Blue Glitter Eye Makeup ft Sarazaar Cosmetics

hey guys what’s up welcome back if this
is your first time stopping by my name is Brittany and welcome to my channel
today I’m bringing you guys there’s a beautiful blue glitter eye makeup look
now I wanted to create a look today surrounding this new pigment that I got
in my collection and I’m talking about the sarazar mystique
loose pigment okay I know you can’t tell inside the jar right there just how
beautiful this pigment is but when I seen it on Instagram I don’t know it was
a couple weeks ago cuz it took a couple weeks to get to me this is stunning
okay guys like this if you’re into loose pigments or glitters or anything like
this and you don’t have a royal blue glitter in your collection which
probably don’t because I haven’t seen a company that produces anything like this
before and I mean I have a lot of glitters and loose pigments in my
collection I’m just telling you like this is stunning
it has so many different colors of reflex in it as well you will see a
swatch of it in a little bit throughout the tutorial and you will see how it
performs on the eyes when I apply it to the eyes but I wanted to create a look
surrounding this pigment and this is a look that I came up with it’s super bold
it’s super dramatic it’s got a really nice pop of color on there and then you
get the beautiful lose pigment on the lid as well if you guys love blue
eyeshadows if you love pigments if you love anything of the sorts of what I
have in my eyes right now you’re going to love this look I’m gonna go ahead
dive right in because I know that’s what you guys are here for but if you are new
to my channel guys please consider subscribing make sure that you hit all
your post notifications as well so that you notify every single time that I do
upload and if you guys want to see how I create this really stunning blue glitter
eye look today then please keep on I live with my P Louise space and I’m
gonna start off this look by going in to my color grain vivid pigment eyeshadow
in the shade out life I’m gonna take this brush with my crown deluxe brush
that I love using in the crease and I’m just gonna pack that directly in the
crease with the next shade I’m gonna go into my ace beauty a flare palette and
I’m gonna go in to this eyeshadow right here called forest pine I’m gonna take
this on a morpheme 506 brush and then and I’m just gonna buff that directly in
the crease as well I don’t think this is how I did this I’m just going back and
with the P Lewis base like I literally just did the other eye two seconds ago
how does one forget the steps she did for something she did two seconds ago I
have no idea all right like I said I’m going into the
shade yacht life with my crown deluxe brush I still don’t know how I feel
about the color grain vivid pigments the Blues do perform really well but they’re
not I don’t know I just don’t overly care for them that much I just really
wanted to use this blue see I’m getting makeup everywhere we’re just gonna leave
it at that right now so I’m gonna go back into the ACE Beauty a palette and
I’m going to go in to the shade Atlantis that was the shade that I used next the
other one so I’m just gonna use this shadow to really blend out the edges to
where I put the last blue shadow down there I decided to zoom ease in a little
bit so you can see better so I’m still just going in and blending at that blue
shadow out the coloured raine vivid pigments just they don’t really work
that well for me for what I want them to do I know they’re pigments and the
eyeshadows I know the difference but it still drives okay so once you kind of
have that blended to where you want I’m gonna go in with a makeup check t56
brush and this is the part where I went into the a spute a flare palette and
then I went into the shade for spine and then I’m gonna use this brush to blend
this darker shadow directly in the crease just to add a little bit more
definition to the look just make sure you get it nice and packed on and then
focus on blending it out afterwards it’s really not that big of a deal I should
have went in and did a cut crease on the other eye but I didn’t today mama wasn’t
thinkin I had too many things on my mind today guys once you have that really
nice and packed on I’m gonna go back in with my crown brush I’m gonna go back
into the shade yacht life and then I’m just gonna use that shadow to really
blend out that dark shadow that we just placed in the crease cuz we didn’t like
harsh lines on my channel or any channel to be quite frank for spine shadow just
really helped deepen up the crease a little bit add a lot more definition
smoke it out a little bit more absolutely love the ACE Beauty a flair
palette as well I need to do some more tutorials using that as eye we’re gonna
go back into the shade Atlantis from the ACE Beauty a palette and then I’m just
going to go in with my M 506 brush one more time really focus on blending the
edges of that shadow out so that it’s really nice and smoky in the crease now
that the crease is really nice and blended out I’m gonna go into my morphe
35o palette I know you can’t get this palette anymore guys and I feel really
bad for using this but if you have any other colorful palettes that are very
similar to this or if you have the James Charles palette you could probably mimic
this look very easily but I have this palette I got it before discontinued and
I just love using it so I’m gonna use it anyway I’m gonna go into this palette
and then I’m gonna use this dark blue kind of dark navy shade from the palette
and I’m going in with the morphe m 210 brush and I’m just gonna pack that all
