Beepsters || Types of Makeup Artists

Every night in my dreams I see you, I feel you That is how I know you Go on!! Hi! Actually I wanted to know about the make up packages Oh Hello! We have plenty of packages And we have different make up available accordingly Which make up do you want? Pre-Bridal,Bridal, engagement,break-up,patch up Oops, I meant funeral. But I only wanted to know about the bridal make up. Can you please tell me about the packages? Oh we have amazing products All products of ours are very orthodesis. Orthodesis? I think you mean “Authentic”. Sorry sorry! Yeah this one only. Our first package is “Kuda Beauty” That is for Rs 15,000 only. The best seller of ours is “Bobby Kaala” And that’s for Rs 20,000 you know. The third brand is very famous abroad and they sell tons of products. They do resale other company’s products as well What was its name? Shefoo? Ohh I meant ”Chhichora” And that is for only Rs 25,000. Huh? Its way too expensive. Please give some discount. I am a broke. Alright! By looking at your face I think “Chu Faced” make up will suit you the best. That would cost you Rs 15,000. Just for you! It is SST you know. SST! SST? Yes SST. Its beautiful,affordable and efficient. Our make up brushes are made up of horse hair. I mean donkey’s hair. Nope! Horse hair only. Okay alright then. Lets go! Yes? What is wrong with this world? True that. I am not talking to you Then? Can’t you see I have JICSON’S Airpods on? Okay Sorry! I am telling you everyone’s making a fool of us Oouch! Sorry sorry! What are you doing? Yes? What was Veena saying? She’ll kidnap my mother in-law? Kamlesh! Who’s hair are lying here? Come and pick it up. Come fast So what was I saying? Yes? She’ll kidnap my mother in-law? Okay then let her kidnap her. I am not scared of her. Swine! Huh? Then? What harm will she do me? What will she do to me? *shouting* *cries* Its okay i fixed it. No man. I am leaving. Bye! *humming a song* Hello! Hello You have visited after so long. I missed you a lot. What are you saying? Its my first time here. First time? Oh you resemble someone no that’s why. Leave that. By the way what services do want? I want to get a party makeup done Party makeup? You just get seated, I’ll just get my makeup vanity. Okay. *distant chatter* You better get a facial done. You’re so tanned. Eww your hair! Don’t you use any hair serum? Get a hair spa done from our salon. I’ll give you 15% off. I think you should get bleached too. You’re so tanned. If you get bleached then your skin will glow. Lit scenes Yeahhhh! I swear to god! I think you visit that dumb Palak’s salon.She uses such cheap products. So LS! Damn you lady make it fast. I have to attend a party. What?? Did you say something? Nothing I have to go to a party. Just make it fast. If I apply nude lipstick to your lips then you would look fashionable. If I’ll apply red lipstick to your lips then you would look damn hot. Hmm! Idea! Oh My God!! So pretty! *sad Bollywood song plays in the background* OMG!OMG!OMG Hi Purvashi! Hi Pakshi! Do you know that I am such a big fan yours? It was my dream to get ready by you. So finally that day is here. OMG! Oh no no! You’re highly mistaken. She’s Pakshi and she’s Purvashi. Oh Sorry sorry! So have you thought about any specific look for me? Come let’s show you. Pakshi take this side and I’ll take this one. Okay alright! Let’s get this. Mam what is this? This is JICSON’S MIST! You know this is very good for you. What? Oh Hello Madam! We did mention in our previous video that we have mentioned all the details in the description box But you people don’t check and then drop us numerous messages asking about the same. What behavior is this madam? Okay fine use it then. What have you done madam? I asked you to do party makeup. You want more make up on your god damn face? Yes! Okay! Oh God! It was such can hectic day. Exactly! I am so tired. I know right.My hands are literally paining. Let’s take a snap? Hi guys! It was such a hectic day I cannot even explain okay. Exactly! We did a look today. You should just check it out. okay! And it was so good. Aww! You look so cute sugarbun. Your total would be Rs.90,000 Including GST Your mom’s jewellery Property papers of your dad And your card And your Metro card. That’s all! Okay bye

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