Belle Jorden Obsession Palette + Full Face Cheap Cosmetics

hey guys what’s up welcome back if this
is your first time stopping by my name is Brittany welcome for today’s video I
decided to sit down and film another tutorial using the Belle Jordan
obsession palette that she released with makeup revolution I did do a tutorial
using this a couple months ago it was more grungy and dark than anything and I
kind of just push this palette to the backburner and continued to buy new
makeup but I am trying to jump on the bandwagon with everybody else who’s
trying to limit how much they buy in 2019 and kind of going on a note by I
mean let’s be real I’m gonna buy but I’m going to only purchase things that
really piqued my interest and not just because a brand has released it I have
so many palettes in my collection now and 2018 was a really overwhelming year
for product releases and let’s just say it put a dent in Mama’s bank account and
I can’t do that again this year so I am really limiting to what I buy this year
and I’m only going to repurchase products that I really love and actually
really need in my collection like foundations and stuff like that but
palettes and all that stuff I’m really going to be cautious of what I buy this
year so I’m kind of going through my collection finding palettes and
inspiration from pilots I already have and of course I came across this one
this one is amazing the price point of it is amazing this retails for only $15
u.s. okay like that is really good that is better than most drugstore prices at
least where I’m from because the drugstore palettes are ridiculously
expensive these days which is why I don’t even buy them they are basically
the same price as a high-end one where I’m from so fuck that this palette is
amazing and if you love the color scheme in this palette you’re gonna love this
palette I’m really proud of Belle Jordan if you guys don’t know who she is she is
the fellow youtuber on YouTube duh and she’s really different she’s really
unique she’s got more of her grungy look to her and I absolutely love her she is
one of my favorite youtubers out there no drama
just there for the makeup she’s a beautiful personality
and I’m really happy for her and I can’t wait to create more looks using this
palette also guys I’m gonna be going in and using some of my new favorite
affordable products because this palette is so inexpensive I thought I would kind
of stay in the realm of affordable products and do a full face for you guys
so this is a full face tutorial I know I don’t do them often enough but I’m
starting to do them more often I’m gonna shut up now because that was really long
unnecessary intro like always but if you are new to my channel please consider
subscribing and hit all your post notifications as well so that you know
if I ever single time that I do upload so if you guys want to see how I create
this really pretty purple I love today using the Belle Jordan obsession with my
P Louise face and we are going to be going into the Belle Jordan obsession
palette today I’ve had this since it first launched and I did do another
tutorial it was more of a grungy tutorial with this palette before I will
have it listed in the description box below it might not be the best quality
because again it was a little while ago and I have upped my filming sin um but
it is there if you’re curious but I wanted to go in and play with some of
the other shadows that I never had a chance to play with yet so I thought it
would be a really nice time to go in and do PayPal so I’m gonna start off this
law by going in with my makeup Shakti 56 brush into the shade 13 and then I’m
just gonna pop that right in the crease if you guys don’t know who Belle Jordan
is I would highly recommend checking her out she is such a stunning youtuber
she’s different that’s what I like most about her she’s more of like a kind of
grungy girl do you know what I mean and I absolutely love her style so so much
she is probably one of my favorite us youtubers out there
no drama circulating her no nothing she’s just there for her audience which
I adore and this palette is fucking amazing I like I said I’ve already
played with it before and I’m really in love with it and for the price point you
cannot beat this I’m gonna go in with a morphe M 506
brush and I’m gonna go into the shade Mama’s girl now this is more of like a
topi kind of Mavi shadow there is a little bit of shimmer reflex in it but
it’s nothing that’s too overpowering so I figured I would just use this as the
next step in the crease anyways because I thought it would go really well with
the first shade that we place down but don’t be overwhelmed by the shimmer that
is in it it still works beautifully okay now for the next step I’m gonna go
in with a morphe m5 e60 brush and I’m gonna go into the shade 17:06 this is
more of a bobby pinky shade than anything and then I’m going to use this
to blend out the crease a little bit more this is going to act as the last
transition shade in the crease just to make sure all these shadows are really
nice and blended in together you guys know the drill
width up do you guys have one eye that performs way better than the other when
you’re doing your makeup application I always find that I struggle more with
this eye then I do with Si and it’s so weird I don’t know why because they’re
the same fucking thing but I always struggle with this eye it also might be
due to the fact too that I have more folds on this eye I really wish like I
could get like surgery on my eyelids and fix them because this eyelid fucking
sucks it’s really wrinkly and foldy and
there’s just a lot of excess skin that doesn’t need to be there on my other eye
where this one doesn’t have that so that’s probably why I find that I a lot
easier to work with I don’t know but it fucking drives me I go back into the
shade a 13 with my makeup Shakti 56 brush and I’m just gonna buff some more
of that right in the crease because we did lose a some of the pigment when we
went in and blend it out the shadows there I go talking to myself in the
third person again and then I’m gonna go back in with my M 506 and then I’m just basically going back
and forth a little bit here making sure that all the shadows are really nice and
blended out before we move on to the lid so at this point I’m gonna go in and cut
the lid so I’m going in with my large make-up Shakti 39 brush and I’m just
going to go in back in with my PUA space go back into the shade 13 and I’m just
going to buff a little bit of that along the edges of where we place the base
because I don’t want there to be any harsh lines between the base and the
outer V of the eye and then I’m gonna go in with my makeup Shakti 52 brush and
I’m going to go into the beautiful purple shade called Miami and then I’m
going to place that all over the lid this is such a pretty purple eyeshadow I
really love it I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet so I thought I would
today and then what I’m gonna do is go back into 13 one more time and I’m just
