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Hi YouTube family. Okay, you guys were finally down to the last little bit I put out four videos this year four favorites. I know a lot of people were doing multiples It’s really hard to fit into a small amount of time Everything that we would like to share with you guys that we loved for the year so I guess that’s why we’ve done multiples but this is my odds and ends one where I share with you the things that I Liked for my hair the things I liked for my nails all the things like that that I just really have fallen in love with For the year and things that we’re tried and true favorites. I’m gonna start out with brushes. I have two brushes That I love and I finally figured out why I love this really light fluffy Airy duo Brush, this one is from it you get it off of QVC. I’ve never seen it anywhere else not even on their website It’s an angled blush brush and no I didn’t clean my brushes today. Sorry about that But I love this brush if I ever, you know, if anything ever happens to it I’m gonna be purchasing it again because it’s just a beautiful brush as far as how it lays down blush It doesn’t lay it down too much at once when you have a more dense brush that’s gonna lay down a ton of product This doesn’t so I just love the way that I can stipple blush across my skin same thing with this I don’t get too much powder on my face with this I can just you know Very lightly and very gently go across my face and it deposits a little bit instead of a ton and this is the it Brush that I got when it was the 20% off and I had a ton of points I don’t remember what this one is called, but I’ll throw it up here on the screen Throw it up here on the screen for you guys so that you can see but those are my two Very favorite brushes for the face that I’ve used this year. This is the Sephora guide tape I absolutely love this stuff for helping me with getting a really beautiful definition on my eyes right here He used to use scotch tape then I found this and it was like no going back because I just love How this peels off so easy and it’s how I get my eye looks too Be a little bit more crisper right there on the edges also this year I found this elf selfie ring light for my phone and I love this thing. There’s three different settings on it I not only like this for taking selfies when it’s darker But I like that to clip on a mirror that I have when I’m you know out and I’m touching up Because my eyes aren’t the greatest so I can see a little bit better if there’s more light there so I really have had fun with that not very expensive either and then I have natural nails and I Came across these on Amazon and this is a glass nail file And these what these do instead of like a regular emery board or even a regular nail file that you get like Revlon or Sally Hansen or anything or sealing the end of your fingernail instead of creating? Jaggedness right there where your fingernail might have a chance to break and my fingernails have never looked better. I do attribute that to Doing two things using these nail files like that and also You know keeping them painted that helps to but this really has been a lifesaver as far as if you have a teeny tiny snag and you know, you think that you’re gonna lose your whole nail and you just you know, Go across it with that and it smoothes it out and I just love that. This is the Tarteist Pro Adhesive glue for false eyelashes. I don’t wear false eyelashes often as a matter of fact I probably wear them less than six times in a year But this glue is fantastic for it because this is the most waterproof glue I have ever seen so if you have an event that you’re going to and it’s gonna be hot or you’re gonna be crying like I did in my Daughter’s wedding. My eyelashes did not move it was so great So this is just really good But be careful when you take this off you do need to use Some sort of a waterproof eye makeup remover or or something like that because you don’t want to you know Pull on your eyelashes because it was it’ll be there I mean if you want to put them on and keep them on and sleep in it it probably would be there till the next Morning. Oh and then another nail thing that I wanted to show you guys is from beauty secrets. This is called nail polish thinner and It has this little Flip up top right there that the applicators right there and it goes down into your nail And you just put a few drops in a thick nail polish to thin it out And so if you have a nail polish, that’s kind of gotten back gone bad Or it’s too thick for you to paint anymore You can put this in and save it and I have extended the life of my finger nail polishes My favorite ones too where I can use them clear down to where I’m almost scraping them like you do it a lip gloss This is so good. And I have barely even made a dent in it But I’ve used it all the time and I get got this at Sally’s if you’re curious about that I love that stuff. And then I have also discovered this year dermaplaning– and I Was one of those ones that was so worried about doing this and you know shaving your face and what is it going to do? But I have really enjoyed this