100 thoughts on “Chatting with and doing Sorn’s makeup – Edward Avila

  1. I wish I could own every colour on an eyeshadow palette. Even piss yellow, gimme it. I like trying anything. My prom makeup, I did it, was yellow and green. I loved it.

  2. So let me get this straight:
    1. Girl's got flawless skin.
    2. Girl's got beautiful facial structure.
    3. Girl's got a fabulous personality.
    4. Girl knows 4 languages.
    5. There's more but I'm too busy bowing to the goddess

  3. God look at her without makeup on. If she went on stage like that I would be like “hEr mAkeUp lOokS sO nAtuRaL” she’s fucking gorgeous OOF

  4. im african american but im learning spanish so ill accidentally say spanish words to my non-latin/hispanic friends so i can relate.

  5. Whenever she talks about herself and not being so confident with that awesome skin of her's, Ed the whole time is such a moooooood.
    Also. Lady(if you ever come across this one), you are sooooo beautiful without makeup. Like. HOW? WOW.

    и если появятся русские субтитры, ответьте, пожалуйста

  7. I can't unsee the similarity beteween Sorn and Eddy's lil sis!! I might be the only one but both their personalities and looks are veery similar 😍

  8. Sorn reminds me of Victoria in a way. Just me? Probably just me.
    Also, Sorn's reaction to Aoora's compliments are soo cute. 18:41

  9. How did I not know about this video? I would've never guessed she was an idol if I hadn't known her from CLC love her. also she reminds me of Eiza Gonzales

  10. Daaaaang. Must be nice to be able to communicate with all these well-known people. Damn. Makes me wish I could've start on something like this.. ~

  11. At first I was thinking same as her for makeup because before I hadn’t had a lot of money so I decided makeup was not something I’d spend mine one but know the more I watch GRWM videos I’m starting to be interested. I still prefer skincare first and then makeup

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