over the lid and then I’m gonna go back in with my
makeup chat t56 brush I’m gonna go back into the shade for spine one more time
and then I’m just gonna use that to really blend the edges of that dark blue
shadow that we just placed down oh now it’s time to go in with that
game-changing glitter that I adore I’m gonna put a little bit on the back of my
hand I’m not gonna do too too much of it though pigment that I’m going in with is
a new pigment that was released by Sahara’s err Sara’s err so her sir I
don’t know correct me if I’m wrong you all know I can’t pronounce shit recently
launched a pigment and this is the pigment here I believe the name of this
is mystique I will have it listed in the description box below but it doesn’t
have it and I don’t know where the cover is right now because I have makeup
everywhere but I’m gonna swatch this on the back of my hand for you guys just a
tiny bit cuz I really don’t want to waste this pigment it took forever to
get here and it’s not a very big container so I’m like nurturing it as
much as I can not going to pick up just how much of a reflex that is but oh my
god this is one of the prettiest pigments I’ve ever used in my life and
we all know how much mama loves glitter and pigments and sparkly things I’m
gonna go in with my violet laws laws violet Voss glitter glue I’m gonna put
some of that on the back of my hand and then I’m just going in with a morphe m12
for brows and then I’m gonna disperse this glitter glue all over the lid
Everywhere’s where I want to place the pigment that I’m about to go in with I
just find it using a little brush like this helps you get more of a precise
application with the glitter glue than just going in with the wand itself so
once that’s on I’m gonna go in to my morphe m2 10 brush pick that pigment up
and game change this look do you guys see how beautiful that is
I’m gonna go into the white shade from the 35 beep and I’m also gonna place a
tiny bit of that right above the blue shadows in the crease just to add a
little bit to the brow bone area I don’t normally go in on my brow bone area very
often because I always drag my looks up so high but for the sake of this video
let’s do it and then I’m just gonna go in with my M 506 no additional product
and we’re gonna blend blend next step I’m gonna go in with my Maybelline black
gel liner we all know this is the shit and I’m going to go in and make a
gradual thick line on the lid alright guys now that I have liner on I
am gonna hop off camera super quick I’m gonna go put my false lashes on I’m
gonna be going in with my Koko lashes in the style goddess these are my favorite
pair of lashes from Koko lashes so I’m just gonna hop off camera and I’ll be
right back alright guys I’m back lashes are on and I’m gonna move into
Foundation and I’m really excited for foundation today because I did receive
finally my ELF poreless putty primer in the mail yesterday after I was filming
yesterday so I’ve been really excited to try this because like this product is so
hyped it’s unreal I’m excited to give it a try I’m gonna go in with one of my
favorite combinations today I did wear this yesterday and award the day before
yesterday it is the Maybelline 24 hour foundation
and then I’m gonna go in and mix it with my revolution conceal and define a full
coverage foundation Maybelline I’m in the shade natural ivory and in
revolution I am in the shade f5 this combination together last so beautifully
on the skin without a primer so today we’re gonna see how well performs with a
primer these really really work really good together I don’t like the
revolution on its own but what mixed with Maybelline foundation it gives such
a beautiful finish like I don’t know wonderful Britney I don’t know how much
of this you’re supposed to use I have no idea I’m just gonna go in and add a
little bit more because it doesn’t really feel like I have much on my skin
when I blend it out so we will just see how this performs it’s very sticky and
tacky so that’s one thing I will say about it and I like that because it’s
really gonna help the foundation to my skin for a minute let’s take these bad
boys out okay so I’m gonna go in and give my hand or squirt with my
Maybelline I’m gonna go in with my revolution now and I’m just going to
apply a little bit of this on the face nothing too cray-cray but this is
literally make I don’t like the makeup revolution a foundation on its own
whatsoever but when I mix it with other foundations even like my necks
or some of my other ones that I like it performs beautifully it just performs
the best I think for my collection standpoint with the Maybelline so if you
ever have two of those in your collections try mixing them together it
is game-changing I’m just going to go in and buff that into the skin now so far
so good though I mean it lend it out really well and it looks a little bit
more poreless than without primer I will say that much so we will see how it
holds up throughout the day I’m going in with my color pop no filter concealer in
light 18 and then I’m gonna go over top of that with my Milani concealing
perfect concealer as well I’ll have all these products listed in the description
box below for you as well as the shade names for you just in case you need some
for reference to set underneath the eyes I’m gonna go into my lawless to seal the
deal loose setting powder in the shade brightening translucent I think the name
of it is I’ll have it listed in the description box below for you guys as
well like I said I’ll have every product listed in there for you to set the rest
