Các Món Trang Điểm Cực “Hời” Cho Người Mới Bắt Đầu

It’s Ashley and Hai Duong! Hi guys! Today I have invited Hai Duong from Happy Skin. We will introduce some must-have products for girls. Especially for beginners. So let’s start! First and foremost, it is foundation, right? Yes. The foundation is very important to beginners. There are different kinds of foundations for different skin types. For instance, I have dry skin. I have my favorite foundation for myself that I often use. A product from Bourjois called Healthy Mix Serum Foundation is an example. The other is CC cream Cathy Doll, a Thailand brand. This product performs well on dry to normal skin, But the one with oil skin can use this as well ’cause it controls oil well within 12h. For oily skins or combo like me, I highly recommend you this Milani and Revlon foundation. These foundations can control oil really well You can also use cushion for its convenience ‘cuz you don’t have to buy a brush or a sponge Some products that I like is L’Oreal Maybelline To me, I really adore tensions from Missha. To make the foundation last longer, powder is indispensable, right? Especially for this RCMA powder, it can be used for every skin type but best on oily skin. No matter how much powder we apply, it is not thick on the skin So the foundation looks so natural. I used so much but there’s still alot. We can use this for years. We have to throw it when it expires anyway! Throw it when it expires OK? I have Eglipse glow powder pact here. As I remember, this is Pony’s favourite product. It is pink but appear naturally pink on skin. Moreover, I have another favourite product It’s Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder It work well on oily skin. But it can be used on dry skin as well. Be careful with the amount you take out. If you apply too much, your skin will look dehydrated and cakey. Because it control oil well. If your skin is a lil’ oily, apply some powder and it appears so matte. Remember to apply onto you neck as well! I have hear a brow pencil from The Face Shop. It is The Face Shop Designing Eyebrow Pencil. I have used it for years I buy one again whenever it runs out. It is a wonderful choice for beginners. – What do you have?
– I have a Nyx product called Nyx Micro Brow pencil. The thin pencil nib helps those who have good skill to define different shapes of eyebrow. For those who have weak eyebrow like me, you can draw some false eyebrow on the first half. They will look thicker.. Let’s draw it! If you want more decoration on your eyes Eyeshadows are indispensable. I have some products like The Face Shop Mono Pop Eyes *Twinkle twinkle* Or Sephora. These two are affordable so beginners can start with them. I have W7 In The Puff. It is said to be Urban Decay’s dupe It is an excellent seller and affordable. It costs only 250,000 or 270,000 VND. Finish? Done! I only used this one to have these smoky eyes. You can use these bright shades to highlight the eyebones. My eyes look girly There are some dark shades that can be used to have smoky eyes. Or you can use this pink one as a blush. Tadaaa! We have finsh the eyes Let’s come to eyeliner. I have Maybelline Hyper Sharp Power Black. This is one of my most favourite for its intense black, defined brush and for those who have oily lid It is still long-lasting even after a long day outside. It stays stable there. I have a Japanese product called Heroine Make. It is water-proof and smudge-proof but easy to take off. The best thing is its thin tip. So you can draw thin lines, just like yours right? Yes, as well as this one. So it is easy for you to draw the wing. Our wings will look more defined. OK let’s go! Tadaa! These are mascara. To make our eyes look bigger and attractive you have to use mascara. It’s OK if you don’t use eyeliner or eyeshadow but mascara is indispensable, or else your eyes look so sleepy. I have some of mine favourite here. Such as Maybelline New York Lash Sensational Mascara. and Heroine Make, a Japanese brand. It’s Heroine Make Volume and Curl Mascara. It’s water-proof and curl eyelashes. These 2 are best at that! I also adore Lash Sensational from Maybelline Still I have 3 more options. It’s Maybelline Volume Express L’Oreal Voluminious Miss Manga and L’Oreal Butterfly. These are my 3 favourite drugstore mascaras. Before putting on mascara, curl your eyelashes with curler. Remember that. Or your mascara is useless. Never forget the blush. It can blow you up. Everything will like the light flashed. If you like a natural look, you should try L’Oreal Cushion Glow Blush Or you can use your lipstick and blend it on our cheeks. You will have rosy cheeks. Just gently tap it out. To me, I prefer Western style. So I will use City Color’s contouring pallette. I love this because it includes a blush in it. This Western color has some coral shade in it. I use this to highlight and dark shade to contour my face. Lipsticks wil finish our makeup. You already have your favorite lipstick in your bag right? Still I and Duong have some products here. These lipsticks are moisturizing with corrected finish. One of my most favourite is WetnWild Give Me Mocha. It is suitable for those who love Western makeup look like me. If liquid lipstick is not your cup of tea, try The Face Shop’s It is beautiful with alot of balm in it, provides you a comfortable feeling. Also, I love Real Fit Lipstick from Innisfree. It is beautiful with soft formula So it can be used daily. About 3CE, it is so famous that needn’t me to tell. It is trendy tho. They have corrected finish with Western shades So you can take a look at these. I’m using 3CE in the Dolly shade 211. I’m using Give me Mocha. Tadaa! These are our final make-up look after using lots of drugstore products. Hope that you enjoy this video. Don’t forget to subsribe Happy Skin’s and Ashley ‘s channel! See ya!

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