BUTTERFLY EYES: Eye Makeup Tutorial Video with Robert Jones

everywhere on runways there was color we
all love color darker skin tones bronze ebony I’m always
ask how do I make color show up more so it is an issue. A lot of the colors you see, the bright colors don’t show up much and its really simple to do. so I’m gonna do what a lot of the season we’re calling on the runways what we
call butterfly eye. I’m gonna mix colors and use more than one color on the eye so the trick which is very simple and
getting color to show up on pretty much all skin tones but on
especially your darker skin tones first thing to do is issues a lot darker
and I’d even do it on this lighter ebony skin tone is I use a lighter
concealer on the eyelid then on the rest of her face I’m just gonna add some color to
it first so by lightening the eye lid first with the lighter concealer then the rest of her face that are already starts to brighten and lighten the lid
and then everything I paint on top of it shows up a little bit brighter second thing I
wanna do is I’m gonna use a cream first before I use before I put my powder on so I’m gonna use a colored cream and then layer a powder on top of that okay so I’m gonna take my cream now one of my
favorite color combinations when using color is acid green and purple so I’m gonna layer an acid green cream on
her lid first cause this is my highlight shade get a nice amount of that acid green on there because when I get a layer of my powder on top of it give it something to stick to now we’re gonna go over it with we’re gonna go over it with an acid green powder I’m gonna pad it on so we get lots of color now on the brow bone I don’t want have
acid green of course I’m gonna a little bit of a highlight I’m gonna go ahead and just use a Matte vanilla just get a nice highlighted brow bone now even
though we’re doing a lot of color we need to ground it with a neutral so I’m gonna uses and nice Matte mahogany Mid tone just to start to shape the eye and ground all that color with my number eleven brush on her crease give the eye a little bit of shape I’m gonna do a quick layer of mascara can start to see what’s happening (look straight ahead for me) now I’m gonna start to layer my purple on using
twenty brush again start to layer a purple cream so now when I go over it with my powder
get a lot of color pay off up now when I go lay my purple over that I will get a bright pop color because I have got that cream underneath notice I’m padding it on gotta get more Color on that then I’m gonna be really careful blending without over blending I don’t blend away the color blending where the two colors meet and I want just a little bit darker of a purple
at the base so I’m gonna grab my darker shade okay now I’m gonna take my number 13 brush ( look up for me) and I’m gonna do a little bit of my mid tone a matte mahogany and lower lash line remember we’re gonna ground the color then I’m going to do put a bit of cream acid green on the inside corner followed by powder acid green then I’m going to do some purple cream on the lower lash line (look up) followed by my purple powder and my number 13 brush (look up) applying mascara on the lower lashes then mascara to the top another layer (look straight ahead) cleaning up where I accidentally got a
little bit of mascara on on the lid (look down and over, open and look down over that way) taking a little bit of a matte raisin blush a little bit of powder taking a tiny bit and that matte mahogany mid tone to contour the nose and then I’m just gonna end with a really beautiful
sandy beige gloss because I’ve got such a colorful eye I don’t wanna overwhelm the face with a lot of color there we have a colorful eye now remember
when ever you are doing a colorful eye especially on darker skin tones you
wanna layer your creams and your shadows together I mean even on all skin tones that’s way good color to pop with your skin tone is lighter or
darker also you’ve got to ground it with neutrals. I still use my matte mid tones
in order to ground that color and then layering your creams and powder together and it’s going to give you brights pops of color color was all over runways everywhere this season to play with color have fun let’s get that
color poppin Alright we will be right back with her hair down and the finished look
Alright I used a cream acid green a powder acid green eye shadow I used a matte mahogany mid tone
I used a cream purple then I used a powder shimmery purple the n I used a darker purple then I used a matte raisin then I used a sandy beige lip gloss

56 thoughts on “BUTTERFLY EYES: Eye Makeup Tutorial Video with Robert Jones

  1. Can You do tutorials with the urban decay naked 1 and/or 2 for school/work and party/events etc. ? ๐Ÿ™‚ please like this comment so he can see it ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks

  2. ROBERT ~ What do I have to do to get you to do MY makeup??? *Faints dizzily on to the couch*
    Gale ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Your model is gorgeous – but, you didn't apply foundation or highlighter to her. Is there a reason? Certainly, her mahogany skin is ideal in color, but the foundation would have perfected her texture.

  4. Well done Robert. I thank you so much for your work on bronze/ebony skin tones. I am not brave enough to try this one but the tips will work even for more neutral tones, right?

  5. There's something about your tutorials that are so calming to me… I know what sounds weird, but I just love how quiet and tame your videos are.

  6. I love the close up shots. It's great seeing all the movement but then it's great to get a closer look at the result.

  7. This look is gorgeous. Would you apply this look any differently on a down turned deep set eye? If so, how please?

  8. Wow thank you so much for responding!!! It was very unexpected! I really appreciate you taking the time!!! Could you possibly do a tutorial for an eye look that is best for down turned deep set eyes? Thanks again so much!!!!

  9. hey I've been watching your channel for awhile now and i just wanted to say that you're my idol ๐Ÿ™‚ i really love all your work and i hope to become as good as a makeup artist as you. You've helped me with practicing on eye shapes and face shapes, so far I've been becoming more recognized around my school but i would really like to hear some tips for me as i grow more into becoming a future make up artist and eventually into a celebrity make up artist. Please help me ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Your model should forget how she got to be with u. And just enjoy her life now.. you makeup tutorial are greattttttt like tony the tigerr

  11. another beautiful look, but it seems in a lot of instances you have to have a cream and powder version of an eyeshadow shade.

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