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hey it’s Jackie and welcome back to my
channel for a modern take on the 60s French icon Brigitte Bardot this video
is in partnership with Brett lon as part of the Revlon tirage for 2019 and if you
have been on my channel for a while you know how much I love bringing you guys
seasonal trends up with breath lot on my channel so today is trend report is all
about jewel tones so think gemstone shades to the eyes or the lips or you
can do both for this video I thought it would be fun to revisit the very classic
Brigitte look except I am bringing in a little bit more color with the deep
amethyst to my eyes too much of my own little theis curve I have here and to do
this I am using an awesome new product so these are the so fierce and final
eyeliners from Revlon and then come into five different shades I really think you
guys are gonna love these liners because they’re super rich and easy to use like
very creamy so the shade that I used is powerful plum but this liner also comes
in horses steal mighty mocha righteous rum midnight mystery so other than the
pop of color I added I did keep it pretty true to my recreation photo here
and finish off with a nude lip combo so I use the Revlon Super Lustrous
lipsticks in so many my tutorials and I use the shade champagne on ice today and
then topped it off with the of Revlon Super Lustrous lip gloss in the shade
snow pink very wearable nude so I hope you guys enjoy this look if you do make
sure you give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more pop culture videos
every week and let me know in the comments if you prefer when I wear a wig
and change my eye color or you know do it a little bit more as myself I would
love to know because I would definitely wear this look as is to a party 60s are
definitely my favorite to draw inspiration from and let’s get started
I’m starting by prepping the skin with the Revlon Photoready at Rose Glo
hydrating and illuminating primer this has beads in it so you warm up the
product in your hands to melt them and then Pat over the skin and foundation I’m using just a pump of
the Revlon Colorstay makeup in the shade buff this is a great shade for my
natural skin tone I do have self tanner up to my neck if you can tell so I will
be bronzing later to match that but look how nicely this foundation just covered
those red blemishes it’s a very easily blendable foundation so right now my
skin is looking pretty clear – some redness so I’m using this minimally all
over and then building where I need to and the overall look is very natural by
just adjusting at the coverage of the foundation as I go and I just got a new
camera so hopefully you can see how nice this foundation looks even up close and
since we already got great coverage from the foundation I’m using the Revlon
Colorstay at full coverage concealer in vanilla for more of a highlight just to
brighten up the chin jaw line a bit and then up the cheekbones this is long
where it works great under your eyes or on blemishes blends beautifully into the
foundation but you could always use it alone as well and this skin look is
definitely one I wear in person it’s a combo that looks really nice and natural
light and not just under my ring light as always I’m setting minimally with the
Revlon Photoready translucent finisher I finally got a new one after hitting pan
and then to bronze up the skin and give some dimension to the cheekbones and jaw
line I’m using the Revlon Photoready insta sculpted contouring palette I’m
taking the bronzer and contour and I mix the shades together and I’m creating a
contour cheek look to make the bronzer not so much like a sculpted Kim K look
but a bit more natural looking I like to speckle the bronzer around the face
lightly so there isn’t such a contrast between the light and dark and some
natural variation to the skin for the nose contour I did want to give
more of a straight sharp nose instead of rounded I’m not trying to look exactly
like Bridget in this video but a lot of my other sixties looks are very dull
like with really rounded features and Bridget’s 5 is more mature and sultry
while still having the cute aspects of the bows and the polka dots in the
styling for blush I love this marvelous of Revlon powder blush shade I’m keeping
with the lightweight feel on the skin so it’s powdery soft and I used barely any
color but it is buildable and Revlon has a new and improved formula bethy’s and
an expanded shade range so lots of options and I’m going back to the insta
sculpt to contouring palette I’m using the highlight on the cheekbones very
subtly and I wanted a tiny bit of glow but to keep the skin mostly matte then I
do love a nose highlight so I added a little dot on the tip as well as like a
little line where the bridges I don’t like to add too much highlight fully
across the tip I find it kind of enhances the width so I keep the dot
quite small and I have some big old bangs that doesn’t mean I’m skipping out
on brows I’m using the Revlon Colorstay brow crater and soft brown and if you
