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So the microphone was actually
turned off when I recorded my intro so we’re just going to go ahead and jump
right into it. I’m mixing two foundations here I’m using the Too Faced Born This Way
Foundation in the color Nude which is my normal foundation and then I’m using the
regular HD foundation from Makeup Forever in the shade 175 and I’m just blending
it and all over my face with a damp Beauty Blender sponge and just make sure
that you cover the entire surface area that you can see from your forehead all
the way down to your neck I did my ears my eyelids everything because I am a
three way and I need to look super 10 know now that I look like I’m 10 iraq
sick we can move and you can’t or doing anything this concealer palette from
make up forever to contour my face I’m starting by doing the cheek bone area
and then connecting this area for my nose down and then making like a wife
shape here and you can see that but it looks like a lie and then on the side I
accidentally went in with a darker shade and so I just decided to continue that
shade all over the rest my face is that of the letters though just contour the
crap out of your face basically I will be going over this time just continually
throughout the video it’s like a never-ending video of contouring so yeah
will be super fun you can pretty much ignore the whole nose area right now
because I go over it like a bajillion times and this is just the start of it
this is like my first attempt at it and it but don’t worry I’m fixing it later
so that the chain nose forehead area because men have more of a forehead bone
area or just more pronounced you know and so I’m just blending all of that in
make sure it is on a blended in because you don’t want any harsh lines or
anything like that even though this will be super dramatic be contoured you still
want it to be I don’t know not natural but you know what I mean ok
now I am adding some of that contours you my brow bone area because we want to
broaden that whole area I’m deepening up the forehead contour then I’m going to
set everything I’m using the darkest shade from the Anastacio country and
amusing an e 40 brush from Sigma this is actually a blending brush for your
eyeballs but it really doesn’t matter I like it because it’s very precise and we
are countering with very particular and precise areas here no I used a small
brush like this to get the job done so I am just continuing list on the other
side of my face and then once you think that you have contoured enough go back
in and count or some more honestly you just lay there and later and later and
later and later kind of like how I talked about with eyes creating
dimension starting with light to dark basically what we’re doing with the
faith here starting with lighter contouring and in building it up in
building up in just just wait till the end it gets super contoured and super
dark just putting this into the inner corner of the bridge of the nose if that
makes any sense like where the brow in the nose sorta kinda meat and defining
that area there and that I’m starting to do more knows contouring look at me
trying to be all right let that contour hopefully is just wait till it gets
really interesting later on the video so you can see my very field second attempt
at this trying to make these Nationals hear ya that looked terrible so we’re
gonna be done that way now I am adding some red lip gloss and I’m simply
announcement cheeks my forehead nose everywhere in this will make it look
like you’re actually Sunbird Lake you’ve been in the Sun for a long period of
time and you have a lot of sun damage though the time actually using its from
Dior but honestly use whatever rather glassy this is the only one that I own
and I got it in gradison who worked at Sephora so just use whatever you have
and i’m taking the color mocha prom makeup geek and I’m starting to fill in
my eyebrows and doing light strokes to make it look like actual brow hairs and
this is the picture I’m referring to I’m just trying to mimic them as much as
possible just by making them a little bit thicker not to think because he had overly thick eyebrows I’m just making
mine a little bit but she ran a little bit straighter just to mimic his as much
as possible later on I even go in with a black eye
shadow even darker than I’m putting some eyeliner and to my bottom water line and
then I’m just going to use my finger to smudge it out I have a little bit of
mocha that same time so that leaves tomorrow bro I have that on my finger
and I’m just blending out that eyeliner messing it up as much as possible that’s
why this is so much fun because you can be super messy and it just works because
that’s exactly how you want it to look though I did the same thing but on the
top lash line as well which doesn’t really matter because I and going with
gel liner anyways just make it super super messy sloppy use that I told the
plan it out this is the weekend jaw liner from Sigma that I was talking
about I just used my ring finger and i actually script so that increases
because he was out in the Sun his makeup and had on his eyes was mounting off so
we wanted to look like that squint as much as possible because you
want this to crease and you want this to be sloppy then I’m taking some and dark
shadow from math on this fluffy brush in and putting it into the inner socket and
