Beginners Bigger Eyes Drugstore Makeup Tutorial ♥ Perfect for Hooded Eyes & Asian Eyes ♥ Wengie

I like to snap eight things a day. I think that needs to be like Snapchat Anonymous for me Hi, lovelies I wanted to show you guys You can create a big eye look with only a small amount of tools and makeup products You don’t need to spend a lot of money to look fab So I wanted to create this tutorial just to show you how simple looks can be amazingly flattering Before I begin this look I just want to let you that I wear circle lenses to enlarge my eyes Having a large pupil actually makes your eyes look bigger so you can see the effect here If interested in circle lenses, I have a whole video dedicated to different circle lenses and trying them on And I’ll link that bellow for you guys Today’s eye makeup is aim to make your eyes look big But so natural that it doesn’t look like you’re wearing too much makeup It’s important to take care of your lashes and brows so I’ve been using Lilash for the past twelve weeks And this helps promote your hair growth, to lengthen your lashes as well as help make your brows look fuller Just apply Lilash once a day like eyeliner and also Librow on the areas where your brows are sparse It’s completely safe for your eyes since it was created by a physician Tasted by ophthalmologists and it’s safe for contact lens wearers as well Each sheaf last for 3 months and they offer a 90-day money back guarantee and it’s very easy to order online So let’s get started on the tutorial So I’m filling in my brows naturally and just applying a soft brown powder on my eyebrows Next, I’m using the same matte brown colour that I used in my brows and using my fingers to apply it on my lids Using the same colour creates synergy and by avoiding any shimmer and pearl textures It looks like a natural contour to your eyes And the warmth of your fingers actually really helps the product blend onto your lids And I’m so surprised at how nice it looks by just using my fingers Like seriously we should be using our fingers for makeup more often Next, use a cotton bud and dip it into the brown and apply a deeper layer of colour along your lash line I’m concentrating just on the outer half of the lid Also use your cotton bud and run the colour from the corner of your eyes and blend it out slightly This will add a natural contour link to your eyes And also apply some eyeshadow on your lower lash-line, just on the out of it Just take a dark brown liner and just create a natural wing outs from your eyes You can angle it up slightly if you like but aim to follow the natural curve of your eyes as much as possible So it doesn’t look too out there. Also, instead of lining it all the way across Start tight-lining towards the middle of your eye to the inner edge of your eye Now, line the lower lash-line leaving a gap at the ends and also in the middle, just underneath the pupil Keeping these two areas open will actually make your eyes look wider and bigger And also make the liner look more natural Now, use your cotton bud again and smudge the liner that you’ve just put on So it looks natural and it blends in totally with your shadow Take the excess product you have on your cotton bud And just apply a little bit on the inner lower corners of your lash-line Just to add a little bit more contour, remember to avoid the area underneath the pupil ‘Cause you don’t want to make that area dark This will add a smudge of definition but not too strong To finish off, curl your lashes; this will open up your eyes immensely and apply mascara to really make it pop Also, by focusing and smudging the mascara on the lids of the lashes It will also add a bit more of an eyeliner effect as well And just adding that touch of definition along the lash line Concentrate on the edges of your lashes for a sexy look Or lengthen the middle lashes for a cute look Now, also apply a bit of mascara along the lower lash-line by moving your wand from side to side And remember to apply this lightly And now our eyes are done Look how much bigger they look just from one colour and really, really, simple makeup To finish off the look, I used a peachy tone lip-tint for a natural looking lip And also dab this product on my cheeks for a jewie cheek colour Use the fourth finger to lightly blend the lip-tint and it seriously looks amazing and glossy This peach colour is also a perfect complement to the brown tone because it looks really natural And really, the jewie cheeks looks pretty much like a natural flush I hope that you enjoy this look as much as I did Let me know down below what you think of sort of getting back to the basics And using simple colours and techniques to do your makeup If you ever try any of my looks at home please tag me, I have Twitter and Instagram Oh, I was thinking of taking you guys with me to the hair dressers So if you guys want to see that as well thumb up and let me know because I might do Vlog Bye

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