BARBIE Styling Head Make-up Disney Frozen Queen Elsa BARBIE Digital Makeover Mirror w/ Princess Anna

Hey guys! Ella and Stella we’re both here from ES Toys we’re a Disney
toy collector and we are at Queen Elsa’s Beauty
Salon and Barbie wants to get her make-up done
isn’t that right, Barbie? yes I’d love to get my makeup done so
here is Queen Elsa. Queen Elsa? yes yes Oh! I have
a customer Oh, hi Barbie! How are you darling? I’m
great! How are you Queen Elsa? I’m doing just fine. I hear you want to get your makeup done and try some
new looks. I would love to. okay well then let’s get started see
what choices we have so many different choices here
see which ones you like has that you like that all I don’t know that’s not really my
colors Let me see if there’s something a little bit better okay we’ll try the who that’s a little
bit pretty it matches my dress I’ll I’m glad you like it i like it
let’s take a couple more okay. How about maybe How about this one? Oh, that’s so pretty! you look adorable! Oh, I love it!thank you
look at my lips! I have snowflakes on them. Oh, snowflakes! Oh! I love
the snow so pretty! Let me try one other look at this one you that will be wonderful the next time we have
a ball at the palace! it would be I love how it glitters on my
face I want to try one more, though, just just
because I see it right here. It looks really interesting. Look at
the feathers! and the color matches my dress! I’m really
glad that you’re liking these look that we have. We’re using the Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror, and so it’s perfect to
make-over Barbie! I’m so glad I came to your styling
salon however me too I love having customers
like you are so friendly and wonderful thank you let me try one more look just before
I go Sure! Try a few! okay Ooo, that’s really pretty! Oh, I love it! love love love love it! see what else that we have so many
choices might like something even better hmm! That
gave me freckles! Do you like freckles? You don’t really
have any freckles no but I love my sister, Anna’s, freckles!
They’re so cute let me see one more. Peekaboo! Ooo, that’s
really pretty! It’s like a peacock. Well, I do like that look. Let’s see it at a different
angle and you should turn your face a little bit its ok im very stylish I like it I like how it
brings out my eyes such a couple more and again do that where you’re moving around so we can make
sure that it’s exactly what you want okay lemme see. How about this one? Oh, that’s pretty! that makes me look a lot older Let me try another one okay that one’s very summery Summer’s coming! Summer’s coming. We’re getting
ready for Princess Anna’s birthday party soon. that might be good for her party It would! That’s
a nice party look It would go great with my yellow dress yes let me try one more again. Okay. interesting I don’t know if I like my lips this color well maybe try a different one. Okay. Maybe some look that you could wear everyday Ooo! Good
idea! There we go! I like that one that one reminds me of me! Very nice! Well, thank you so much for
coming to my salon Barbie! You’re welcome! thank you for having me oh you’re welcome anytime come back come
back anytime I love helping you out! alright guys
thanks so much for watching! Be sure to subscribe! Okay, bye! Bye!

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