Brooke Shields as Jade Butterfield Makeup & Hair Tutorial | Endless Love (1981)

hey it’s Jackie and welcome back to my
channel for today’s tutorial I’m recreating the soft and romantic look
inspired by young Brooke Shields in the movie blue… no not Blue Lagoon, Endless
Love I’ve already done a Blue Lagoon tutorial
like two years ago I kind of want to redo it but on that tutorial some of you
guys requested this look and I’ve been wanting to do it and then Brooke Shields
reposted a picture of herself as this character and I was like okay I love her
I got to do it so I hope you enjoy my recreation and my take on it I did
recreate little faux bangs using my own hair and this cute little bun as well as
a fresh makeup look so if you enjoy make sure you give it a thumbs up and
subscribe for more beauty videos and let’s get started! of course let’s start
with the base we want very natural looking skin I’ve been loving the
Charlotte Tilbury wonder glow since I bought it but it is pretty expensive
so you could try the new covergirl vitalist go glow luminizing lotion it has
a really pretty glow to it as well and then I’m jumping right into foundation
if you need to add a pore reducing primer
I love benefits pearl primer but for this very fresh dewy look I don’t want
to mattify just yet so the foundation I keep going back to is NARS natural
radiant long wear foundation but this time I did go a couple shades deeper
because I do have a spray tan here I really minimally applied this it creates
beautiful coverage but it still looks very natural and then using a lighter
shade of the same foundation I am applying under my eyes in a V on the
chin forehead a little on my nose and jaw line this will brighten up this area
and I really like mixing the two shades of foundation it’s just a little less
heavy than concealer and looks really nice definitely is something that I’ve
been doing since this tutorial you might not want to buy a too
expensive full bottles of foundation so you can always ask Sephora for a
sample of the lighter shade and make sure that you like the technique first
and now for cream blush I was recently sent this NARS a liquid blush it is so
silky it looks natural and is highly pigmented so you just need a tiny amount
like one pump is even too much and then it blended in and for this look I added
it on my cheeks and then kind of downwards throughout where you would
naturally blush also on my chin and right before the tip of my nose for an
overall glow and let’s set the face, one of my favorite powders is the Too Faced
Born This Way ethereal powder I’m tapping it onto the skin to help take
away any wetness of the product but still leave a glow I’m going to add to
the skin later with some bronzers and blush but I wanted to frame the face
with brows and since this look is so fresh and healthy looking a be sure to
prep your lips with your favorite lip balm I love barefoot Venus as a brand
and this goes on super smooth this one smells like grapefruit and I also added
hard candy up something serum and I’ve been wearing this a lot on its own just
because it’s not super sticky and it does plump my lips a little bit without
burning and for brows I’m sticking with one of my new favorite products this is
the Maybelline a total temptation brow definer I love the applicator and the
round spoolie and for Brooke brows you want to take the head inwards and the
head is the thickest part of the brow so I’m adding little hairs upwards and then
keeping the rest of the brow straight and combed up for added dimension in a more realistic
look I brought in Revlon Colorstay brow pencil in dark brown to enhance the
sparse areas and Brookes brows it go from softer to a deeper shade so make
sure the head of the brow is at the latest oh I just love this combo and I
personally love my brows like this because it really starts to frame the
eyes and the nose and just create a more symmetrical look to the face and a let’s
start contouring I wanted to keep the bronzer soft and glowy and I love
two-faced bronzers this one is one of the newer shades from there sweet peach
line and it has a bit of blush in it and then with my handy dandy Urban Decay
shape-shifting palette which I use all the time I love contouring with the ashy
powder so take a little applicator from an eyeshadow and then create a sharper
nose tip I like to define the top of my nostrils and create more of an angular
shape from the arch of the brow to slightly to find the bridge when you
create a subtle but slightly sharp shadow between the brows it really gives
more of a brook like appearance poor shadows I decided to go drugstore and
use the Gigi Hadid and Maybelline palette this is the West Coast glow
shades and they are all we need to create this subtle smoky eye first with
the muted matte taupe soften up the nose contour and blend under the bottom
lashline and back with the Revlon Colorstay at brow pencil I’m using this
as my brown liner and dotting underneath the bottom lashes and then really
minimally on the top lash line faded out tight lining the eye is a great step as
well for more definition and with a small blending brush just smudge off
that liner with the deepest shade we are going to
apply in a really sheer layer all over the lid deepen up in between where the
eye socket in the nose is and blend outwards using the matte peach and do
this in a tapered out shape as well these subtle shadows will really start
to frame the eye back with the deepest Brown at carve out the crease especially
