94 thoughts on “Barbie Makeup Tutorial ♥

  1. beautiful .. sweet soo much ….
    krásné okouzlujíící líčeníí …
    mooc a moc se mii to lííbí …

     veryy niice =**
       =** muuck =**

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  3. i really miss her, and i started watching her videos when i was 8, she was one of those youtubers who inspired me to learn english, i loved her so much that i started studying english, i just want to say thank you so much i love you

  4. Wow I used to watch this when I was so so little and I used to always think “wow this girl is so professional and gorgeous I wish I could do that” 😂 still wishing lmao

  5. Omg I remember watching this when I was 5 :3 I really loved the pink glitters and everything, I just wished I had the same thing she has.

  6. Aww she got married she's all grown up now❤️watch her other vid this was a good memory of mine me watching this when i was 7 while eating ☹️❤️

  7. This is one of the reasons my childhood was awesome, I used to watch this at 5 years old, now i'm 10. Good ol' memories.

  8. Oh my god i am so happy i found this again i used to watch this when i was 6 years old so 7 years ago i used to love this video and watch it all the time 😂

  9. I remember watching this when I was little and I kept on trying to find it but now I have finally found THANK THE LORD.

  10. God, this brings so many memories. Edit: apparently she got married 2 months ago oh gosh, it must've rlly been a while a a a

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