Billy – Jigsaw Saw Makeup Tutorial | LATEX FREE (CC)

(creepy music) I want to play a game. In front of you, you will find three boxes. There are no boxes. THERE IS one subscribe button. It is up to YOU to hit it. If you fail to complete this task, I will not answer any questions, comments, concerns… The choice is yours. I’m starting off by painting my face white. Now for this, you actually have two options, one is water based body paint, which is what I am applying first, but then I also decided I was going to demo white cream makeup, which is something you’d find more at a Halloween store. This covers up eyebrows very, very well, and also feels disgusting. Using grey eyeshadow, I’m then taking the MadeULook angled brush and drawing the lines that will separate my mouth. I’m also blending that color in towards my lips. Also give yourself a butt chin! Using the same grey shadow, I tapped in the furrow in my brows. The SAW puppet isn’t “angry,” looking… He’s just a little… “slightly irritated” Also blend that color down onto your nose to give it that puppet contour. I’m then going back in using black eyeshadow and pretty much outlining everything that I just outlined. (music) Using an eyeshadow brush, I am going back to that grey shadow and contouring my cheeks in a very “swoopy” way Try to get this line as blended as possible. I’m then creating a shorter black line in the same area, and blending that out heavily. (music) To draw on my swirls, I am using red body paint. Going back in with that light grey eyeshadow I am VERY lightly finishing up contouring my cheek bones more towards my nose. You want to be very light going around this entire cheek area because it will look more like a shadow. Because I am wanting it to look like th cheeks are sticking out further than my natural face, I am also going to contour in my temples. This will give the illusion that my cheeks are sticking out, and my forehead is actually narrower. I’m also using that shadow to add shading between the brows and above the brow bone. (music) Going back to that red body paint, I’m drawing on my terrifying lips As well as starting to fill in my terrifying eyes… Do your best not to open your eye when the paint is not dry. Im then going in with black body paint to outline my lower lip as well as the puppet mouth. Then going in with black around the enitre, “eye,” as well as filling in the pupil. While that’s drying, I am going ahead and detailing up that brow bone area. I’m just adding some shading using a fluffy brush and some grey shadow. (music) Go ahead… and line your eyeballs. Now, if you have an outfit to complete this, by all means, get dressed. If not, or you’re just too lazy to find a white shirt and a bow tie, I am applying my regular white body paint to my neck and my chest. Also leaving a little room open for the bow tie. I’m then filling in said bow tie using red body paint. … and filling in the rest of the area with white. (music) This is what Jigsaw would look like naked! … with only a bow tie on… No, I’m not naked. I’m then just doing some shading and details on the bow tie using black eyeshadow and black body paint. Also, filling in some highlights using white body paint. To give this bow a shadow, I am using grey and black eyeshadow just to create that soft shadow underneath the bow tie. I am then using that same shading technique to create the separation in my “shirt” as well as where the buttons and wrinkles go. (music) … and I for SURE knew where my black jacket was, so I went ahead and got that! (music)

78 thoughts on “Billy – Jigsaw Saw Makeup Tutorial | LATEX FREE (CC)

  1. Can you recommend me a good face paint brand that is anti-allergenic? I used some normal Halloween makeup for kids and my face became swollen 🙁

  2. Hey Lex, what is your opinion on cream makeup? I bought some from Halloween City and it's very wet and doesn't dry at. all. So, how do you get the regular body paint to stick without smearing the white and cake up your brushes?

  3. When I saw the first Saw movie, thought it was pretty good (despite the fact that I rarely watch horror like movies). After that…I don't know lol. This tutorial will help out my husband since he likes the Saw movies and he's allergic to latex.

  4. Hey, I know you don't use liquid latex but I was wondering if you had any suggestions of what types to buy? I'm just starting out and I don't know what to get! o-o

  5. I love this soo much well done lex! yet another amazing and creative design (random question do u like Markiplier u don't have to answear)

  6. Hey Lex, can y please do a tutorial for the Dark knight Joker. I want to be him this Halloween and it would be awesome if you can help me. Please 💕

  7. can you please do a marinotte makeup tutorial please my sister really wants to know how to do it for her birthday its next week please it will mean so much for me

  8. Your makeups are totally amazing !
    It'd really love to see a "products video" with all the brushes, paintings … (It's easier to find it on internet then)
    Hope you'll see my request ! Bye <3

  9. here's an off topic request….could you do a character using only eyeliners and eye shadows? im.trying to start out and i think it would be really awesome to have a reference video from you to learn from…if you already have done this could you please point the way to the video lol

  10. please do a Spiderman tutorial! my 2 year old daughter has chosen to be spiderman for Halloween and I'd love to paint our faces as Spiderman!! your fabulous ty for such dope video's! !!!

  11. I have a billy doll in my room on my dragon statue so it looks like he's riding my dragon …….. I forget he's there and when I wake up in the morning i scream and fall out of my bed …… Help

  12. I have a quick question! How would go about making fake animal claw marks in your skin? Would liquid latex and paper towels work? I want to be Merida from Brave but to make it more halloweeny so I want to add some gory bear attack claw marks 🙂

  13. lex may you please do a Caroline one please 😩 ps: I love all your videos you're so talented!!! HALLOWEEN is coming already 😁🎃

  14. You are really good at makeup. I want to do makeup a little when I told people they called me gay -_- I then yelled OK DONT FOLLOW UR DREAMS!

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