Bending LED Flexible Strips | Inspired LED

For the best results when folding your
LED strips, follow these simple steps to make the most of your LED lighting. First
lay out your strip and identify where the fold will be made. You want to make sure
that you do not bend any diodes, resistors, or soldered joints. You will
now begin by folding the Flex back at a 45 degree angle in the direction
opposite the corner you need to round. Then you will bend the flex back on
itself in the proper direction to create a 90 degree angle. Lastly you will press
firmly to crease the strip. If desired you can use a dab of super glue to secure
the fold in place, however, once you peel the adhesive backing, that should be
enough. And there you go! A simple way to bend your LED strip

30 thoughts on “Bending LED Flexible Strips | Inspired LED

  1. Love these lights>>>   I have them all over my house. I slowly add more to my house and have some under my kitchen cabinets and some under a bench at my fireplace.

  2. Good call dude! Every now and again I find someone with a practical solution to an issue that has me kinda scratching my head laughing at how much more work I would have made it xD lol

  3. Wow thank you so much i was trying how to do this with the instructions provided by the manufacturer. It was a little vague to say the least. Can I use the adhesive that was provided with led strip lighting on glass or painted finished steel for an entertainment/ TV stand?

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