Best Sigma Eyeshadow Brushes for Hooded Eyes Plus How I Use Them @phyrra

Hey, friends, welcome back. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Courtney,
and today I’m going to be talking about my favorite Sigma eye brushes. Now I get a lot of questions as to why I don’t
use just one brand of eyeshadow brushes for my brushes. The reason is that there’s not one brand who
makes all of the brush shapes that I need. I have hooded eyes, and so because of that,
I need some very specific brushes, in my opinion, to be able to make my eyeshadow look nice. The number one brush that I need is the Sigma
E25. It’s basically fat this way, thinner this
way. It’s got a rounded tip, and it’s basically
the best blending brush sort of shape that I have found for my eyes. I’ve actually got four of these because I
like to always have an extra clean one. Whenever I’m doing my makeup, I use this one
today and then I use this one to buff out products. I like to have extra ones so that I can basically
reach for a clean brush when I’m doing my makeup, because sometimes I will need two
more brushes of the same shape. This is an awesome brush. It’s supposed to be very similar to the MAC
217 brush, but of course MAC is not cruelty-free. The other brush that I have that’s similar
to this is the Urban Decay Iconic brush, which I do absolutely love that brush too. Let me show you what it looks like in comparison. As you can see, the Iconic brush is similar. It has that sort of wide shape one way, thinner
the other way and rounded tip. It’s a little fuller, I think. The Sigma E25 is probably that brush that
if you’re a talented makeup artist, you can do an entire look with just this one brush. Since I’m a makeup enthusiast, not a professional
makeup artist, I use this brush to apply transition colors, to blend out crease colors, to apply
accent colors, to do the smokey dome shape. I basically use it for anything I want sort
of like a diffused or a blended look, or I just use it for straight-up blending, so it’s
an awesome brush. The next brushes that I want to show you from
Sigma are the Sigma E36. I just used one of these today, that’s why
it’s dirty, but I have a backup. It’s basically a small, rounded brush that
has I would say a lot of flexibility to it. This brush is great because basically you
can, if you have hooded eyes like me, pop it right into the socket of your eye to start
applying your accent color. It is just very easy to wiggle in there to
apply that color. You can also use it to buff out the edges
of other colors by blending in small tiny little circles. But I don’t know any other brand that makes
a brush this small that is perfect for hooded eyes like mine. Another similar brush that I like to use for
maybe an accent color or the outer half of the eye would be the Sigma E47. It’s a little bit bigger than the E36. I would say it’s almost sort of floppy. It has a lot of that give. It can get right into the socket of the eye. It’s not as good at diffusing color as the
Sigma E36 is, so it really depends on what I’m doing, with whether or not I’ll use this,
because this brush is just a little bit stiffer. Next we have the Sigma E32, which is their
exact blend brush. I actually like this brush for packing color
on the lid. You can also obviously use it for blending
out. If I were to be doing a cut crease, I would
use this to sort of blend out on the cut crease. The next brush that I love is the Sigma E6
brush. This is like the tiniest little brush for
winged liner ever. What I love about it is that it has this very,
very fine tip, and it makes it very easy to get in right at the inner corner and start
doing your liner. Then of course you can wing it out. It’s also really good if you want to put liner
or if you want to put powder or whatever on your upper water line or tight line with it,
because it’s just small and it really does a good job of just getting in there between
the roots of your lashes. It’s an excellent tiny little brush. The only brush that I have that is similar
to this is the Bdellium Tool 760, and even then it’s a different shape. I really prefer the Sigma E6 to the Bdellium
Tool 760. I am also a fan of the Sigma E21, which is
this little smudge brush right here. You can use this for when you’re layering
color along your lower lash line, your lower lid, to help blend the colors. You can use it to apply highlight with a great
amount of precision and control under the brow bone or at the inner corner. This is an absolutely excellent brush for
small precise work around the eyes. Next would be the Sigma E30, which is their
pencil brush. I have two and they have very different shapes. This one I think is actually a travel brush,
and it’s smaller and floppier, which I do like. This one is I think it was part of their bunny
line, but it’s a much more precise bullet for the pencil brush. I actually will use this one with a lighter
color and this one with a darker color if I’m working at the lower lid or if I’m trying
to smoke out liner, because this one is just so much softer and has a lot more in the way
of give, while this one is very, very stiff. The next brush I absolutely love is the Sigma
E35. It’s their tapered blending brush. Now this brush is basically, after I think
I have everything blended, I’ll go back over it with this brush and do small little circles. It is an awesome brush. I don’t know why, but I feel like it gives
me a very nice gradient whenever I use it. I’m surprised I only have one of these because
usually I end up buying two of brushes that I really like. Which brings me to the Sigma E38. This is the diffused crease brush. I really like these. I have two of them. Basically when you’re going to apply your
transition or crease color, it makes it easier to blend the two together and then blend that
color out to fade it up, so that you have a nice gradient of color rather than harsh
lines. The last brush I have to show you is the Sigma
Baked Precision brush. It’s the P89. I’m including this with eyes because I basically
use this just around my brows and my eyes. Basically when I want to put foundation on,
after I put on my eyeshadow and did my brows, I will grab this brush and use it very precisely
to go around my eye shape at the inner corner, because it is really good for that. That’s why I included it in this bunch of
eye products. It’s a really, really stiff brush, and it
does a really great job of blending out foundations even if you’re using a thicker foundation. Anyway, these are my must-have Sigma eye brushes
for my hooded eyes. I really love how they work for me, and I
feel like they’ve really helped me to improve my blending game. If you’re curious about other brushes that
work well for hooded eyes, be sure to let me know in the comments below because I can
always film a follow-up to this and just talk about all of the other brushes that I buy
specifically for my hooded eyes and how they work. Anyway, what are your favorite Sigma brushes? Also let me know that in the comments below. If you liked this video and found it entertaining
and helpful, please give it a thumbs up and share. I love it when you share my videos, and it
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in my next video.

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