll be listed below in the description box. Don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll see you in the next video. Bye-bye!


    Please please please!!!!🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    This color blocking method reminded me of cookie icing videos.


    Man now I see how people come up with a million and 1 design ideas.

  2. If I wanted to, along with a few friends of mine, help with Spanish CC Subtitles… Where is the "GEAR" icon ? Because the only Gear ( ⚙ ) icon I see, says, "Options" and then has different numbers for you to choose from.
    Where do i find what I'm looking for?

  3. What lamp and wattage do you use? I've just bought a 36w uv/led lamp is that strong enough to cure the polish?

  4. Thank you for this video! I do t work with acrylic and this technique for gel polish is simple and fast nail art that made my jaw drop. I need that Flame Point!

  5. can you do a help video on builder gel, making glitter stick and stay when putting top coat on, doing french tips with stencils etc please, thanks

  6. Amazing crisp lines Kristy. Could you do a video on using a detail brush correctly. It seems pressure and the correct amount of polish comes into play. Love your work. What a genius you are!❤

  7. Gracias por traernos estas bonitas decoraciones son las 8:57am aquí en México y ya te estoy viendo saludos 👋

  8. oh my gaaawwwwdd this is my favourite video you've done yet!!! bright colours excite me 😀 Love you Kirsty & Adam!

  9. I want to see this full set, with all the different nails we've seen in the last week. I'll bet when it's all put together it's awesome.

  10. That was awesome Kirsty I love it! Thanks for all the lessons I so appreciate it. I'm a novice but I love doing nails and I'm having so much fun watching your videos so A HUGE THANK YOU! Keep'me coming girl! 😁👍🌷💅

  11. I hope this polish is good I just ordered 165gbp I think that's what it was it didn't convert to usd.. but oh well lol and had to go ahead and get a naio #8 &#10 oval, gel brush and detail brush.. no kirsty 😵😢

  12. Has anyone ever told you you resemble the actress Rachel Weiss? Your expressions and makeup remind me of her character in The Mummy. Sorry very random but I thought you looked familiar and I think that is why.

  13. I hate to say it but what’s up with your nails. They’re not looking like they usually look. Not hating, just wondering.

  14. I love that nail, I bet it would be a great doing another nail like that one and by doing some of the blocks mate. I'm not a nail tech but it doesn't matter, you learn so much Art work from Kristy, it is just a joy to watch. Y'all must have a waiting list of Models to get their nails done by her. Kirsty be like "Girl you can't afford me" lolll Just joking. Just to wear her artwork alone must be wonderful except the Eyeball spinner one, I'm not that brave …

  15. Nice job use to get my nails done all the time. Haven't had nails done in over a decade these beautiful styles makes me want to get mine done. Freaking love it beautiful

  16. Can we buy your supplies in the U.S.? Been looking at the website and it looks like we use to but not anymore. Would love to use the Naio Acrylic line. Thanks. 🙂

  17. Hey Kirsty! What's the longest full set stiletto you've done on anyone? I'd love to see u do a tutorial on that! Luv ur work and personality!❤

  18. Hey Kirsty, could you do something with the Naio Stylograph pens please. Show us how to use them. Thanks ❤️🇦🇺

  19. Hi, I love your channel. I want to ask you a question, How do you change your set so as not to ruin your natural nails? Is there a trick to make it easy or temporarily removed? Thanks

  20. I absolutely love your work I watch religiously when I get notified you uploaded a new video… Such an inspiration to me and my strive to do amazing nail art for my clients

  21. hi, just a quick question. The newer urban graffiti gels ive bought are saying cure in LED for 30 secs. Is this the same with the older (only slightly) gel polishes? Thank you xxx

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