right above the lid take the gold as the brow bone highlight and the lightest
highlight shade popped in the inner corner and I wanted a bit more drama so I went
with the deepest shade around the lash line one more time moving on to the lip combo first up i’m
using maybelline superstay matte ink in the shade seductress this is a great
everyday shade and I’m obsessed with these I swatch the whole line of the UH
nude liquid lips over on my Instagram and then in the center of the lip I’m
using my fav lipstick which I keep on grabbing this is called sexy Sienna by
Charlotte Tilbury guys actually met Charlotte Tilbury vlog coming soon so
make sure you’re subscribed to my vlog Channel and if you missed my latest vlog
I will have it linked in the information button touch more of the lip plumper
just add a bit of moisture and we can’t forget blush again I’m using a Charlotte
Tilbury product this is in the shade love glow and this is my go-to high in
blush without a doubt and I added some of this
blush to soften up the eyes as well my favorite highlighter for my nose
contour is again the Charlotte Tilbury of beauty light wand it picks up so nice
on camera and I’m applying a bit to my cheekbones as well if you want to do for
this you could try out the liquid Lumi by L’Oreal I think that’s a great option
to and I’ve been experimenting with high-end makeup because I’ve been slowly
adding to my collection but I do have some drugstore based videos that are
coming up as well so vote the poll which you prefer it’s time for a simple but gorgeous updo
my hair is brushed out and I’m taking the OGX
coconut oil through my ends for more of a sleek look and I love coconut cents
for hair and then separate two front sections as well as some smaller pieces
along the hairline and toss the hair into a ponytail I like
to divide the pony into two and create a first half updo and tweak the hair going
into it so it’s looser you just want the texture to look soft and we’re going to
repeat the same steps with the remaining hair just gather up into that first pony
and then with the comb loosen it up so the hair going into it looks like it has
more volume and we’ve got our pretty pony and using my new foxy Baker Ling
set I have a sponsored video coming up with foxybae but you’re going to see
these in like every tutorial that isn’t sponsored because I did need a new one
set I’d seen these and I was really excited to get my hands on them and it’s
rose gold super pretty and this wand is the 19 millimeter barrel and it’s
perfect for creating these faux bangs that I’m trying to do I curled right at
the root and then with bobby pins I’m readjusting to shorten the hair along
the hairline it won’t look exactly like bangs of course because of the length
but you can play with it brush it out a little bit and add some teasing so you
get that same volume at the front of your face with the accent curls as well
for the other side again curl right at the root and then pin along the hairline
leave some curls around the face dangling down like this recreation
picture and we’re gonna use a doughnut you can totally just twist your hair
into a ballerina bun but I went with a medium sized donut and then wrapped my
hair around it used an elastic to secure it in place and then wrap the rest of
the remaining hair around the base and now it’s time to decorate which is a big
part of this look so I made this little DIY where I just took some ribbon and
sewed it together I found these flower accents from
Michaels and I just placed them in my hair with a bit of hairspray but if you
want to wear this look out for awhile you can attach bobby pins or try to get
some flower clips from Claire’s and I even put a ribbon that you can find at
the drugstore for present wrapping in the back because there was just more
volume to her hair piece and you could definitely do a better DIY job than I
did but I thought this looked quite accurate on camera to my reference
screenshots but overall this look is so innocent and delicate in one of my
favorites so thumbs up I really hope you guys enjoyed it and there will be a
coupon code below for the curling iron and I used to have a new me code but it
expired so I am truly a fan of this new set that I have and if you are needing a
new one you should definitely check it out and you can see all the links to my
social down below thanks for watching I hope you guys
enjoy this Brooke Shields as Jade from endless love tutorial and if you did
make sure you hit that thumbs up button it really helps me out and also let me
know in the comments who your all-time Beauty icon is for me it is Brooke
Shields and also Gigi Hadid I look up pictures of her and different photo
shoots at for beauty inspiration all the time and they’d love to know in the
comments who your faves are because that’ll totally help me out for which
tutorials to film next also I did pick out a scent for Jade Brookes character
so this is what I went with this is by barefoot Venus which is a Canadian brand
I love these guys because how cute is the packaging and the scent is amazing
this is called ruby red and it smells like pomegranate or no sorry grapefruit
smells like grapefruit and it’s kind of unexpected and really awesome so check
it out and we’ll have a link down below you can order this online and you can
use a coupon code as well gotta support the Canadian brands especially when they
look this cute and if you want to stay updated with me you can follow me on
Instagram under Jackie Wyers and I’ll see you in my next video

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