Barbie – Makeup Madness with the Twins | Ep.168

Barbie – Makeup Madness with the Twins I can’t believe you two are going to make me late for school again! Hey! It not my fault Annabelle take too long on the toilet Ummm, there’s another toilet downstairs… There is too! Silly me… You looking nice today Mummy I like your makeup Thank you Annabelle I’m going out for coffee with Summer after I take you to preschool So why you need makeup to have coffee? I just want to make sure I’m looking nice when I go out Maybe… No, you do not need makeup at your age How she know I going to ask that? I won’t need makeup when I’m older I’ll always be beautiful That what you think… Hey Molly, where Ruby? I not sure Maybe she not here today Morning girls Good morning Miss Clarke Today, we’re going to be… Sorry I late Miss Clarke I have photo for my dance school this morning That’s fine Ruby I love your makeup! Thank you I had to do it for the photo Sit down and we’ll get started Wow! Ruby got nice makeup! I know! How come she allowed to wear makeup and we not? …and she wear lots of makeup and it look really nice I know She look beautiful But she only had it on for the dance school photos Right? Yes Well that’s fine then You won’t see anyone else at the preschool with makeup on I suppose you right Mummy’s always right… Are you serious! Everyone got makeup on! Oh boy, Mummy was so wrong this time… You like my foundation Isabelle? Don’t I look younger now? And me! You like my lipstick? I think I look so much beautiful now Annabelle, you think this eye shadow a good colour for me? Oh great! We the only ugly ones here now And everyone have make up on Well I’m not sure why they’d be wearing makeup to preschool We the only girls that not look nice You girls don’t need makeup You look beautiful just the way you are Well I suppose I am very, very, very beautiful girl so we not really need any makeup You right Where you going? To practice putting makeup on But, you just say you not need it I don’t, but we still have to show other girls how nice we look with makeup I like your thinking sis! Ok, I try a bit of lipstick on you first Me? You not trying makeup on me! But how we going to practice for preschool? Practice on someone else Great! Auntie Skipper not here, Auntie Stacie not here… And Auntie Chelsea not here Who we going to practice on? (Snoring) Are you thinking what I thinking? I think so! Maybe we try lipstick on Daddy first Good idea! But be very careful I will… Some lipstick there… Good Isabelle! And a little bit… No! Daddy… Well that not look good… Oh well You think some eye shadow now? Sure, but which colour? Maybe both… (Doorbell) Ken! I was just in the area and… Hey boss! You were in the area and…? Oh, ummm… Nevermind …errrr… Should be heading home now anyway Oh, ok… Strange… Ken, have you seen the twins? Look what they… Ken? Oh boy! Those girls… Sorry Tommy I’d hate to be you right now… Girls! We know… No more makeup Good! You’ll have plenty of time for makeup when you get older Really, really old like you? Yes Isabelle, when you’re really old like me… Morning Annabelle Morning Isabelle Good morning Miss Clarke Sit down and I’ll be back in one moment Ok… Right! Now that I’m organised, who… Ummm, where are the twins? They go to bathroom You alright in there girls? We not be long… Isabelle, don’t move! Well if you hurry up! Come on, everyone’s… Ok, you can start now What? What are you girls doing? We just put a little bit of makeup on A little bit? That look like a lot of bit! You not do very good makeup That Isabelle’s fault She not good at doing makeup Girls you don’t need makeup Yeah, you don’t need it That goes for all of you You’re all beautiful just the way you are Really? Yes really Why would you want to put makeup over those pretty faces? Then why you wear makeup? Yeah, is that because you not pretty like
us? Well… I…errr… Wow! She must be really bad without makeup…

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