really gonna blend that darker purple into the lighter purple again no harsh
lines you know ledger let thought for the next
part on the lid I’m going to go in with my Maybelline black gel liner and I’m
going to create a gradual thick line on the head I’m not doing a wing then I’m gonna go in with my makeup
Shakti to brushing I’m gonna go into this really pretty gold bronzy shade
called AF and I’m gonna give that a spray with my skin and maybe a setting
spray and then I’m just gonna pop that on the very center of the liner that we
just placed down just to add a little bit of an extra pop to it I’m gonna go
in with an angle brush I’m gonna go into the shade Lola it’s the black shade and
I’m just gonna buff that over top of the liner and really blend that black into
the gold shadow that is on the liner I’m also gonna go in with a really small
morphe m14 8 brush I’m gonna go back into the shade 13 and I’m just gonna
lightly blend some of that shadow back over top of where we got the crease just
to really deepen the look of the crease up a little bit more and to make the cut
crease look a little bit more prominent and then I’m just gonna go in and blend
it out alright so I did go in and apply my lashes so it’s time to move on to
Foundation and I’m sticking with mostly all affordable products for the entire
video as the title says because the drugstore has really stuffed its game up
in the last little while not even necessarily the drugstore but some other
brands that are coming out with really affordable products that are just so
good um one of my new holy grail foundations and the one that I’m going
to be going in with today is the L’Oreal infallible 24 Fresh wear foundation I am
in the shade the shade of millions of zinging linen I absolutely love this
foundation it’s such a good coverage the longevity of it is really really good
and it’s just overall a really good foundation if you haven’t tried it I
highly recommend trying it because you will not be disappointed feel like
L’Oreal is one of those brand that really nails it whenever it comes to
foundations and concealers and stuff like I don’t know I have always really
enjoyed their foundations over the years but this one I think this would
to definitely be my favorite that I’ve ever tried from them before excuse me
well like I got to take my earrings in for those guys cuz they just get in my
fucking way this is a little bit last light a little too late on me right now
but that is because I have been tanning recently and before you go honestly it
helps clear up my eczema and we have a trip coming up very soon and I need to
get a little bit of a base down on my pasty ass because I don’t want to burn
the first day that I’m there I am getting a lot darker than what I was two
weeks ago concealer today I’m gonna go in with my favorite affordable cocktail
right now which is the color pop no fails our concealer and I like to mix it
in with the Milani conceal and perfect these two together are really really
nice and they’re both really affordable and I just love it so the only one thing
I don’t like about the Milani want those it smells like paint Oh smells so
fucking bad you Seth my undereyes today I’m gonna go
into my milk makeup loose a setting powder and I’m just gonna set underneath
the eyes this this is the only product I’m gonna use in this video that’s not
super affordable like it’s not crazy expensive either but it’s not drugstore
prices I just don’t have one that’s any cheaper than this in my collection um so
I’m just gonna roll with that whatever you have you do you or to set the rest
of my face I’m gonna go in with my Maybelline super stay little coverage
powder up to 16 hour wear I will never test that theory um I would love to but
I can’t stay awake for 16 hours I love my sleep I’m gonna be going in with the
shade that classic ivory and I’m just using the smallest amount over the rest
of my face because I don’t want to heal cakey I’m gonna go in and remove that
powder from underneath the eyes at this point I don’t like to let it set long at
all whoo I’m like inhaling all of it ah I’m
gonna go in at this point and I’m gonna finish up underneath the lower lash line
so to do that I am going to go in with my M 506 brush and I’m gonna go into the
shade 13 again and I’m just gonna buff that underneath the lower lash line and I’m also gonna go in to that not 1706 Unser today I was recently introduced to
this bronzer and this bronzer guys is so inexpensive you need to add it to your
collection if you like warm tone matte bronzers I’m talking about the essence
Sun Club matte bronzing powder I am in the shade natural I picked this up at my
local shoppers the other day because it was recommended to me and this is so
then I love it and the size of it it’s like five bucks like you cannot go wrong
with this product so I’m going to go in and apply that as a contour slash
bronzer I’m gonna go back in with my milk makeup
setting powder throw and I am just gonna clean that up a little bit cuz I did it
a little sloppy and then for blush I’m gonna go into one of my new favorite
blushes in my collection which is the Milani color harmony blush palette in
the shade berry rays I really like these blushes so much they’re really nice and
pigmented and they perform beautifully so okay so I did go in and wipe away
that baking so I’m gonna go in and set my face now and I am gonna go in and set
my face with my pixie hydrating milky mist I have to go in and set the face
again because the male person just showed up the door to deliver me
something so my face is already set so I’m just gonna soak it a little bit more
because I like to blind with my highlight we all know this okay so I’m
just gonna wait for that to dry down a little bit and then glow for lips I’m
gonna go into my Milani lip liner it is number 9 look how big it is it is so
fucking small right now because I love this lip liner and I’m gonna go in and
line my lips and then for lipstick today I’m gonna go
into my next pinup pout lipstick in the shade is sophisticated these are really
nice lipsticks as well alright guys so that is it for my makeup tutorial using
the Belle Jordan obsession palette from a revolution Beauty now if you guys
don’t have your hands on this and you really like the color scheme that is in
this palette I highly suggest picking it off the quality of these eyeshadows is
beyond the price tag like I said this does retail for $15 u.s. which is an
unbeatable price that’s cheaper than a lot of drugstore palettes that are
coming out these days and the quality is better way better than drugstore so I am
really proud of her I really love this palette and I can definitely see me
getting a lot more use out of this and if you guys want to see me create any
more looks using this palette just leave a comment in the comment section below
make sure that you are subscribed and give this video a thumbs up if you
enjoyed today’s look and with that being said thank you so much I love you and
I’ll catch you in my next video

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