100 thoughts on “CHANEL Makeup Looks: COLLECTION LIBRE 2016

  1. В представлений нашей страны красота девушки где то даже обыденна. Задумка ролика проста, но интересна.

  2. It's the third video of that series I am watching, and the music really sounds like the OST of vintage gay porn movies LOL

  3. Fiona, I think I fell in love with you. Beautiful, charming and communicative. Agree, as well, you should be the new face of Chanel

  4. She doesn't need any makeup. With that face, applying any thing can be pretty. I cannot judge whether those products are also good on my face or not.

  5. Chanel just came to Kenya, under the Dior store anyway, and it would be pretty awesome if they did make-up videos with dark skin so I know what to get and what would work on my skin tone.

  6. Music and delicate methods, everything is just right elegant, I like her gentle voice, and slender fingers. 💙🌿💜

  7. Love what you did w your cheeks but I am blonde find black liner slightly harsh but love their makeup.
    Our Sephora or big mall doesn't carry Chanel….

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