I was out of focus now that I’m back in August I will show you that I can just
putting that into the owners I get there now that I’m also putting that on the
outer part of that problem because we want to make that look higher up closer
to the eyebrow and then I’m squinting I crazy to try to get this decrease I can
you really want this to be super super sloppy now I’m working on my second
attempt at the no I’m taking that mocha color and with a very precise pressure
and trying to define the bridge of the nose and the nostrils and it’s looking a
little bit closer to what end up looking like but still not good enough but I’m
really trying to define and then I go and try to blend it out but my brush
decided to run away so instead I just used my finger blending it out here again pretty much
ignore this part but I’m keeping up the eyes of more of that child liner and
then I thought this was pretty cool I covered up the outside of my life area with a nude eyeliner pencil you can
use the computer doesn’t really matter but he had a pretty small bottom lip it
was very narrow no I’m just covering up that part and then I’m taking Coco bear
eyeshadow makeup he got my finger and applying it to the lips because they can
be sunburned you’ve got darker than I do you want to make it look really kind of
moving on to the facial hair I got this special hair from Party City and I’m
just applying some spirit gum tooth at upper lip area but beware when you take
this off you will be getting a wax if you don’t remove it properly so I’m also
applying it to the movie itself and then I’m putting it on to be sticky area just
like so and if you notice I did cut that in half so I could be more precise with
the application but it gets really sticky when you get it on your fingers
very careful with that because if you try to press it down and then take your
hand off a content to kick that off as well so I’m also doing this to the
chinny chin chin area I’m putting it on my chin and the hair they’re putting it
on I put a little lower to make my face look a little bit longer but as you can
see I had to use something else to keep it on because my fingers were getting
super sticky and it was just taking it right off and defeating the purpose so
then this was the mustache that came with the beard part and I decided to cut
off a little peace and make myself a soul patch out of that piece so it kind
of worked out that I got that extra boost and I think though putting that on
there and that I took this braided hair from Kryolan it’s really gross isolated
when I bought out that you have any hair that I can buy chop it up into some
small pieces and I just applied it to the jawline the same exact way that we
applied the other ones and if it gets a little bit too pushy and long you can
always trim it because he didn’t have a bushy beard he just had a little bit of
fuzz honest fees so just make yourself look very extra manly there with that
hair and now I’m going to check out my country even I’m taking the banana shaded from the
Anastacio contract and I’m just chilling it out here because we want that to be
very very strong on the nose area are covered up the nostrils with that same
banana shade and this is where it really started to come to life I just kind of
covered those areas and then I measured where the nostrils on his face and his
Nationals went all the way out to wear like your IRA starts by March that there
and then I drew in the nostrils and this just made it makes so much more sense
because has a lot more pointy than mine but it’s also writer at the same time if
that makes any sense well she just got some really really flared nostrils
compared to me at least so I just 2,000 there and then I also made the bridge a
lot wider just a kind of compliment the Nashville area so yeah that’s basically
how I did it and then if it ever gets pretty messy and just go back and with
that banana shake and line up the Nashville area I go back to this again
later but you know you get the gist of it I’m darkening up the ice with that
same joke minor don’t forget to create your eyes when you do this planned out
make it messy sloppy all that jazz and setting the whole face and neck with the
pics + Reform Act because I wanna luck is doing as possible not doing I wanna look sweaty because
again he’s a pirate he’s been in the Sun you want to look sweaty so I’m finally
adding the way this is actually a Jamaican wig but I think they have like
actual Captain Jack Sparrow website you can buy online and stuff but this works
actually already owned this so I got the bandana from Party City as well and now
that you have all of that on you can kind of get a better idea of how this is
looking so I decided to give myself them because he was aging a lot more than I
am I keep it up the contour like curry easy I used and dark shadow for math and
a pencil brush and I just deepened everything up like insane so the nose the Chi contour eyes everything now I’m
adding the scar I used the red color from this color wheel from crying and then I covered up with brown
eyeshadow just to get in-depth you could use some actual X car stuff for this I
was leaving I just yeah now that all of that is done your luck is now complete I
really hope that you guys enjoyed this video a thumbs up if you did and
subscribe if you aren’t already and I will see you guys in my next video by

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