Bridezilla | How Makeup Artist Deal With Bridezilla | Part 2

Hi, Bridezilla. Congratulation! Happy to see you again. Ok i tell you huh ,we only have 30mins. To make you the prettiest bride. So we don’t want to have any distractions. Alright? You ok? So ermm we don’t want to have any distractions…. Maybe you can put down the phone? And if you need to use the toilet you can go now. You need my help? No no.. Ok huh? No need huh? Confrimed huh? Than we start ok? Thank you! Arhh no no no no.. Look straight, yes ok thank you! Good girl! Must look pretty pretty hor..arrmm Sorry har i clear my throat.. abit. Arr your friend huh? Arr… Tinkle Bella hi bridezilla! Orr sorry i talk to you later ok? Ok ok no problem. Good good.. Should be done very soon hor..ok ok.. Arh.. Later can? Ok thank you. Good. Ok done!

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