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Annyeonghaseyo tout le monde, wo shi Yuyu. Today I will be
sharing with you my top picks of beauty products of 2018 and I will show you
exactly how I use them as well and basically do a get ready with me kind of
video so if you want to know how I get this look make sure to keep watching all
right guys let’s get started I put all the products in this one pouch
so I can grab them easily. Let’s start with primer. My favorite primer of 2018 was
this Primavista long keep base UV. I bought it when it was the old packaging
and used it all up and now have their brand new packaging this is a lifesaver
or a makeup saver for those of you who have oily and combo skin my t-zone
gets super oily especially in the summer but with this primer my makeup can last
all day long I put it mainly in my t-zone it’s super
lightweight you don’t even feel like you’re putting on anything and it works
super well if any of you wants a primer that makes your makeup last this is
definitely the one and I need to put my bangs up as some of you guys have said
in my past get ready with me so you can see me do my makeup better next is
foundation this is Integrate’s mineral watery foundation they actually have an
updated version of this now with a red cap so mine is the older version not
sure if there’s a difference in formula so I will let you guys know when I try
the newer version but I love this foundation so much it gives a super
natural finish not too dewy or too matte it just looks like natural
skin it’s a little bit watery but not too much so it’s really easy to apply I
like to spread it on my face and then use a house shaped sponge to tap it into
my skin this kind of of makeup sponge is my go-to because they’re cheap and
disposable I’ll put a picture of the brand that I use on the screen you don’t
need to wet it with water or anything and it doesn’t soak up all the
foundation you can reuse a few times if you wash it super convenient for
traveling too so here’s a half my face with foundation you can see it tones
down the redness and blemishes a lot while still being natural finish the
other side of my face and definitely don’t forget the neck area and even
around the ears moving on to concealer this is the color
mixing concealer from canmake this is a super affordable alternative to its us
concealer palettes and in my opinion works much better than the itza one even
though it’s like a fifth of the price you can mix and match to suit your skin
color and where you’re covering there’s a small area on the side for you to mix
the colors together I also just use the brush that’s included it actually works
surprisingly well I use the flat side for under-eye and around the nose my
under eye area is probably my most troublesome area and it’s genetic so I
can never cover it fully but this does a pretty good job I use the sponge earlier
to just tap everything in a bit more then I use the spongy side to cover acne
scars and blemishes photo I’ll list all the names and prices of each items down
in the infobox below so make sure to check in for face powder I love this one
from Muji it’s very finely milled super lightweight it doesn’t take up or
anything but sets your base nicely I just put a little bit of powder in the
lid and use a big fluffy brush this one is from Sephora super soft and fluffy I lightly roll around my face to set
everything and definitely get some on my neck too so the foundation doesn’t rub
off on the color of my shirt then taking a small brush this one’s like the baby
version of the big one I just used it’s perfect for setting my under eye and
around the nose and here’s my face with all the base makeup done this is a
multicolored highlighting powder from Cezanne I use this as the last step of
my base it’s super subtle you may not see much difference on camera since it’s
nothing shimmery or crazy like what you think a highlighter would be it has many
colors to color correct and brighten your skin using the included brush I
just put under my eyes on my nose and around the smile lines it’s not powdery
and doesn’t accentuate fine lines so perfect for those areas that need a bit
more plumping as you can see it has an image of where you should put this
powder is more like a brightening powder rather than highlighting powder her
eyebrows I’m very minimal since my bangs cover them out anyway but I highly
recommend this one from Kate it has three colors usually I use the darkest
color to drawing the shape use the medium color to lightly fill in and the
lightest color is perfect for nose shading but I’m too lazy to do that step
usually the little brush included works super well it has two sides one that’s
angled to draw in the shape and the fluffy side to fill in the color so you
really get everything you need in this tiny palette they also have different
colors to match with different hair colors moving on to eyeshadow which is my
favorite part I had a difficult time picking up one palette and in the end I
chose this one from Kate the other ones I thought of choosing
