Beauty Product Picks: Rach + Her Personal Glam Squad Share Their Favorites

(upbeat music) Hi, I’m Joe and I’m Rachael’s makeup artist. One of my favorite lip glosses that I use for Rachael is Pat McGrath. The reason I like it is because, first off, of the consistency. This has a good sponge that holds a lot of product on it so when we’re doing a quick touch-up on set, I usually just hand it over to Rachael and just say, here. Hi, I’m Patty, I’m Rachael’s hairstylist. Everybody’s loving dry shampoo right now, including myself, especially when you have long, long hair like this, you’re not washing it every day. Aveeno rose water and chamomile, it smells delicious, it’s really light, not caky at all. It’s not just for cleansing hair, it’s good for volume, it’s good for texture, it’s good for giving a little lift, it’s a just pick-me-up in general. I’m Kara and I’m Rachael’s stylist. The new brand that I love right now is Convalore. My belt’s actually from them. It’s Rachael Ray’s new handbag and belt line. What makes Convalore really special is the leathers that Rachael uses. They’re vegetable-tanned Italian leathers and they’ll last forever. (audience applauding)
Yay, team! I have not seen that tape. I didn’t know what they were gonna suggest, that was my personal glam squad. I love them, they’re dear friends (audience applauding)
and I can’t believe Minnie, our stylist, said my brand, Convalore. I’m also wearing, this belt, my belt is also Convalore. Convalore means with valor. All of our leathers are completely natural vegetable-dyed and tanned and they are Italian, just like half of me, yay. (audience applauding) Anyway, that was a fun surprise, I made the style show, yay. Oh, I wanted to mention, give me my card so I remember what I wanted to tell everybody. Oh yeah, this stuff, R and Co, I love that, gives my hair texture, and it’s called Grid, I don’t know why and it shows a power grid on the bottle, I like that. And this sounds like I’m saying poop, but honestly, I took a picture of the bottle, that’s what it’s called. It’s called Low-Poo, meaning it’s shampoo that doesn’t foam up a lot, so I like Low-Poo, it’s how I got my hair to go curly, from DevaCurl. I like this new wild hair. You like it, right?
It’s sexy. Yeah.
It’s good, right? Less maintenance.
And less maintenance ’cause my hair is curly.
Is it? Oh, totally.
Yeah, okay, cool, I like it.
Plus I like it a little crispy before we go in for the big blow dry. Yeah, I love it, it’s sexy. You know, I love that you guys are doing all this, this is the reason I started doing hair. (audience cheering)

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