Beyonce On the Run Tour Makeup Tutorial

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel! Today
I wanted to do a makeup look inspired by Beyonce’s On The Run Tour. I didn’t get to go on the
tour, but I saw pictures of this look, and I was IN LOVE–SO pretty! It’s super easy,
so I am just gonna show you how to do this look! So if you wanna see how I got this Beyonce
On The Run Tour inspired look, then definitely please keep watching! First, I am taking MAC Brown Script in the
crease as always, and I am using an E40 brush to just smoke it out above and a little bit
below the crease. This brush is great because it does all the work for you. Then I am taking Chocolate Suede on the lids,
it is a Maybelline Color Tattoo. It is this gorgeous taupe-y brown with a really nice
shimmer. It is gonna help our shadows stand out that much more, especially the gold that
we will apply in the center of the lid. So I just apply that with my ring finger on
my eyelid, bringing it up above the crease a little bitand just smoothing it in. With this warm, burgundy brown color from
my Shany neutrals palette, I am going in with an E35 brush by Sigma and I am packing that
into the outer corner of my eye, carrying it into the crease, and then blending it into
the inner corner as well. This will help highlight the center of my lid that much more. With a tapered brush, I am using that same
burgundy brown to define my lower lash line. This flat definer brush will do a beautiful
job to define that lash line even more. I am applying that in the outer corner of my
lower lash line for an extra smokiness and a feline effect. With my tapered crease brush, it comes to
a nice point, I am using Espresso from my LORAC Pro Palette, and I am just trying to
deepen the areas that I have defined with that burgundy brown already–so the outer
corner, the crease, and the inner corner. This will just add extra smokiness to the
eye. And then using whatever is left on the brush,
I just blend out the bottom lash line. With the same E35 brush, I am just blending everything
into my transition color to make it all look seamless. With Gold from the LORAC Pro Palette, I am
just gently brushing that on the center of my lid going back and forth really quickly.
I am fanning it out towards the inner and outer corners of my eyes. This is a fluffy
shader brush from bdellium tools, and it is perfect for this because it is kind of like
a hybrid between your typical shader brush and a fluffy blending brush–so it’ll give
you a pigmented wash of color, while blending at the same time. Then on that same crease brush, we are taking
more Espresso and just adding more intensity where we lost it. I am tightlining and lining my waterline with
this L’OREAL Kajal pencil…and then I am taking this blush by Milani–Red Vino–and
this is both a blush and a highlighter. I am just brushing that wherever I would place
a highlighter–so on the high points of my cheeks, on my chin, on my nose, and on my
forehead. Using my NYX lipliner in the color Never,
I am just defining the outer perimeter of my lips and sort of blending it all in towards
the center. Then with MAC Twig, it is a dusty rose color,
I am just going to apply that on my bottom lip and then mix it up to my top lip. I am applying Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss
over top of that lipstick to give it a nice shimmer. Then for lashes, I am using one of
my all time favorites–Red Cherry 523. And that is the finished look, I hope you
enjoyed 🙂 thank you so much for watching! Don’t forget to like and SUBSCRIBE and I will
see you in my next video! I love you guys so much, bye!

15 thoughts on “Beyonce On the Run Tour Makeup Tutorial

  1. Lovely look as usual. Love that chocolate suede color, might have to get that. Love those lashes and your hair is so pretty.

  2. New subbie! I love finding new guru's with beautiful dark skin like me. That way I know the tutorials and products will look great on me also! &I love the nails. 🙂

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