of my face I’m gonna go anthem i maybelline superstay
full coverage powder in the shade classic ivory i’m just gonna use this to
set the rest of my face before I go in with bronzer I’m gonna go in and remove
that baking from underneath the eyes as well for underneath the lower lash line
I’m gonna go back into my 35b palette and I’m gonna go back into that dark
Navy shade I’m gonna go in with my makeup shacks t56 brush and I’m just
gonna use that to like really blend the eyeshadow underneath the lower lash line and then I’m gonna go in with my five-o
sex brush and I’m gonna go back into the a spute a flair palette and then I’m
gonna go into the shade forest pine and then I’m going to buff that underneath
the lower lash line as well I just want the lower lash line to be really nice
and smoky so for bronzer today I’m gonna go into
my Maybelline asipi bronzer in the shade 200 I really really love this bronzer
again the drugstore has been stepping up its game lately with all these new
products coming out I’ve picked up quite a few bronzers in the last couple of
weeks just because of how inexpensive they are and I am blown away with the
quality of the drugstore game these days guys like they’re just so good and for
the price point like you can’t beat it and I’m all about the inexpensive face
products if the quality is there like I would rather splurge on a pallet then
splurge on like a really expensive foundation I mean I do have expensive
foundations in my collection but I’m just not somebody who needs to have the
next best thing that’s so just not one to collect like every single high-end
one I only have like less than a handful of it expensive ones other than that
it’s all drugstore because I’d rather spend less on products that I use on a
daily basis and run out of quicker than other products because then you’re not
going correct you’re not being too crazy spending money where a pallets gonna
last you forever right so I’m gonna go into my hoodie beauty easy-bake powder
and I’m going to chisel that contour up okay so for blush today I think I’m
gonna go into my Tarte Amazonian clay blush palette and I’m gonna go in and
I’m gonna mix these two shades together here umm I don’t want anything overly
crazy because the eyes are the main focus in this look I know I always say
that and then I go in with a heavy hand with my blush because I just don’t know
how to stop and then I’m just gonna go in and remove that easy-bake powder from
underneath the bronzer alright now it’s time to go in and set the face also
gonna go in at this point and set my face with my pixie hydrating milky mist okay and then while the face is still
wet I’m gonna go in with two highlighters I’m gonna mix them together
I’m gonna go into my revolution skin and kiss highlighter in the shade star kiss
it’s a really really pretty blue highlighter and then I’m gonna go in
with my obsession mega lighting highlighter in the shade this one
doesn’t have a shade name on it but I’m gonna mix the two of them together
because this is a blue eye look you guys know that sometimes I like to be
different and unique when it comes to highlighters like oh that’s not my
highlighting brush seriously I’m just gonna dab a little bit into the star
cast and then I’m gonna dab into the other one I’m all about a weird highlight guys
doesn’t bother me I need to wear something different the only shade that
I don’t really care for to wear on my cheeks is pink for some reason like I
don’t like a pink highlight but if it’s green if it’s blue if it’s purple if
it’s got an iridescent anything to it I normally will wear it no rules when it
comes to makeup you can wear it you can wash it off reapply do whatever the fuck
you want and today I want to wear blue highlighter but like look at these
highlights guys like look at how fucking blinding that is okay I know it might be
a little too much for some but for me god I just love it I love it it looks
really nice not gonna lie gonna go in and out with my snaps kara and I’m going
to coat the lower lash line and then for lips I’m gonna go into my Milani color
statement lip liner in the shade 9 I’m going to go into my shoe weight lip
cream in winter rose while I do love the Jew ate lip cream
these do tend to really dry my lips head especially now because it’s winter and
the air is so cold and dry here I’m gonna go in with loss today so for that
I’m gonna go into my dose of colors Rose a lip gloss alright guys so that is it for my
tutorial today using the new mystique loose pigment by Sara Zarr
I think that’s how you pronounce it I’m still not 100% sure but this is such a
beautiful pigment guys I absolutely love it it is something that is so different
and I definitely do not have anything like it in my collection and I would
highly recommend checking it out if you’re somebody who loves pigments and
glitters as much as I do absolutely love this look I really hope that you guys
enjoy the look too if you did enjoy this look please give this video a thumbs up
make sure that you’re subscribed so that you don’t miss any future videos and
with that being said thank you so much guys I love you and I’ll catch you in my
next video

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  1. I swear i fucken love your personality. I live for your tutorials you always crack me up and i always try to recreate with the products i have.

  2. LOLOL I love how you didn't care about the correction you had to make and you actually showed that. 🙂 Your eyes really pop!!! Very nice 🙂 AND I love the JLo glow (tips on that glow pretty please)

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