Bright Under Eye and Full Brow Makeup Tutorial by Estée Lauder | Neiman Marcus

Hi. My name is Gregory Lawrence. And today I’m going to
show you my must haves for a brighter, lighter under eye area,
and a more full and beautiful brow. So Nina’s skin is already
prepped, but I have to show you the newest in the Double
Wear family– the Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick. It’s portable. It’s easy to blend. And it was made by makeup artists. Tap on, buff, and blend with
the sponge tip applicator. It’s that simple. Now let’s conceal and brighten
under Nina’s eye area. We’re going to mix two pumps of our
Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum. And there we’re going to mix
a little bit of our Double Wear Stay In Place Concealer. We’re going to tap and blend right
under the eye to create a flawless base. No eye look is complete without our
brand new, three in one multi-tasker. Let’s begin right beside Nina’s
nostril and create a dot. That’s going to be the
beginning of our brow. The second dot will be right
above the iris for the arch. And the last will be right at the
corner of the outside of her eye. Now let’s connect the dots like we did
in elementary school– 1, 2, and 3. The brow multi-tasker also
has a powder built in. Let’s use that to set
and finish Nina’s brow. That’s going to add volume and depth. Lastly, let’s use the spooled brush
to comb through and groom her brow. Use a little bit of the concealer
we use for the fatigue fighter lightly under the brow to
create a smoother finish. Now that we’ve finished the brow, let’s
complete the look with a little color. We’ll add Pure Color Envy Lipstick. My favorite tip is to use the
bullet of the lipstick right on the tip of the lips as a liner. Then we’ll fill in everywhere
else with the base. Let’s add a little blush. We’re going to put Poppy Passion
right on the apple of Nina’s cheeks in an x formation. So I never finish a makeup
application for my clients until I add three drops
of Advanced Night Repair. It refreshes and reblooms the
skin so it looks fresh for the day and ready for the night. I’m going to press it in
the apples of our cheeks, and the perimeter of your face, so
that now she has a beautiful glow and she can take on the day. Perfect.

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