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set a calendar alert, set a notification, anything you need to do to remember that beauty week is coming. Let’s get back to what you came here for. I’m Jenna Rosenstein, and this is The Beauty Show. And on today’s episode of Beauty Stash, we’re going inside the
home of Vincent Oquendo. Hi!
– Hi! – How are you? Oh my gosh, hello. You might know him as
@makeupvincent on instagram, or maybe you know his work with models like Elsa Hosk, Bella Hadid,
or even Hailey Baldwin. He works on some of our favorite it girls, and I’m so excited to see how he stores all of his makeup and skin
care products, let’s go! (upbeat music) – Welcome. – Thanks. – This is my little oasis. – [Jenna] Should we have a seat? – [Vincent] Yeah!
– [Jenna] Okay. Hi.
– Hi. – Oh my god, I feel like
you’ve been traveling so much. – Always.
– And you’re so busy. So tell me what is new with you. – I just got the contract with Shiseido. – Oh my god, congratulations.
– Thanks! (laughs) Thanks, they’re doing like
a big rebrand, relaunch. It’s so exciting to be a part of it. – So tell me about this
space, it’s beautiful. – Thank you, and it’s all
about texture in here, So I have my Onyx table, It’s just all, just like my makeup. – The walls are gray, you’re wearing gray, do you love the color gray? – I do. I love vibrant color but I love
how color pops against gray. – Like this painting. – [Vincent] Like this painting. I love flowers. You can tell, look. This place is like a funeral home. (laughs) – In the best way possible. – Flowers everywhere,
flowers on my knuckles, flowers on the table, flowers on the wall, flowers on the console. I just love that, I love art, and I love texture, that’s just
some of my favorite things. – Well you created a home
that’s perfect for it. – Thanks! – I wanna see your beauty stash, that’s why we’re here of course. Do you wanna start with
makeup, or skin care? – I think let’s start with skin care, I’m a skin care junkie. – Oh you are? Where do you keep it all? – Right over here. – Oh let’s go see. (upbeat music) – [Jenna] So this is where
you keep your skin care? – [Vincent] This is
all my skin care stuff. – [Jenna] So organized. – [Vincent] Thanks. (laughs) – Are these all of your
personal favorite products? – Yeah. I use these on myself, and then I recommend them to clients, because it’s like a 360 experience, beauty is what you do at home, and then what I do bts, you know? – Alright, let’s go. – Let’s go. So this is some of my favorite things. I guess we’ll start, a white smile is super important to me. – Supersmile, this is like
fancy toothpaste. (laughs) – We have the mouth
wash to start off with, and then you put a drop of each of these, and I just brush every morning with my little mechanical toothbrush, and it’s fabulous. – That’s why your teeth are so white. – Thanks. (laughing) And then, I use my Shiseido shaving cream. I use that with my Art of Shaving razor, – This is probably so
thick and moisturizing too. – Oh my god, yeah, the
Shiseido is amazing. It’s a really good barrier, I never get my little razor
burns or cuts on my face. I find I break out really easily. And especially being a man of color, I get a lot of razor burn, and that was something that even when I was a teenager was a big deal, and so good skin is
really important to me, it’s like my brand. I love this product ’cause it
doesn’t give me razor burn. – Amazing. – And SPF. – What’s this? – [Vincent] This is the Shiseido SPF. – Oh yeah, SPF 42. – Urban Environment, it’s
really good under makeup. But it also doesn’t clog my pores. Then the MC1. – The Blood Cream. – The Blood Cream. – Okay, so where did you get
your blood drawn for this? I was in a hotel room in Paris. – Me too! – Stop, oh my god. (laughs) I went to her hotel room
and she hooked me up, and took my blood, and then
two weeks later this showed up. They basically take your
blood, and then they– – Spin it. – Spin it, take the good stuff out of it, put it in a cream. – The platelets. The white blood cells. It tricks your skin into
thinking it has to heal a wound, so it creates new cells. – Amazing. – It’s like new skin, essentially. Which is insane. – So after the Blood Cream, what is this? Looks like headphones. – My facialist Georgia Louise, sent this to me. This is her GLOPulse. You put a sheet mask on first, which is really important
because when I first got it, I was like guys I got this. It’s all good, and I put it on, and my boyfriend was sitting here, and I’m like look I’m gonna try it on. And I turn it on and it literally shocked, It’s pulse. – Oh my god. – You electrocuted yourself.
– It surprised me. (laughing) ‘Cause I thought I was being cute. Yeah, no. So you gotta put the sheet mask on first, and then you put this on. And it’s all electromagnetic pulses, so all the vitamins from the
mask penetrates even deeper. – Cool! – I’m all about tools. I’m such a geek. This is a rare oil. I love oils. So your body naturally produces oil. This is a face oil but you can it on hair, you can use it–
– Anywhere. On cuticles. It smells so good. I literally love oil so much, I put it on everything. I literally douse myself in oil. I like to put this on, sometimes I’ll use stronger pigments, and I’ll put this all over
the skin, even on the lips. It just gives me a nice little barrier, nice little cushion so it
doesn’t stain my clients. – This doesn’t make
peoples’ face look greasy? – No.
– Really. – No, no no. And then also what I’ll do
is I’ll use a powder puff, and I will take a loose
powder and then just kind of bake ’em a little bit. If it’s a long red carpet time
that’s what I’ll sort of do. – And then I see some ampoules here. – I love ampoules. I feel like it’s a science project, these are from Royal Fern. – You’re so nerdy I love it. (laughs) – I love it, I’m like yay. You just pop it open.
– Royal Fern. – Pop. Ta-da. – You did that so cleanly,
I was just telling him that I like, sliced my finger off one day opening one of these glass things. – Proceed with caution. But, you just kind of
tap it out, and then. – Is it like a serum? – Yeah, it’s a serum. So I just press it. – You do that like an expert, you do that like it’s
your job or something. (laughs) – I love it. (laughs) – Ooh, I want some. – [Vincent] I love it, and then I always put it on my hands too. – So I feel like I’ve seen
so many beauty products, But I’ve never seen
anything like this before. Oxygen Extreme, what are these products? – I put these in my water in the morning before I go work out, and I go boxing on my roof. I love it, I put one drop of each. – So they’re like a vitamin supplement. – Yeah. Well, They sort of make your skin glow, it gives you hydration, it
helps with muscle recovery, so the antioxidants, this is really good for skin, and also it tastes really good. ‘Cause it has berries in it. – [Jenna] Oh, It’s berry. And it’s Dr. Brandt, so you
know it’s good for your skin. – Oh absolutely. And then the oxygen helps
with muscle recovery. As humans we need oxygen. It’s in the air, it’s in the water. We need it to grow and thrive, also, it helps the skin look fresh. – So two drops of this,
then you go boxing, you’re all about the self care. – Yep. – So where do you box, usually? – On my roof, do you
wanna go check it out? – Oh my god, yes! You have a rooftop? Let’s go! (calm music) – Welcome to the rooftop. – This is gorgeous. – Have a little seat.
– My god. You can see the river. I would box here. (laughs) You could get
me to work out here. – It gets hot in the summer time. It gets pretty hot up
here, which is great, you burn more calories. – That’s true. (laughs) – You know, why not? I gotta say, it’s nice to have a little bit of outdoor space in New York. I oftentimes will bring
my clients up here. And we’ll do a couple
of pictures up here– – Good lighting
– You might see on the ‘gram. You’ll see a couple of city shots, and whenever you see that, we’re up here. – It’s on the rooftop. – Yeah. – Very cool. Your space was beautiful and organized. – Thank you. – But you really just had skin care, and so, where’s all of your
makeup, mister makeup artist? (laughs) Like, c’mon! – My thing is that I need to keep my home space and my private space. So my makeup closet is right over there at Manhattan Mini Storage. – Oh my god, you have
an entire storage unit? – It’s ridiculous,
brace yourself. (laughs) Brace yourself, it’s amazing. – You wanna go see it? – Yeah, it’s just right over there? – Yeah.
– Alright. – Let’s go. – I’m so excited to see this. – Go hard or go home, right? – Oh god, okay let’s see.
– Do you wanna open it up? – Should I do the honors? Oh my god. You kidding me? It’s like you have a Sephora. (calm music) – Come in, check it out. Lash, lash, lash, lash. All of my favorite things are in here. I pretty much made it so that, anybody, whether you knew makeup or not, could find anything in here. We wanted to make it so that
we could send assistants and they could replenish the kit, and get whatever we needed without us actually having to be here. You have the actual products,
and then the texture, and then the color. So everything is super efficient
and broken down very well. We get so much products,
I would never see it. I would never try this stuff, so for me, I love doing this because
then I can try new products. I would say 50% of this
stuff I haven’t tried. – Wow, but you can see it,
so you know you have it. – Oh yeah, yeah. Like this, I just looked
at this Dr. Brandt mask, and I’m like ooh, it’s a magnet? I wanna try it. – You have truly the chic-est
storage unit I think ever. Also it smells amazing in here
– Thank you! I wish you guys could smell it. – That’s my Ness candles. I’m obsessed. – You guys have never
been in a storage unit that smells this good or looks this good. Who has fairy lights in
their storage unit, you do. – My assistant spends so much time in here because we’re always getting things ready, we’re always getting carpets ready, we have so many different kits. There’s so much, it’s like
such a well oiled machine, that we wanted to make
this space comfortable. – I love it. Let’s start over here, this
beautiful little corner. You have this entire drawer of Lumify. You don’t have enough eyes
for all these eye drops. You only have two of them, you know. – I’m super sanitary, I’m like a nut. So when I use it on someone
I’m like here just take it. – I’ve never used, I
mean I have a contact, but I’ve never used an
actual beautifying eye drop. So this is an anti-redness eye drop, it helps relieve any redness in the eye, So for me, I love it because
it’s part of my prep. So you prep, prime the
skin and then you put your Lumify in your eyes and
it just brightens you up. – Amazing, red carpet secrets, you know? Foundation, walk me through
some of your favorites. – Oh gosh, okay. – We have every kind of foundation texture and formula available to man. – I see that. Matte, sheer, satin, waterproof. – And some moisturizers, BB creams. It’s by brand, it’s by label. I gotta say by far, this is kind of my favorite drawer right here. – Okay. – I love some sheer, yummy skin. We have our Charlotte Flawless Filter. – Hollywood. – So nice. – So you’re not so crazy
about the super matte powdery. – I have it, in case of she-mergencies. – In case of she-mergency, I have it. – But you would choose
this any day over it. – Absolutely.
– Okay. – Let’s say if I’m doing a
performer that’s on stage, and it’s in the summertime, and she’s doing an outside
concert for instance. Then I might use the waterproof stuff. Then I might go to this Dior Airflash. Because this stuff does not move. – Oh yeah. – It’s so good. It literally doesn’t move. Like for legs.
– Like spray paint. – It’s literally like spray paint, it does not move, it’s amazing. So that’s one of my favorites. BECCA is amazing, they’re so good. – And the concealer and powder over here. – Concealer and powder, I have EX1 over here, I love this brand. – I feel like it’s a brand
not everybody knows about. – Yeah.
– It’s still kind of new. – It’s a drugstore brand. It comes from London
and Farrah, who I love, she is of Middle Eastern descent, and she was tired of going
and not finding her color. So she created a golden pigment. Which, Hello? – Yeah, you are golden. – Hello?
– Right. And who doesn’t wanna look golden? – Yeah, everybody does. – Everyone wants to look golden so, the foundation is amazing
and it’s really inexpensive and you can find it at
Boots, and now you can get it here in the U.S. They sent it to me. The really great thing that I love is, yes, they do send me a lot of makeup, but I don’t know the
price points of things. I really look at it objectively. And it’s such a juxtaposition
from when I started, because I had no money. I was taking my college friends, when they didn’t want
their makeup anymore, they would donate it to me. – Oh my god, and you used to
buy stuff for your kit, right? – Yeah. Like I would go to drug stores
and I would raid drug stores. It warms my heart when I find a drug store brand that I really love. Can we go and check out some lips? – Oh my god please, always. – Amazing. – Look at this giant tower
of lipsticks, oh my god. – [Vincent] Look at all this–
– [Jenna] It’s so organized. – [Vincent] Yummy Liquid lips.
