Clean Makeup Brushes with SHAMPOO

– Here she is. Of course she’s here today. Hey, lovelies. Welcome back to my
channel Jazzy Nicholette. I’m Jasmine, this is Penelope. Nice to see you again. Oh, gosh, here we go. Today we are going to
be doing something that no one really likes to do,
but we still gotta do it. We are going to be cleaning
our makeup brushes! And I’m so excited to be
showing this to you guys because a lot of people show
you how to clean your makeup brushes, but no one really shows
you how to do it with stuff that you just got lyin’ around your house. So, I’m gonna be showing
you how to clean your makeup brushes with sham– Okay, let’s get started. (kissing smack) Hey, lovelies. So, we’re gonna start cleaning
our makeup brushes now. And we’re just gonna start by
rinsing them under lukewarm water and this is just
to loosen up the dirt and whatever else is up in there. Make sure that you don’t
get under the metal part of the brush ’cause that
could ruin the brush. So, make sure you don’t get under that. Just rinse the top part of the bristles. And make sure you’re
also holding it downward because that could get the
water underneath the bristle. Now we’re just gonna take a
small bowl and fill it with some more lukewarm to warm water and I’m going to be
adding the shampoo now. And I’m just using the Shea
Moisture Peace Rose Oil shampoo for this because it’s very natural. You could also use a
silicone based shampoo or another shampoo. If you have fairly
expensive brushes I might go with a natural shampoo. And that heart that I have
is actually a silicone brush cleaning part and it helps
to deep clean the brushes and remove like all that
nasty bacteria and build-up and it’s just from Dream Beauty Box makeup brush cleaning duo
that I purchased from Amazon. And I’ll go ahead and link
that below just in case you guys wanna check it out, it’s not gonna be affiliated or anything, just wanna show you guys what I have. And I’m just placing
that heart into the water so that I can start cleaning the makeup brushes with the water. And OMG, look at how dirty the
foundation brush is getting. Like, literally, that’s all my
foundation caked up in there, all dried and crusty and nasty and… It actually took me two or
three bowls to get this finally to the point where the
water would stay clear. It was so disgusting. Oh my God. So, yeah, a lot of your
foundation brushes, if you’re like me they’re gonna be filthy. So, you’re gonna have to run
them under some clean water. You’re gonna have to empty
the bowl and refill the bowl several times to get them to get clear, but it’s definitely worth it. Once you get to the smaller
brushes, you empty it less. So, that’s something to look forward to. And just keep repeating
that until it’s all clean! (upbeat techno music) So, now my brushes are clean and I would suggest just
laying them all on a towel until you’re finished cleaning
the rest of the brushes. When you’re done, do not
wrap the brushes with a towel or anything, blot them dry. And then what you’re gonna
wanna do is hang them. So, what you see me doing
is I have the brushes hanging over the edge of the
table with a towel underneath, so that the brushes don’t get moldy. And that is a huge no-no. I mean, we spend so much
money on these brushes that we just wanna keep ’em nice, okay. We don’t need any of that going on. So, yeah, or bacteria will
build up that you can’t see. So, yeah. And then let them dry for
about 24 hours, 12 to 24 hours. And they will be all set. Awesome! Now we have nice clean brushes and we did it with just normal
shampoo that we had laying around the house. So, thanks for watching, guys. I’ll talk to you guys in another video. Make sure you comment, like,
and subscribe if you want more videos like this one. Talk to you later.

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  1. You're so lovely and gorgeous! I am in love with your videos and style so much! I've subscribed and I can't wait to see your upcoming videos! ♡

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