Barbie Dress Up & Spy Squad Makeover With Giant Barbie Dolls Kids Toys

Hey, everyone! I’m Sandra with the Disney
CarToys Channel and Spidey Awesome, and today we have some really cool Barbie Toys we just played!
These are so cool! Brand new for 2016! And I love anything Barbie of course, but these are fun. Like,
they’re different than your normal Barbie doll. They are, yeah. So it’s like, accessories that are Barbie
themes. Hmmm! And I have the Glamtastic Fashion Set. Ooh! Fancy! And I have the Spy Tech Bag Set. Yes,
and we’re going to, I mean, we’ll try on the sunglasses on us instead. But, we have here some cool Barbies!
These are the twenty-eight inch dolls. All right! We’ve filmed them and dressed them up before, and
they’re really pretty. I like them a lot. They have really pretty outfits. So. They’re stylish. Yeah,
they’re very, very stylish. And so, we’re going to dress everyone up, but the clothing about my side I just
want to talk about it for a second, is it comes with a really pretty purse. It’s like a glam set. So,
anything you need to “glam it up”, you know, Heheheh. I got it. Yeah, you got it right here. So, we have a
purse, which is really jewel, you know, it’s like sparkly made for putting surprises in it too, we’ll see.
Um, a really cool phone that really works and vibrates, so it’s like a fun. How sweet! My kids will like that. Oh
yeah. And then, a light-up ring, sunglasses, and of course, a Barbie credit card so you can go shopping.
Ouch! So she can max it out! Haha! Yeah, max it out on Barbie toys! Kind of like crazy! Huhuh! And
then, my, um, Spy Tech Bag Set comes with a little Velcro bag. Yeah. And you can hide all your stuff
in it. And it’s got the three spies on it. Yeah, it’s got a couple of pockets. That’s cool. Um, a little compact,
like a little make-up thing. Like a make-up compact. Yeah, but it’s like a secret. You can do, oh yeah,
wait. “Use pen and compact to decode secret messages”. Ooh, decoder! Yeah. That is some spy tech, yeah!
Oh, you got sunglasses, too! Sunglasses, these look like little, um. Calling cards. I guess like spy
cards, maybe? Ooh! Spy, like secret stuff! I see that. Yeah. Oh, and like a little lipstick. Yes. Yes. What’s
the lipstick deal with? Cameras, it looks like. Ooh! I don’t know. High tech! Oh, but the best thing you forgot.
The mustache! Hahaha. Oh! Here it is. Here’s a mustache you can wear! It’s like, what does it say?
It’s a disguise. “Every secret agent needs a disguise.” Okay, you guys got to tell us. We’ll put that over
Spidey, and let us know if he looks any different. Yeah. I look so different, like. You would not recognize him.
Heheheh. And that’s hilarious. Okay, well, let’s open these up, and we’ll try a lot on the dolls and
us. Okay, so I got my Glamtastic Fashion Set out.
And I got my Spy Bag Tech over here. Oh, it looks really good. We’ve traded dolls too, because she
looks more like a spy. Yeah, yeah, with the outfits and stuff. Yeah, she looks really good. So, everything
can fit in this purse, but it’s actually pretty cool. It’s like really long. Wow! Oh, that’s cool. You can
kind of double that. You can totally wear that around. You have to a little like kind of. We’ll put
it on like. Hahahaha. It’s like tangling her up, but we’ll put it on like over her shoulder as if you’re walking somewhere
dangerous and don’t want anyone stealing your purse. Hahaha. I’m really showing everything
off. So, I have this light-up ring, which is actually pretty cool. Oh, blingy blingy! You press down, and
it – everything! Like, green, red, blue. Lots of lights! That is cool! That’d look really cool in the dark.
Oh, yeah. Super cool! So, we’ll put that on her. Oops! Ooh, pretty! Let’s do it right here, there we
go! Kind of! It’s actually might be a good bracelet ring. Oh, there you go! Let me see. I’ll try that. What
else do you have? Um I have, let’s see. Oh, let’s start with this little makeup compact thing. Oh, yeah. Here it is,
and then it’s got a little window on the bottom, and then. Oh! Open it up, and it’s the makeup, and
the little brush in the middle. Oh, that’s cool. And then how do you decode? Umm, I think it, oh, I think that’s
what this on the bottom is. Oh. Okay. Let me see. It actually decodes these things. See, there’s
like a scan thing that you just. Oh, Okay. Wait, let’s hold it over. Okay. So, I think you have to like hold
this. Ummhmm. And you can like. Oh, it says. Like that. One second. This has got a twist. Okay. There
we go. A twist. That was like, this doesn’t even make sense. Oh, team work! Okay, so if you hold it over, it
says “team work.” That’s cool! Ooh, team work. Cool! See that was so secretive, I didn’t even know that
thing came out. Yeah. Hahahah. I’m still trying to figure it out. You have another one. The very top secret!
Let’s see, and this is footprints, Barbie footprints.”Use your secret decoder to find the clue.” Oh, cool!
That’s kind of cool, but it looks like a makeup case. Yeah. Super awesome. That’s way cool. Okay, we
got sunglasses. So, we got cool heart ones. Ooh, cool heart ones and I got like some cool spy shades like.
Hahaha. