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hey it’s Jackie and welcome back to my
channel for today’s video on recreating another
iconic Keira Knightley look this year I went a little Keira crazy I did
Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice and Elizabeth Swann and parts of the
Caribbean and a lot of you guys who watch those videos wanted to see
atonement for character Cecilia so I got the iconic green dress on and we are
doing this fo a short hair and curly updo as well as a very natural makeup
look and with the cure looks that I have done she really doesn’t wear that much
makeup because she is just so stunning naturally so I decided to switch it up a
little bit and I’m using my top top products of 2019 and I generally wear
makeup more like this so it’s kind of my go-to products and then we have a couple
of new fun ones in there and one of my Holy Grails is my brow pencil so I’m
working with Benefit Canada again on this video and I’m showcasing that
precisely my brow which you guys see in every video it’s my favorite and I feel
like this is a little bit of a niche video but I love to listen to your
guys’s requests so I hope some of you guys enjoy this and let’s get started a
product I just got into but wanted to feature is the color pop for three
beauty rows face milk this silky formula has Argan milk
rose milk oat and chamomile and gives a smoothing moisture plus it’s pink and
cute and I have dry spots from healing blemishes a lot after using drying
lotions at night to zap pimples so really moisturizing before makeup helps
eliminate some of that texture and since this is my 2019 roundup of some of my
favorite and most used products I loved the touch of silk canvas this lasted me
at the entire year so even though it’s a whopping 50 bucks it’s a product that
lasted me a long time and it’s kept my skin clear because it’s a velvety yet
priming bomb of press silk that smooths and makes making gir while keeping it
out of the skin preventing clogged pores and breakouts my absolute top foundation
is the benefit hello happy soft blur foundation but I definitely get the most
questions about which foundation I’m wearing when I use this one it’s
lightweight buildable coverage and is flashback free I chose a slightly darker
foundation because I wanted to show a product that I’ve also loved for years
it’s the body shop lightening drops these transform in almost right shade
into your perfect one with just a drop and for this cure inspired look let’s
begin to bring some features forward do some light contouring inspired by her
gorgeous bone structure I’m losing my voice my face is very round and I have
round cheeks so my face will look much younger and less defined than Kara’s
chiseled and sunken in cheeks but I’m gonna start by highlighting the areas
that I want to accentuate with my favorite concealer also my benefit the
Boyne cake this concealer this is super high coverage it doesn’t crease and I
just love this concealer so much I film pretty dang close up and I don’t worry
about it when I’m using it this concealer next product is holy holy
grail I will never stop using this this is the Charlotte Tilbury a beauty light
wand in the shade spotlight it’s pretty intense but I’m pretty much out of it so
I’m getting a very soft highlight here that looks very natural and like dewy
skin I love this to enhance a nose highlight to bring in some natural
looking shine to the forehead and cheek bones it looks so nice on camera and
it’s a high-end product I swear by powder for drugstore I love Revlon
Colorstay translucent powder and then high-end hourglass translucent veiled
the most but when I’m quite fair I really reach for the devasya powder a
lot and I just it over areas to mattify while leaving the highlight pretty
untouched next product I use every day but have a love-hate relationship with
is the Kevin tequan sculpting powder in the shade deep it really helps transform
the face for recreations but it always breaks when I travel and then I’m left
with like a tiny amount of product I do love how it hollows out the cheeks and
for this look Kirra like I said has very sunken in
cheeks and high cheekbones so I’m fading the contour shade through the outer
cheek and faded downwards taking this matte powder under the jaw line up the
temples and will go back in for the nose contour with a more grey shade after
using my Too Faced is my most used in absolute fave blushes come from
Charlotte Tilbury and Marah Rani Milani high-end and drugstore so Charlotte
Tilbury light wand and the swish and pop blushes are my
top top products I recommend from Charlotte Tilbury and the blush has his
really gorgeous finish with some sheen to it
I’m speckling this deeper shade through the contour and then I’m brightening up
with the Milani petal blush which has the most stunning packaging I love this
shade as well it’s a soft matte finish and I’ve had this for forever I use it
so much and I’ve tons of product left for the nose contour I’ve mixed nudie
and a tiny bit of black actually and this is from the Too Faced natural love
palette which hands-down is my most used palette ever I don’t want to look like
I’ve painted on a contour so I’m creating a subtle suggestion of what
Cara’s nose looks like with a tighter bridge up top lower bottom of the nose
tip defined divots in a v-shape as I always say at this step is totally for
fun and brows are my favorite step they really transform and frame the face
I showed this product freaking upside down okay my all-time favorite brow
product is the benefit precisely my brow you can get per-say strokes with this
ultra fine eyebrow pencil draw hair like strokes that really look real and
they’re waterproof q trying to get a picture in the winter and being in a
snowstorm waterproof is weatherproof people so I love that about it and for
this brow look fade in the front of the brow I’m bringing my brow shape a bit
higher and amusing the spoolie to blend it in and then lining under the bottom
of the arch deeper with shade v having the arch softer and then tail deeper
just similar to Cecilia look in the difference with this natural defined
shape and I’ve switched over to shade v I used to always use 3.5 but Jared did
my brows who was the National brow artist and he was like yeah you’re more
of a shade 5 so that’s what I’ve been using and shadows you can use a matte
