69 thoughts on “Beauty Store Employees Guess Cheap vs Expensive Makeup

  1. How long ago did they stop being make up artists? This could of played a HUGE factor as to why they were off.

  2. was it just me or did the last girl come off super passive aggressive? I felt uncomfortable watching her bc she seemed pissed and standoffish.

  3. Idk if I'm wrong with this, but in camera you can kinda differentiate which one they used. Their color have a ton of coverage, and you can see it on their neck even tho, it matches their skin tone. Meanwhile Spencer's make up was too skin alike. cause it wasn't full glam. just sayin'

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  5. What did I take away from this video:

    A. You dont have to buy expensive makeup because no one can tell if or not it is expensive.

    B. Cheap makeup is just as good.

    C. It doesnt really matter which one you use, if you decide to wear it to look like an orange, you are an idiot.

    D. Even if you dont apply makeup, you are probably okay.

    E. You shouldnt watch videos you have no interest in.

    F. I will regret this time I just wasted when I sit for my test on 10th October 2019.

    G. Someone help me stop.

  6. I thought it said 'Expensive or drug lord' on the thumbnail

    … I was confused. I thought they were guessing drug lords or just expensive people

  7. Yes technique does matter, but the second important thing is how your makeup looks at the end of the day. I'll save on eyeliner (I love my winged liner and waterline eyeliner but I don't need to splurge) but I'll spend more money on everything else, especially face products and eye shadow. They last and look good all day.

  8. My logic is to splurge on skincare, foundation, and eyeshadow, and spend less on blush, highlight, powder, brows, etc bc a flawless base makes everything else look expensive

  9. Is it just me or could u just tell by the persons vibe. Like the first girl jsut seemed like they type of girl to spend a lot on beauty

  10. The first girl needs to change her makeup look cause she looks like a train wreck don’t even get me started with the difference between her neck and face. Plus that shade of foundation why you running around for highlighter when your foundation is the wrong shade. You know I’m done if I continue I’ll be here forever typing away. Bye

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  12. Drugstore makeup has come a very long way. If this were the 80’s you would be able to tell in a heartbeat.

  13. I don’t necessarily think I choose high end makeup every time versus drugstore, my motto to myself if and when I buy makeup is, if it’s pretty and I like it then I’ll buy it haha

  14. If they are guessing expensive makeup drugstore then what's the point of using expensive makeup????…….. n also they all are harmful for skin🎁

  15. What they did was like if your taking a true or false test and you keep picking false because it's bound to be right at some point. (Aka me during finals I chose C when I don't know the answer)

  16. It’s so hard to get a drugstore minimalistic (like glossier or rms) kinda look. I feel like drugstore ends up too cakey no matter how hard it tries.

  17. I love how there’s more and more videos with Spenser. She looked very upset with her makeup that I knew instantly that it was drugstore makeup 😂😂😂

  18. It's worth googling your favorite brand as many high end brands come from the same factory as the drug store ones. The only difference being the label and of course the price.

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