Big Sexy Hair Product Review & Tutorial

Hey guys, so I’m back from my trip from Italy. I was away on vacation for about 10 days and
the weather there was completely different. It was much more humid so my hair was getting
a little bit frizzy and so today, I want to talk about how I took care my hair while I
was on vacation. So I know in the summer time, the weather
can generally be more humid or you might be on vacation to a tropical area and that just
causes a lot of frizz for your hair especially for someone like me, who has bleached my hair
several times and I actually use Sexy Hair on my vacation in Italy. It really kind of helped maintain my hair
from not looking so frizzy and really nice. So I want to talk about the products that
I used to maintain my hair during my trip in Italy and the first thing that I used is
this Color Lock Shampoo and this Color Lock Shampoo is made of Rose and Almond Oil so
it’s really hydrating and using this it really helped keep my hair hydrated and also locked
in the color of my hair, which is this gunmetal blueish color and so I feel like during my
10 day trip in Italy, my hair color didn’t really fade that much, which made it really
easy to maintain. This shampoo has a really pleasant smell and
you’re supposed to use it for 10 weeks and it helps maintain the color of your hair for
10 weeks. So I started using this shampoo during my
trip in Italy and I definitely plan to continue using this shampoo while I’m back in the states. So along with the Vibrant Sexy Hair line,
I also used the conditioner, which is Step 2 and it’s also made of rose and almond oil
and it’s also a 10-week color treatment. So basically, it does the same thing in that
it enhances your color and tries to maintain it from fading. Using both of these products together, I definitely
did notice that the color of my hair wasn’t fading as quickly and one way of knowing is
when you’re shampooing and conditioning and just washing your hair in general, I see the
blue pigment kind of come out of my hair and go into the water, but when I use these 2
products, I definitely noticed less fading and the water is more clear. If you have colored your hair, I really recommend
these 2 products to maintain the color of your hair. So right after I hop out of the shower, I
love using this Leave-In Conditioner, which has soy and cacao. Basically, this Leave-In Conditioner really
helps soften my hair and kind of detangles it basically. You’re supposed to spray it on after you towel
dry your hair. Most often times, I don’t use a hair dryer
to dry my hair so I just spray this. But if I am hair drying my hair, I definitely
still spray this before. So my hair is actually already dry and you’re
supposed to use this hair spray when your hair is like towel dry, but I still find it
very effective to use when your hair is dry and so I’m just going to spray some on now
and just spraying some on, I can already feel like my hair is getting softer and I highly
recommend spraying this on before combing your hair because it helps detangle your hair. So I absolutely love this Leave-In Conditioner
and it definitely does make a difference in making my hair feel softer. So I typically don’t go for the curly hair
look, but I like having wavy hair and sometimes I need to add some curls in with a curler
just to define my wavy hair more and I know this sounds bad, but I’ve actually never used
a heat protectant spray and I probably should. But anyways, it was my first time using this
Heat Protection Setting Hairspray and I definitely feel like I did notice a difference using
this. I felt like my hair didn’t feel as damaged
afterward and it sets the wavy hair… the locks in better especially since during my
trip in Italy, the weather was so humid there and it was really important for me to spray
this to actually kind of lock in the curls. So this spray is really great because it holds
curls up to 24 hours and it protects up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. So the way that you use this product is you
spray some on before you use your heat styling tool when your hair is dry and then after
you finish styling your hair, you actually spray it on once again after you’ve curled
your hair to really set your hair. I just spray some of that on. You don’t need to spray too much of this because
this is hairspray and it can get sticky and since it is hairspray, I feel like the odor
is a little more strong so if you’re not used to fragrance, just keep that in mind if you
plan on purchasing this. Now I’m going to take a hair tie and tie my
hair in half. And I’m just going to do a little bun actually
like this and I’m going to curl my bottom locks first. So I’m finished with the bottom half and so
now I’m going to drop the hair form my pony tail and do the other half. And as I was saying earlier, since I’m just
doing a wavy hair style, I kind of just do it in a messy way. The curls don’t need to look perfect. So this is how I curl my hair. As you can see, I don’t do any tight curls
and I like that very beachy wavy look so this is how I like my hair every single day and
to set my hair, I spray more of this and a little goes a long way. You don’t need that much of this spray since
I already sprayed some earlier and I can already feel that it’s holding my curls. It kind of feels like after you’ve put some
mousse on and it just holds the curl. That’s how it feels like. On a daily basis, this works just fine for
my hair but if you want to really secure those curls even more, I like to use this hairspray. So for this hairspray, I think it’s better
for special occasions and I guess if you live in an extremely humid climate. In LA, it’s not that humid so I can get away
without using this, but during my trip in Italy, since Italy was so humid, I did spray
some of this. So I just spray a little bit to the 2/3 bottom
of my hair to give it more volume and to really lock in those curls. Va-va-voom! So this is how my hair looks now. Pro-tip when using hairspray, spray it to
the 2/3 bottom of your hair because if you spray it on top, it actually weighs down your
hair on the top and kind of flattens out your hair, which is not something you want cause
you want more volume up here so never spray it to the top of your hair. So those are all the products that I used
during my trip in Italy and I really liked all the products. I have to say I think the Leave-In Conditioner
is my favorite one because I feel like it helps keep my hair very soft and healthy so
I would definitely use this on a daily basis even when I’m in LA and my second favorite
for sure are the shampoo and conditioner. I guess it’s a tie between the two. I would also use this during in LA because
I feel that it does keep my hair more vibrant and it really ensured my color stayed even
though I was taking a shower every single day when I was in Italy so I’ll for sure be
using these 2 guys even when I’m in LA. I definitely feel like this shampoo and conditioner
is really great for using on a daily basis especially if you have colored hair because
it definitely makes your hair color last a lot longer and that’s really important for
me cause I have colored hair and I like taking a shower and washing my hair. I definitely feel like I wash my hair more
than what I should given that I have colored hair, but these 2 guys, they keep my hair
looking very vibrant. So I don’t necessarily style my hair on a
daily basis because I’m a blogger and I work form home and when I’m at home, I don’t do
anything to my hair. I just tie it in a bun, but I do style my
hair whenever I’m doing a shoot and that sort of thing so for that, I definitely feel like
these 2 products, they’re very very solid. I hope you found this review/tutorial on sexy
hair helpful and if you have any questions, just feel free to leave a comment down below
as always. I also want to thank Sexy Hair for sending
over the products just in time for my trip for Italy and overall, I really do like all
the products and I do plan on continue using them. Also be sure to follow my Instagram handle
@atsunamatsui to see my fashion and lifestyle posts.

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