and I have not had anything come back in black or thicker So just so you know that I get these off of I think it was HSN you get a 2-pack of them It is a straight razor. So be very careful So as you’re doing your derma planing, it really can do a good job of that I do have a video on that one, on that as well. Love that and then also my derma roller, I Love this this delivers my skin care so much deeper and I can always tell I was using the derma roller in the point five needles and then I went up to The one point out and oh my gosh, what a difference but when I do that, I have to have this numbing cream This is called advanced numb I’ll make sure that I link everything that I’m talking about below, but this is just amazing and how it just helps me not Hurt when I do this because there’s no way that I could use Derma roller like this without some sort of a numbing cream because my skin is really sensitive So this is a lifesaver when I’m doing this so after you do this you put on any of your Serums your retin-a that kind of thing and it delivers it even you know deeper into your skin through those Micro holes that the needling has just done and I know this is scary for a lot of people But I do have another video on this one as well. But for me, I feel like I’ve seen great benefits from this Especially around my lips and my lip lines that I were getting so deep before I started using it Okay a little bit about haircare this year olaplex came out with their hair perfection in number three This is a repair and strengthen treatment. This is so good You guys I had a battle with my hair this year. My hair was getting extremely thin it was brittle it was dry I really felt like this helped to strengthen my hair strands. So I really have loved that. This is from Nick Chavez This is the advanced plump and thick expander thickening serum I love using this too because as my hair was thinning I needed all the thickness and the volume I could get and I would put This in and it just felt like it really did coat each strand and helped my hair to feel thicker And then the last one is the minoxidil that I was using for my hair thinning This is the Kirkland brand and it says the extra strength one for men I did read in several articles that it didn’t matter whether I used the men’s Formula or the women’s and this was on Amazon and was so much cheaper then Nioxin was and I get this in a three month Pack which actually now lasts me six months because I only use this once a day at night This does make your hair feel a little bit greasy at times So like if you’re using it on second day hair, you’re probably gonna have to wash the third day But as far as I’m concerned because I was losing so much hair this completely halted my hair loss It stopped it within two weeks. And so I’ve used it ever since I love this stuff. I won’t be without it It’s just so good. It’s actually a scalp treatment if I didn’t say that the last two things that I have to talk about our fragrance, I Wanted to share with you my very favorite all-time fragrance, which is the Trish McEvoy Number nine blackberry in vanilla eu de Parfum and this is just the most gorgeous I I’m sorry But this is a sexy smell this just it’s just one of those smells that when you it’s intoxicating When you take it in for me anyway And this is my husband’s favorite fragrance for me to wear as well And I always get asked what I’m wearing when I wear this out So this is one of my very favorites this not one. This is my top all-time favorite perfume and then this year this is a close second this year Dolce and Gabanna came out with this garden fragrance and it is It smells so good you guys this is the yummiest spring and summer fragrance I wear it all year round, but this is so yummy every time I go into a store I spray a ton of it because this is super expensive But I really love this fragrance It’s got hints of vanilla and coconut and fruit in the summertime Those are the kind of fragrances that I kind of lean towards and yes, this one is my very very favorite But this one, oh my goodness when this came out I was like, I’ve at least got to have a little bottle of it because I just fell in love with it That’s it. You guys the oddball stuff the roundup of the 2018, Treasures that I feel like I’ve found or they’re tried-and-true things that I could not live without so that’s everything for today’s video Please give this video a thumbs up if you wouldn’t mind doing that before you leave today I would really appreciate it. If you would it helps me out so very much Thank you so much for spending some of your time with me Thank you for everything that you did for me in the year 2018 I am so happy with where our channel is headed And so glad to have added so many new people And so thankful that you guys are with me because that you guys I wouldn’t have a channel and I recognize that and I appreciate All of your support all of your comments everything that you guys helped to put into this channel for me as well I love you so very much take care of yourselves, and I’ll see you in my very next video. Bye you guys

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