– By color. You know what I love, is that you have such
great brand diversity. You have so many brands. It’s not like you’re
married to one or two, You know what I mean?
– Not at all. Absolutely, so this is the one
I wanted to tell you about. This is Joa,
– Joa. – They’re another drug store
brand that I found out about. They’re owned by Kiss Cosmetics, and it’s based on K-beauty. That’s their inspiration. Look at this yum yumminess. – This is why I love you ’cause look, you’ve got CoverGirl next to Marc Jacobs, next to Lancôme, the new Shideido Clear. – (gasps) Oh you can use it everywhere, you can use it on skin, you can use it on eyes, on lips. It’s beyond. – A multi-purpose product. – It’s so good. – You really have everything. – And this is just this drawer. I burned through these. – Do you ever use colors like this? – Yeah.
– You do? – Sometimes. Do you remember Hailey
Baldwin for the BRIT Awards? – [Jenna] Yeah. – The navy blue lip–
– Yeah, yeah. – That I did on her? – Yeah girl. – It was CoverGirl? – It was not CoverGirl.
– Oh. – It was not CoverGirl but that was– – A similar color. – One of the times I
used that kind of color. – That’s so true. – It’s rare, but that’s the thing. It’s like a sometimes treat. I have it, just in case I need it. – Okay, well there you go. – That’s the thing–
– You needed it. – I needed it. It was amazing. – I feel like we need to
talk about highlighter. Look at this drawer of highlight. This is just cream highlighters too. – This is just cream highlighters. We have our contours,
we have our highlights. This is yummy, I feel like I wanna dive in and live over here. (laughs) – Flesh is my absolute favorite. We have that so you can go a little nuts. And then we have our Shiseido. We have our hors d’oeuvres. – Those are like little
pots of cream highlighter. – Oh yeah. – Your mix of brands
to me is so impressive. – We have so many drug
store mixed with luxury, it doesn’t matter. – Yeah, you gotta have
your highs and your lows. It’s not all that Bergdorf
Goodman, you know? We love Bergdorf Goodman but– – (gasps) look at that color. How would you apply
that, with your finger? – I love to apply things
like that with my finger. I pack it on with my finger, or you could use a fluffy
brush if you’re blending. – Okay. Alright, so mascara. – We have CoverGirl, we have Maybelline, Full Fat Lashes, I love. I’m always sort of trying new things, I love the Serge Luten,
that’s the Eye Coal Liner. We have liquid liner in here too. – Oh, okay. – And then we have the
Shiseido MascaraInk. – This is the new one, right? – Yeah. – Yeah, it’s really cool. – Oh, it’s so good. – I like it for bottom lashes. – There’s another one, Marc beauty, Oh my god I love that one. – Yeah, so this is what a
lot of makeup artists use. On their clients.
– I’m obsessed with it. And they have a tiny one too, that’s really really good. – [Jenna] It’s so thickening. ‘Cause you like a lash. – [Vincent] I love a lash. – So this is new. And I just put it in an article saying it’s one of the best mascaras. ‘Cause it’s incredible. – I love the Hourglass Caution Mascara. They make some of my favorite products, favorite highlighters. And this mascara, have you tried it? – Yes, it’s so good. – What the F? It’s amazing. I’m obsessed with it. – You were saying that you
never show anyone this space. – This is the first time
I’ve ever opened up my space. My home, and my beauty closet. – We are so honored
that you did it for us, thank you so much.
– It feels like a first date, are we dating? – It does, we are dating now.
– Is this official? (laughs) Bye guys. (laughs) – Thank you so much. Bye. – We’re gonna go finish our date, bye. (laughing) (calm music)

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