Hey guys, it’s Victoria! Welcome back to my channel! In today’s video, I’m going to be doing a fall makeup tutorial. the first fall makeup tutorial of the year. Not gonna lie, I’m kinda sad summer’s over, But… at least we get to do some fall makeup looks now. So I want to create a Burgundy eye look for today. As always, if you guys have any other fall requests, then let me know. I wanna Kinda do other fall makeup looks using different fall colors so let me know if you guys have anything specific you would like to see And yeah, so let’s get started! So I did my foundation and concealer so far. but I still have to finish the rest of my face so for foundation I used the Makeup Forever HD Foundation and I used my Tarte Shape Tape Concealer But I still have to set everything and I also did my brows. To set everything today, I’m using the Kylie Cosmetics translucent Powder and I’m just going to use some of this to bake underneath my eyes. While that’s still on my face, I’m just going to add my Benefit Hoola Bronzer and use some of this on a contouring brush and I’m just going to warm up my face with this. and using a little bit more of this powder, I’m just going to clean up this contour. and then I’m just dusting all of it off of my face. For blush, Im using the Nars Heartbreaker cheek palette and I’m just going to actually mix all 3 of these shades. and apply that for my blush color. adding a little bit to the tip of my nose and… some to my forehead For the eyes today, Im using the Morphe 35V Stunning Vibes palette I thought this would be a really good palette to create a more Burgundy look with I’m just gonna use a bunch of these colors right here today. Im gonna start out by using the shade Risque which is this matte nude color just going to place this in my crease and sorta just pat it on there and lightly blend that. it will help add a little transition and definition to the eye before we start adding other color. And then I’m gonna add this matte color right her too which I think will work really nicely in the crease I’m just blending that out. on either side of the eye so on the inside of the eye and the outer corner. and I’m just blending that across using a smaller eyeshadow brush, I’m just gonna add that same color to the lower lash line. and then. Im just going to pat on some of the shade “wild thing” which is a matte burgundy and I’m going to place this right over top of that over that orange-y color we just added and this is just gonna really build up the Burgundy shades apply some of this right to the lid. and then, using a blending brush, softly blending all that together. Jutst building that color up, till I get it to be the pigmentation that I want. and now Im gonna add the shade wild thing and then this burgundy right here which is actually pretty similar maybe this one’s just a little darker… but… I’m just gonna add that with a flat eyeshadow brush. and pat that onto the lid just gonna add the same burgundy to the lower lash line and try to keep the color as close to your lower lash line as possible. I wanna really deepen this look up, so I’m going to add the shade addicted which is this matte plum color. Im just going to add this right on the outer corner of my eye and very lightly blend that. and then I’m gonna use the same shade, right on the inner corner as well. blend it very softly so you don’t get any harsh edges. Next, I’m using the Kylie Cosmetics Shimmer Eye Glaze in the shade Dime Piece. It’s just a very pretty gold. and I think it would be perfect for this look. using an eyeshadow brush, and Im just pick up some of that color. placing that right onto the lightest part of the lid. and I’m just gonna use the same shimmer eye glaze and add just a little bit of these gold flakes to my inner corners. today I just wanna keep this as a Burgundy smokey eye look. so im not gonna add any liner today, im just going to apply my kiss lashes, and I will add some mascara, and I’ll be right back! For highlighter today, Im using the Kylie cosmetics Ice Me Out highlighter… looks like this… im adding this to my cheekbones and I’ll also apply it to the bridge of my nose. we’re gonna apply lipstick over top. so for lips, I’m using the NYX matte lip liner in the shade Tea & Cookies and I’m going to line my lips. using the Kylie cosmetics matte liquid lipstick in the shade Angel and it looks like this. I feel like that would be a good match for these eyes today, So, this is the finished look! I will have all the products I used in todays video listed down below in the description box so you can go check them out. Thats it for todays video, I hope you guys liked it. If you did, be sure to like, comment, share, and subscribe. Hit the bell button so you’re notified when I upload a new video. I upload a new video every week, so be sure to go check out last week’s video. you guys can also find me on Instagram and snapchat at victoriacostanz and on Twitter at viccostanz. so be sure to go follow me on there. and I will see you guys in my next video Thanks for watching, Bye!! xoxo 🙂


  1. This isn’t really related to beauty but could you possibly do a room tour? Your room looks so cute but I only see where you film.

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