like a precise applicator and a powder this is awesome because you can go back
and forth between the two and blend in it with a spoolie for this look I kept
the brows natural and a bit rounded and moving on to the eyes using the Revlon Photoready eye contour
kit an eclectic and working with the shimmering jewel tones
first a pastel purple to the inner portion of the lid then I’m taking the
top shade a muted gold to the inner corner and then I switched over to the
Metropolitan palate to bring in this neutral pinky champagne to the center of
the lid if you want to keep it more like the inspiration photo you can just go
with the champagne all over the lid but I love the jewel tone trend incorporated
with this look and coming up we will add the gemstone shade eyeliner this next
step will look a little odd at first but it will come together so I’m using a
deep matte Brown and I’m deepening up my inner crease and then I’m fading onto
the lower lid then with a light matte shade bring the brow bone forward we’re
creating more of a deep set eye with this and I’m personally cutting down
some of the roundness of the eye so that the focus will be on the sultry liner still using the eclectic shadows I took
the bright purple under the bottom lash line this purple makes any eye color
Sparkle whether that’s blue green or brown and then with the deep brown again
and adding more of a liner close to the lash line the shadows formula are safe
for even sensitive eyes and you can use them wet or dry I use them dry and I got
the pigment I needed and now to really make this very Brigitte we are using the
Revlon so fierce a final eyeliner and powerful
plum so I usually go for a liquid liner for this step which I know can be a
little bit tricky and if you mess it up it’s like very hard to fix
but this pencil liner gives the look of a lacquered liquid liner with the ease
of a pencil it’s really creamy and glides on it’s easy to have precision
here and it is long wear so if you do wear this to a party you won’t have to
be worrying about touching it up and the shape of the liner is gonna be pretty
thick so that when the eye is open most of the
is dark and right on the lash line I deepened depth with the shade of
midnight mystery and I was having fun with these liners so I switch it up
again and I used my tea mocha on the bottom rush line I went with a subtle
take on the jewel tones trend but you can try sapphire ruby emerald or
amethyst in the eye liner or shadows or even rock a ruby lip to bring in more
rich shades finally finishing off with Revlon so
fierce mascara this is smudge proof I wear it all day and it didn’t flake off
and there are three glossy shades in this mascara which is pretty cool
you can choose from blackest black black and bakken Brown its lengthening so you
can see that on my bottom lashes and then I just went with a really light
coat on my top lashes I’m lining my lips with the Revlon
Colorstay at lipliner some Brigitte looks are super over lined and then the
one I’m going off of was still pretty natural but I am extending the upper lip
to be wider than my bottom lip and I had a lot of different shades of
the cult classic lipstick to go through and pick for this look I decided to go
with champagne on ice and on me this is a peachy nude and it has a moisturizing
feel infused with vitamin E and avocado oil there’s a lot of different shades
and finishes in these lipsticks as you guys have seen in many of my videos I
love the mattes everything collection this one is a little bit more sheer and
has sparkle to it and if you’re a gloss girl finished with Revlon Super Lustrous
gloss in the shade snow pink this is one of their lightest shades and I love
these on their own too they have a very soft shiny natural finish and are not a
thick sticky gloss the applicator is also a bit oversized which is great for
getting even coverage and they come in twelve super shiny shades and I just
love this look I think it gives a lot of drama like an Instagram style of makeup
but it’s still very wearable and easy to achieve and then to complete the look of
course I’m bringing in some teasing I’m starting to a backcomb at the crown all
the way to my hairline then I’m hitting backwards into a soft
slightly messy pouf and then some big old bangs these are clip ins and they’re
a little too big I mean it depends on what Bridgitte look that you want to go
for sometimes they were full like this but other times they were a bit more
subdued but I’m just working with the faux bangs I had and then I’m styling
with a big curling wand and having them so they kind of part in the center with
some volume added some loose curls through the length and kind of tease
them and then we have big bangs pulled liner and added a vintage shirt with a
polka dot tie scarf and that’s the Bridgitte inspired look with a pop-up or
fall for a fun twist I hope you enjoyed this Brigitte Bardot look with a pop of
purple and if you did it makes you give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more
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