CHEAP DUPES To Popular High End Makeup: Eyeshadow Palettes

Hey guys so for today’s video I have a
cheap dupes to your favorite high-end palates so I just recently did a cheap
dupes to your favorite high-end makeup video and you guys really loved it so I
figured let’s focus on eye shadow palettes for today because I recently
received these wet’n wild palettes in the mail and as soon as I received them
I was like doop doop doop doop doop like I could call out what they were duped
for so I tested them out I loved the quality of these and then it made me
think hmm there’s probably some other eye
shadow dupes in my collection so today I have five yeah five high-end eyeshadow
palettes that I think are really popular that I found that some dupes for so keep
in mind with eyeshadow palette dupes it’s not going to be like exact like
every single shade same order saying you know everything it’s not gonna be exact
but the vibes are gonna be the same like they’re gonna be very similar you can
achieve very similar looks with these palette with eye shadow palettes it’s
gonna be hard to find like an exact exact exact dupe unless you get like a
fake or something that was like purposely exactly copied do you know
what I mean today I’m bringing you guys actual like dupes that weren’t copies or
fakes or anything like that so let’s go ahead and jump right into it the first
one I really want to talk about is the Jaclyn hill palette I’ve been loving
this palette like it’s definitely been my go-to I will say I’m actually wearing
it today I just filmed this makeup look my holiday makeup look if you do see me
wearing the same makeup look but it’s like days after I uploaded my holiday
look it’s because I think I’m like doing some pre filming for the last week of
December so I love this eyeshadow palette so so so much it is gorgeous but
not only that the quality though is impeccable like she really did an
amazing job with the quality I’m literally not kidding you it’s probably
the my like the most favorite eyeshadow formula so the Duke that I have for it
is one that when I received in the mail I honestly instantly was like that’s a
dupe for the Jackson Hale palette again take this like a bit lightly because
this palette is obviously has a lot less shades but they just give me the same
vibes these two palettes so here we have the Wet n Wild not a basic peach palette
this actually comes out in 2018 so it’s just about to launch just the
vibes that they both have are so similar like you have your warm orange they’re
your peaches they’re the blue the beautiful bronzy gold so there’s just a
lot of similarities that both of these pallets have I don’t know as soon as
I’ve got this in the mail I was like Jacqueline Hill palette like I just got
that vibe from it so I am just dipping into some shadows right now just to show
you guys some similarities so we have this shade from the wet and wild palette
right there and then we have this one from the Jaclyn hill Pollock just the
beautiful rustic Browns you see how they have a lot of similarities they both
have beautiful like bronze e gold shades they both also have like really pretty
kind of rosy gold shade there we go the one wild one is more of like a pink
whereas the Jaclyn hill one here is a little bit more copper read both
palettes have a really nice deep dark brown and also a teal so this teal in
the wet and wild palette I can tell us a little bit more blue whereas let’s see
the Jaclyn hill one is probably gonna be a little bit more green I believe yeah
let me just go back into the wet and wild when a little bit yes so this is a
little bit more of a sky-blue and this is a little bit more like an aqua like I
said obviously this isn’t like an exact dupe where it has the same amount of
shades every single shade is the exact same but it’s just a great alternative
if you cannot afford the 35 US dollars I think it’s like 45 canadian-ish for the
Jaclyn hill morphe palette this is just gonna be a much more affordable more
simple go to a drugstore alternative so next I want to share with you guys the
Too Faced peach palette this little palette lives in my everyday makeup
drawer back there because I absolutely love this palette it’s so we have
another wet and wild palette to do Pat you eyes this is the same wet and wild
like palette but in a different shade this is comfort zone you guys this gives
me – face – peach palette vibes and I’ll tell you why I will say this one is a
little bit different just because there isn’t that many peach shades in this
palette but funny enough like I always have said this for an entire peach
palette by Too Faced there’s only like three peach shades in the peach palette
here and I’m saying so I’ve always found that
to face peach Pilate doesn’t even have that many peach shades so it’s really
not a surprise that the dupe doesn’t really either so like I mentioned this
one is in the shade comfort zone so you have your really pretty like brown shade
right there to add into the crease you have your beautiful green shade even
though the wet and wild green shade is just a little bit more pigmented they
both have a really pretty sparkly kind of purple let’s go ahead and do a little
bit of swatches of the shades that I find are really similar so these are the
two brown mattes a little bit different but still very similar now to swatch the
green I knew this one was gonna be like more of a bright green and then the one
from the Too Faced palette is a little bit of a deeper green both pilots have a
really pretty like topi satiny shade this is caramelized by Too Faced and
then this one is this from the wet and wild palette this one is from the wet
and wild palette and then this one is Peach Pit from Too Faced so even though
this dupe option does lack like a nice peach since obviously this has like two
peach options even though it lacks the peach I feel like it really has a lot of
other similar shades that this palette has it also has this really nice like
creamy shade right there so yeah I just feel like they’re super similar of
