BEST MAKEUP TUTORIAL EVER – No Mirror Makeup Challenge ♥

Today I have a creepy video for you guys. What I’ve done randomly No Makeup xD Today I have a “No Mirror Makeup Challenge” for you Not to cheat, I recording this video with my digital camera. I have laid out to me here a mirror, so that I can show it to you. So you can see…I can’t see myselfe. I put the mirror on the ground. To not to pull this video so long, I’ll make a small speedup for you. So you can see quicklier my biggest makeupfail ever. So lets go 😀 I’m so pro I can do this. I noticed that I’ve forgotten my eyebrow pencil. I’m sure, your wondering, why I nearly have no eyebrows It’s pretty easy to explain As I was a little kid, I falled with my head at the edge of the table and that ripped my brows here. It had to be sewn since then my hair from my eyebrows isnt growing anymore And that look like shit if on the one side grows your brows normally and on the other side nearly no brows. And so I try to make a balance so that nobody cant notice it How can do this the others so well with no mirror Oh man I missed my lashes Oh shit I’ve filthy my contact lenses You are guilty xD I’m finished 😀 Under my chair is the mirror and I would say I dare to see myself on the mirror 3…2….1… I failed my foundation I’m so proud It’s so beautiful *.* xD A very beautiful makeup You can wear this ultimate beautiful makeup on school or on a date and look at this dolphin he loves my makeup Waaah bad acted I dont care What do you think guys does I look good or does I look like freak leave a comment on the section below that would interested me I think I failed on every point also on every point everywhere Except the penis.The Penis still wonder wonder wonder wonder woooonderful Looks like a rocket Don’t forget to leave me a thumps up and subscribe if you’re enjoyed Goodbye and have a wonderful week and my dad is comig bye bye

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