were this quad from V say and this brown one from Kate’s Indian the winner is
this metal glamorize from Kate in this pretty rosy red brownish shade it just
has everything I need in one without having to use other palettes or singles
and I love the look I get with it taking the lightest color I just put it all
over my eyelid as a base it’s a very subtle color with a bit of shimmery
finish by the way most eyeshadows in Japan are shimmery and some can be very
sparkly cuz that’s the look Japanese girls go for then using the medium dark rosy color I
put it on my eyelid and blend to my crease using a fluffy brush this one is
Mac 217 but any brush works fine since this eyeshadow blends super easily then
taking the thin part of the brush included get a bit of the darkest color
and put it as close to your lash line as possible it’s fine the lines take I just
make sure not to go over my double eyelid line usually Japanese girls use
the darkest color as eyeliner like this it’s rare to see them put a ton of dark
eyeshadow in the crease or something like that do the same thing on the other eye and
don’t forget to smudge some on the outer third of your lower lashline flip the
brush and take some of the sparkling beige color and put on the inner half of
lower lashline to brighten it you can smile or squint to accentuate the area
then take the fluffy brush again to blend everything finally take the sparkling pink color
and tap it lightly on the center of your eyelid this is an important step and
makes a huge difference on making our eyes pop it gets washed out a bit on
camera but looks super pretty in real life and here’s a quick swatch of this
palette I found a new lash color in 2018 and this is from marquise ash if you’ve
been following me for a long time you know that my absolute favorite was
Shiseido slash color but this one is also really really good my favorite item
of all is this creamy touch gel liner from chemic I found this before and
despite trying a bunch of other liners this remains my favorite it’s so smooth
and soft but somehow doesn’t smudge I love both the black and brown color but
I usually use black one too why my lash line I don’t make the line go upward
down much just follow the natural curve of my lash line then after finishing
this I like to top it with this liquid liner from chemic it’s a brown color so
it’s not too obvious and I just used to clean up the liner I made with the gel
liner basically just trace along the same line but it looks a bit sharper and
cleaner the last step for the eyes it’s very
important I find this make a huge difference on how my eye look turns out
so take the darkest color of the eyeshadow again and just trace it along
the line you drew with the eyeliner this smudges the edge and just blends
everything together super well it’s a really easy way to make your eye look
seem much more refined to finish I use my all-time favorite
mascara this is the volume and curls super waterproof version of the heroine
neck mascara I haven’t found anything better than this so far it keeps my
curls all day long without making my lashes super hard it’s super waterproof
but honestly not that hard to take off at the end of the day I have so many of
this powder cheek from chemic today I’ll use these two colors
I lost the brush in this lighter color so I’m using a brush from Daiso I put
the lighter lavenderish color all over as a base is subtle and brightens my
complexion it’s super affordable blends nicely and the brush included is not bad
at all so perfect for traveling now I put a darker color which looks scary in
the pan but actually gives a pretty flush I just used the included brush and
put in the center of my cheeks also giving you guys a quick swatch of
the two colors so you can see them better finally I just take the brush to blend
everything together a bit more and putting a little bit more of that
highlighting powder I used earlier to add a tiny bit more glow last step of
our makeup and it will be done I found this so randomly but this is a lipstick
from Chief Uday this brand is quite old and extremely affordable probably one of
the cheapest in the drugstore first taking five four five which is the red
color and gently dab it on it can be very pigmented but I prefer to use a
lightly because it’s more natural then using two five three which is a bright
pinky color and just put in the center of my lips and we’re done
super easy makeup using all my favorite products of 2018 these are seriously the
best and you can find all these products at any drugstores or don’t Quijote
alright guys that’s it for this video these are my absolute favorite items of
2018 and I’m looking forward to trying more products in 2019 to share with you
guys it was really difficult to pick some of these because there are a lot of
good items have tried don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up if you
enjoyed it and make sure to subscribe to my channel to see more from me in the
future and I will see you next time bye

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