Chatty GRWM: Jellicle Cats Makeup Tutorial & My YouTube Channel

Yay, cat makeup! I’ve always
wanted to do a ‘Get Ready With Me’ where I’m doing cat makeup and chatting,
instead of doing normal makeup. And I thought this was a great time to do it
because I just finished making this wig! I’m rather proud of it. It is a Kanekalon
based, which is like fake hair, wig that I made. I made it for someone who
commissioned it and I’m gonna do freestyle makeup to go along with it. So…dark grey colors, but it’s a female character so maybe like Munkustrap
mixed with Ja-me-ma, I don’t know. Jemima. This was on my long list of things to do
before baby arrives, so I’m really glad it’s done. So let’s get into it. Snazaroo water-based face paint that is
fairly inexpensive compared to like theater quality stuff. And because it’s
water-based, it’s good for sensitive skin. And it’s easy to take off, which when
you’re not doing this for stage or even for like a con, you know, (or if you’re
doing it for a con) you know, water-based is like my choice, because it’s only on
my skin for a short amount of time. And I want to take it off quick. I guess I’m just doing the generic, like,
Jellicle face that I know how to do. I can’t remember the last time I did cat
makeup, honestly. It had to have been before I got pregnant. Insert photo of my
last cat makeup excursion and when I did it. So I’m gonna do black and then I’m gonna
go over it with white to make it gray. I don’t know if it’s going to work but
hopefully it will, we shall see. This is always my least favorite part.
Like, I hate doing the like base, you know. Like, I feel like that’s my weak spot, is
like the base facepaint. Because I use, you know, water-based, it
can tend to look splotchy and I don’t like even notice till I take like photos
of it. And I know like, the trick is just going over it a lot of different times
and having a lot of layers, but… I used to do the lining, like, the details, with
eyeliner. Like, when I was starting out, because it had more control than, like, the
brush. And I still think that that can create, like, a really great look.
Sometimes the brush, if you have a cheap brush, (which I do have cheap brushes) can
kind of get all over the place and your lines end up being very
uncontrolled. I don’t know what I’m doing. So one thing about YouTube is that…I
don’t know if you’ve noticed…but I haven’t been uploading on a regular
schedule on this channel. And I haven’t been posting that many videos. Okay, so I
filmed like five videos in the past two months and every time I went to go edit
them I felt uneasy about the situation. And I think a lot of it is because it
was unscripted, like this video, (and I’m honestly a little worried about this
video ever seeing the light of day) Because the only videos I’ve managed to
upload recently have been my Thanksgiving video and my Project for Awesome video.
The Thanksgiving video was planned out with bullet points and the Project for
Awesome video was entirely scripted. This is not and those past five videos that I
never uploaded also weren’t. One was about moving, because we moved to
a different house. Two were pregnancy updates, and then one was just a normal
Get Ready With Me. I don’t know, this…this is more fun for me. So maybe I just…I
wasn’t having as much fun making those videos? So when it went to edit them
I was very uninspired. Maybe it was imposter syndrome, maybe I was sitting
there being like ‘why would anyone want to watch this?’ and I haven’t felt that
way about YouTube in like 10 years. So I don’t know if I’m finally getting to
this point where I’m expecting more of myself and of my videos or if I’m
growing out of it… I don’t know, I’m having a lot of fun
right now and I think this is gonna be a fun video to edit. But I think…honestly,
it’s the pregnancy hormones. I think I’m just like, emotionally unstable. And I
can’t bring myself to get out there anymore. I’ve pulled back a lot on other
social media, of just sharing things. I’ve gotten very personal about my life. I
don’t know, it’s not something I expected. I did not see this coming. My, sort of,
withdrawal from the internet. And you know maybe that’ll continue to happen.
Like, I like making…I like making vlogs and personal content and kind of just
being very unscripted and fun. But at the same time I think what might make me
happier is if I had more polished stuff that I was doing. You know, things with, a with a more clear
defined purpose than, than just sort of my, you know; ‘YouTube is this hobby and I
just make whatever I want and see if anybody cares.’ I don’t know. And not
really like, I don’t necessarily mean I need to have like ‘YouTube goals’ right
off the bat, but like maybe more defined… like, video format? Like, I guess this
is one, like; ‘cat makeup,’ ‘chatting and doing cat makeup.’ But like I don’t know. I
have some ideas. I don’t know how soon I’ll be able to try them out of course.
But I do have some ideas for things that I could do that would sort of fulfill
that like; ‘this is, it’s like, like a series’ you know? And, and, and ‘purpose.’ I
don’t know what I’m doing, this is a very interesting makeup. Anyways, I am very close to having my
baby. That’s something that is happening very soon. And I’ll be taking maternity
leave from work and from probably like everything else that’s not baby related.
So they’ll be another break on this channel but I do have a video where I
show you how I make this wig, so that’s probably going to go up after this video.
It’s kind of like a Totoro cat, I think that’s what’s happening. Cute! I think I might be done. I don’t
want to go overboard with this one. Yeah. I like it, it’s different. So yeah, I
literally used two colors. Oh I guess the lips is a third color. Two Snazaroo colors
black and white and um, silver on the lips. This is a very simple look and you might
want to do some mascara if you’re doing a queen, or I guess male cats can wear
mascara too. That’s just fine. Oh you can’t even
really see, usually I’d wear false lashes for a look like this but I don’t have
any right now and I am going to take this off as soon as this video is done.
So yeah. What’s going on in my life? I mega pregnant. I’m trying to find my
voice when it comes to YouTube, I’m not ready to throw in the towel but I think
I want some sort of update, format change. I don’t know. It’s still gonna be very
cats related for sure, that’s where I started, that’s where the whole thing
started, so that’s where it will continue. I’m gonna make a video about this year’s
BroadwayCon soon…so if you have questions about that please ask me. I
will be sure to answer those in that video. Oh this is cute. I like it! I don’t know what the
commissioner’s gonna do with, with her makeup for this character, but here’s
like a cute simple idea. Now normally I would powder this if I was going out and
about in convention world…but I’m not, so I’m not gonna. I can’t even like see, cause I don’t have my glasses on, like what it looks like. I can see in this mirror, but in
like the camera, like… Oh it’s cute. Meow.

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  1. That looks great. Good job. Looking forward to your next cats related video. Many greetings from the Netherlands….Mandy 💐

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