Christmas Makeup Look With Quach Anh | Trang điểm đón Noel với Quách Ánh ❄️❄️❄️ [ ENGsub]

Tada, hello everyone! Christmas is coming, and of course, this is an occasion for those who love makeup to satisfy their enthusiasts Prepare everything and let’s start doing makeup with me! Back to reality, this is my bare face without any makeup First, I’m going to use this primer from Menard This product has a moderate level of hydrating and oil-controlling In general, everything is at a moderate level One outstanding feature of this primer is that it works quite well in toning up and evening out my skin tone Next, I’m going to mix the foundation with the cream highlighter at a 1:1 ratio in order to create the sparkle effect, which is highly effective at night parties This time, I decided to use sponge to blend the foundation out In addition to cushion, this sponge is also effective in blending different types of foundation, it will give a fuller-coverage foundation for my skin. I’m covering my dark eye circles with the Nars concealer To make it easier to blend out, I will fold the sponge in two and use my forefinger like this This will help you cover more exactly and effectively For other pigmented spots, around the nose areas, the corners of my mouth, I will have to apply a higher coverage concealer so as to achieve the expected result. Swiping highlighter over the tops of my cheekbones for a dewy glow This is the holiday season so that we can freely wear glitter makeup look Adding a bit more to the top of my nose and my chin With this step, we need to be careful so that the highlighter is well blended into skin and doesn’t feel tacky or sticky on my skin I’m going to mix the orangish red blusher with the light orangish pink one in order to create the gradient effect on my cheeks Usually, we are used to combining different shades of eyeshadows However, combining different blush colors will help to add more depth to the face and make it look more vibrant Today, I decided not to use facial powder and completely depending on this product It is extremely convenient If you have been following me for a long time, you will know that I use this product very often hihi First of all, I’m going to apply the non-glittery highlighter to the inner parts of my face This does not only help to set your foundation but it also brightens up your face Next, let’s move onto the contour so as to make my face look slimmer and slimmer Recently, I have gained some weight, therefore, my face looks a little chubbier Do not forget to contour your nose! It has been a long time since I last shaped my eyebrows with brow powder as the bushy eyebrow trend is still going strong But sometimes, coming back to eyebrow powder is still so beautiful. I have gotten into a habit of applying eyebrow mascara after drawing my eyebrows in order to keep them in place and even out the color It look much better then Can you see the differences between two sides? Today, I will use the Nyx eye pencil in replace with eye base To increase the effectiveness, you can choose different eye pencils whose shades are similar to the eyeshadows you are going to use Firstly, I will pop the yellow color on my entire lids Just by looking at this color tone, I can feel the Christmas spirit Next, I’m going to apply this orange shade to one-half of my eye lids It is a basic eye makeup look, isn’t it? For today makeup look, I will focus on the eyeliner First, I will use this dark brown shade to draw a line close to my lash line, then extend the line along my upper lash line I’m going to draw a thin winged eyeliner for this makeup look. After that, I will add this golden glitter eyeshadow to the lines I have just drawn Then, applying a bit of brownish red glitter to the outer corners of my eyes and running it across one-thirds of my lower lash lines Lastly, I’m going to add some white glitter eyeshadow to my eye lids for a sparkle effect. The eye look seems to be simple but it requires a lot of meticulousness Today, I’m not going to use false eyelashes, I will just carefully curl my lashes, pop on some mascara to make them look much thicker and curlier Can you see, my eyes look brighter and pop. We will do the same on the other side Now, I’m applying this yellow shade to the inner parts of my cheeks Ten ten, adding a bit more of the highlighter which contains larger sparkling particles to create a gorgeous look for my face The next step is applying lipstick It will be quite sophisticated First, I’m going to put this orange nude lipstick on my entire lips I will use a cotton swap to naturally soften my lip line and create the blurry effect Afterwards, I’m going to apply this cold red lipstick, starting from the inner to outer part of my lips I’m adding this wine red lip tint to the center of my lips Finally, applying a final layer of lip gloss Now, I’ve already had charming mysterious wine red lips I’ve done the makeup look, I will do my hair to finish off the look I’m going to use this red nail polish bottle and this green one to color these pins so that their colors will be suitable for Christmas By the way, I will paint my nails with the same colors tada Put on some accessories, wear earrings and you are ready for Christmas. Let’s have a look at before and after images Wish you all a warm and happy Christmas! Do not forget to like this video and subscribe to my channel, click the bell icon to get new video updates Goodbye!

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