Burgundy Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial | COVERGIRL

[MUSIC PLAYING] Here’s how to create a smoky, burgundy
eye using just one perfect liner. Start by applying Perfect Point
Plus in burgundy along lash line. Then work the color
towards the outer eye and extend the line drawing
slightly upwards creating a wing. Next, take the liner under the
eye and into the waterline. The self sharpening tip
glides on smooth and blends easily for a look that lasts all day. Continue to build liner,
applying on to entire eyelid until you’ve achieved your
desired shape and depth of color. Smudge the liner with the white
sponge tip to diffuse hard lines and create a smoky
effect around the edges. Lengthen and volumize lashes
with Super Sizer Fibers. Apply multiple coats for
a dose of added drama. And just like that, beautiful, smoky,
burgundy eyes with one perfect liner by easy, breezy, beautiful CoverGirl.

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