Chotu Chikni Chameli -Khandesh Hindi Comedy PART 2 Khandesh Hindi Comedy- khandeshi comedy

To subscribe to our channel click this button and for new video updates click on this bell icon. Hey! Daya I don’t understand one thing this Chotu he visits our salon list his number in the queue even he ask’s about my busy time in the shop he asks everything and goes away but doesn’t return back. just find out where does he go? what I know ? must be going some other place, but he doesn’t come here. You just go away from here Oh! I see, you don’t know. No, I don’t know Ghost…ghost… look over here this is the upside down ghost’s up side down shoe. this is Chotu’s shoe Oh! my then he is in your house. what are your saying? Gori Hey! Gori Oh! my father has arrived Huh!! Oh! my father is here. father is here. Now what to do? What do I know, you think over it Let me think….. let me think….. huh! Gori Hey! Gori I think she is sleeping Gori open the door open the door, or else I will cut the door with these scissors. Brother I think something fishy… Fishy!!! Gori Hey! Gori why is she not opening the door Brother why is this door not opening?? something fishy something is wrong Daya, break down the door huh! Go now Daya, break down the door What the mess, I created by myself getup, you are not to meaning of your name means mercy have mercy on me but brother, whatever it is didn’t the door break? door didn’t break, you broke down. getup what happened? what happened!!!! why did you take so long to open the door? be aside hey! listen why did you take so long to open the door. I will cut him whom father? why did you take so long to open the door? actually my eyes met eyes met whom??? my eyes met each other he will be finished today if I find him today I will beat him black and blue and turn him into a Nepali stoup, if not then change my name. then what will be your new name brother? your father, get out from here come out Giving my sexy moves hey! hey! hey! Oh! my dropping down my dupatta hey! hey! hey! I will be the heart rob for everyone, and make them restless I am here to steal away UP (Uttar Pradesh), Bihar. Who is she? you know my friend Champa, she is her paternal aunt Chameli Chameli is single and ready to mingle My life has been ruined away I didn’t do it, I was in my shop was it Daya to do all this? Daya…. brother I didn’t do anything, I was quietly sitting in the corner. Hey! did I do anything to you? Madam did I ? That’s enough I became a widow in such a younger age. that’s bad… hey! but how? how did I, what should I tell now??? yes My husband was practising yoga while watching on TV the yoga mentor said take a deep breath at the same time, due to load shedding (the interruption of an electricity supply) the electricity got cut off. and his life got cut off is it? now tell me who will marry? with whose support will I and and my prime youth be? my support huh! make a cup of tea for her yes hey! not one, get 2 cups even I will have it add some ginger spice into it. does your father have a tea shop over here getup go sit near the gate, and don’t come here until I don’t call you, go quickly. Ok where did she go? my love, you are sitting there how amazing my dear you are just like a little dear, who keeps on jumping sometimes there, sometimes here you go over there ouch! lovely hand exactly like a bud the bud bloomed lovely lips amazing my sweetheart lovely eyes you idiot my eyes are close then open it up don’t play bow and arrow game with your eyes take away my life I will marry you, and love you throughout my life. really? swear on my moustache moustache, I like your moustache very much please gift me your moustache as our first love gift please gift it to me give me alright my love, first you close your eyes take it my dear Oh! my your moustache is in place my dear this moustache is my family pride you wanted moustache isn’t it, then take this. Our first love gift even I will gift you something please give it over first you close your eyes smell my loves odour how amazing is was my dear please excuse me where are you going my dear? aren’t you ashamed for teasing girls? why don’t you get married, you old man. hey! why are you addressing me as an old man? I rejected many girls till date Oh! I see what are you saying? yesterday I cancelled one girl and why so? because she wears reading glasses huh! hey! king of playing cards, why are you making fun of her glasses, you mark your lenses in proper manner first . you cockeyed idiot, take this that’s you Chotu???? Darling we will meet tomorrow Love you Chotu I Love you too… If you liked this Chikni Chameli then like this video share it and subscribe to DSS Production If you want to watch the retakes of this video please click on the endscreen video and also please subscribe to our another new channel Mera Cinema Production Thank You To subscribe to our channel click this button and for new video updates click on this bell icon.

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  7. Super video mind blowing ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ”ฅaag laga di video neee Bohat Maza aayaa๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ

  8. Very fantastic video
    Chhotu Dada in new look.
    Excellent comedy performance in ladies role
    Really very fantastic & Enjoyful video. Nice character of lady.
    THANKS to Director thinking.

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