cool Brown in the crease and just blend out again my most used palette is the
natural love palette from Too Faced but I wanted to share a fave new palette
that I feel like if you love soft romantic makeup looks you’ll really love
this palette this is the Charlotte Tilbury easy.i palette including bronzes
pinks terracotta and brown shades I used the brown to defied my outer and inner
crease a bit and then I brought in some pink also in the inner crease and blend
it in with my finger you can create a gorgeous soft smokey eye
this for like an everyday look this is just super quick and easy you really
don’t need to do a lot of shadow for this look so I’m going real quick and
then just blending out with my finger and I also added some Beauty light wand
for some Sheen to the lid fav liners have to be urban decay and the Revlon so
fierce and final eyeliner pencils these are so creamy and easy to apply very
pigmented and I’m focusing on accenting the bottom lashline and outer eye to be
a bit more downwards to create a sultry look and then we’re gonna go with a
natural lip before at the faux bob another color pop fav I love color pop I
just got into the brand and they smell oh so amazing for the updo I’m working with second day
hair and start with a side part and then comb back the crown I like to add a bit
of tease to make sure my part doesn’t trail off and to make my life a bit
easier because my part loves to reappear I’m pinning the crown section back with
bobby pins my all-time favorite hot tool of 2019 is
this tiny one from bedhead it was 30 bucks
I love the curls it makes generally you see it curled more like this this is how
I love to wear my hair and this is when I just wrap it around the barrel really
loosely and quickly so you can make messy waves with this or curls that look
a very vintage so I’m gonna show you how to get tight ringlets by rolling the
hair around the barrel making sure that the hair stays flat the entire time and
the top curl I want to be more of a larger ringlets so I’m going to pin it
and I’m gonna curl towards my face for these top two curls that I’ve done on
the side with less hair I want to do a bit of a finger wave but I suck at
finger waving so see how I did the other side first I really should have done
this side so that I could get the curls even tighter to my scalp because when
you brush out these curls that were creating away from the face on this side
it’s going to really lower the wave so you want to do it very tight I redid
this portion the next day so that I did the Zack same steps but made sure the
curls were even tighter and combed out more and it is doable to get this finger
wave using these steps and now you’ll see it the coil curls so start to wrap
the hair around the barrel again keeping it really flat and when you release the
curl you can see how nice of a coil this is and retouch up the bottom because the
bottom of the curls are quite important for this style you’ll see them the most
once all the rest of the curls are pinned up
and now that we’re on the side of the part with more hair we’re going to be
curling away from the face the only ones that we did towards the face are the top
two and now let’s pin all these gorgeous curls up to be a faux bob
start by picking up side curls and put them up a bit higher on your head this
will help shorten the strands and give volume to the back so I’m picking up
laying across pinning up picking up another curl and weaving the hair over
top of each other and it’s gonna give a really pretty texture and you want to be
able to see those ringlets when you’re looking straight on but have them push
back a bit so more behind the ear here’s the back I think it looks really cute I
love the shape of this style so now I’m going to take the curls that I pinned up
and again such cute ringlets I’m going to brush it out and give a slight twist
backwards and pain into the back pieces Keira Knightley has much shorter hair so
in some scenes that the curl was out and it was kind of a short curled Bank piece
in other clips it was more of a perfect finger wave pin back and I went with
more of the in-between undone curl because I did want to add some volume up
top and this part is the part I redid
because I wasn’t super happy with it but it’s the same steps so I’m brushing out
those curls I’ve created and creating a quick finger wave by finding the wave
pattern and clipping at the little divot there and we’re gonna follow up by doing
that one more time blending the wave into the curly a short
hairstyle if you want it to be a fluffier more true to texture you want
to really brush out the curls I could already see the wave lowering in terms
of where it started so I didn’t get as fluffy as a texture but I do really love
how it blended into the other curls and it really does look like short hair
here’s the complete keira knightley as Cecilia inspired updo I love the result
I filmed this on two days because I wanted to practice the Bob first so here
is the second try where I did the makeup and the hair and I hope you guys liked
it let me know in the comments if you have any Holy Grail products from the
year because I definitely need to branch out I always use the same products which
some of you guys really like but I would love to test out some new stuff so
comment down below if you enjoyed another Keira Knightley look and if you
did it makes you give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more pop culture videos
I’m super excited for 2020 and to do more fun videos so if you have any
requests for me be sure to comment down below I definitely listen to your guys’s
requests and oh if you’re wondering what I do with like all of these gals that I
buy for these videos I or them and I want to sell them so I’m going to be
selling them for cheaper on Poshmark so if any of you guys are looking for a
dress replica for like a costume or you just want to have it or you have an
event coming up but then be sure to check it out
this one will be listed on there but it was super fun to wear today
and I will in my next video oh wait thanks for
tagging me your pictures when you try it’ll look so thanks for tagging me here
are a couple of my favourite photos I love featuring you guys and now I’ll see
you guys in my next one so this was built in the 1920s I like to try to find
things that remind me of the movies for little clips and I do it in public

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