course they’re not exact dupes eyeshadow palettes like I said are really hard to
get like exact dupes for unless you’re gonna you know get a straight-up copy of
it but I just feel like this is a nice little alternative okay so I want to
talk about one more shade in the wet and wild palettes so this is the rose a in
the air and you guys this is probably like one of the closest dupes so this is
what the palette looks like and then this is the modern renaissance if you
haven’t seen like how close to these look you guys so you have the warm brown
you have the taupe brown you have the orange II shade the kind of like
burgundy shade the magenta shade the lilac purple you have your gold right
there out of all the dupes this is the palette that has like the most shades
that are the closest like I feel like every single shade in this palette is in
this palette except this one has a white and this one doesn’t have a white let’s
go into the orange e shade and then the orange
shade in the wet and wild whoa look how close those are let’s go into
the red so we have red ochre from the modern Renaissance and then this red
shade so let’s go into that Mavi kind of lilac shade I think that this is buon
fresco I don’t even wanna say it yeah so this one is from the modern Renaissance
and this one is the wet while let’s do the two golds just to see how that they
compare this is modern Renaissance and this is the wet and wild
the modern renaissance one it seems a more pigmented than the wet and wild
gold but really similar so this is a palette that’s no longer available but I
still use it to this day there’s palettes so beautiful I go for it when I
just want like a really soft sultry kind of bronze di so this is the anastacio
Mario palette one of my favorite drugstore palettes ever are the
covergirl true naked palettes so this one is the theme
Golden’s let’s open it up so you guys can get a closer look these two palettes
just remind me so much of each other because I feel like whenever I want like
that bronzy kind of vibe these are the two palettes that can give you that so
they both have the beautiful olives they both have the dark bronzy shades they
both have the nice taupe the nice gold the only thing that this palette is
missing which I wish it wasn’t are like these two nice brown shades that’s the
only thing but other than that they both have the taupe the dark brown well
actually you do get a dark brown here but just not like that rich brown anyway
let’s go ahead and swatch um up some of these similar shades I am going to
swatch this bronzy brown so here are the two different ones so this one is from
the covergirl palette it is definitely a little bit more has a little bit of bit
more olive undertone the brown from the covergirl and then Kim is a little bit
lighter and a little bit more muted not as pigmented and as metallic as they
covergirl and then let’s go in with the two gold so we have Fifth Avenue Fifth
Avenue here and then the one here really similar so this is the taupe
from the wet and wild palette and then this is the taupe from the make up by
Mario palette definitely a little bit darker but I just feel like these two
palettes have a lot in common they’re definitely not as close dupes as the
modern renaissance one was but I feel like you can still get that same like
bronzy all of the vibe with both of these palettes so next palette I want to
share with you guys is one that I haven’t used that often but I like
having this palette whenever I do feel like playing with pastels and color so
this is the Kat Von D at pastel goth eyeshadow palette it is so beautiful I
feel like like I said this is that go-to palette I’d go for when I do need some
pops of color so I have two alternatives to share with you guys so this one is
the main one that I really want to share so this is actually the palette that I
go for when I want to use color from the drugstore this is the wet and wild
poster-child I should have had I always forget the name of it but you guys have
seen me use this so much what’s great about both of these palettes is they
both have a nice blue a nice peach a nice yellow and a nice purple option and
a nice green so you have your green your blue and your nice lilac purple your
nice peach so they do have a lot of similarities and the yellow the only
thing that’s missing is this one is missing like a white and a grey will
swatch that in a second for you guys but I also wanted to share this guy I want
to make a disclaimer I haven’t tried this palette out yet but I will still
want to show it to you guys because I was like you know what these look like
really similar this is the Sigma creme de Couture eyeshadow palette I don’t
even know if it’s still available but these remind me like of a lot of like
that same pastel vibe you have the purple there the green the blues so if
you are looking for an alternative to the Kat Von D eyeshadow palette you
might want to look into getting the Sigma was a little cream de Couture
palette or the Wet n Wild a poster child so here are the swatches so as you can
see the one wild one is more pinky purpley whereas this one is more peachy
but the yellows are very similar you just get more brightness from the Kat
Von D and then the wet and wild one is a bit more
muted I want to swatch this purple and compare it to oh and let’s do the green
to which green let’s do this one but let’s compare it to the Kat Von D oh so
that’s pretty close so we have the Kat Von D and then the Sigma Couture palette
so there you have it you guys those are the five high-end eyeshadow palettes and
they’re cheap alternatives I hope you guys enjoyed this video I personally
enjoyed going through my collection like finding the little Dukes cuz it’s just
so exciting to find drugstore affordable alternatives I really hope you guys
enjoyed this video please don’t forget to give me a like if you guys did enjoy
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and that is pretty much it I hope you guys enjoyed and I will see you guys in
my next video bye guys

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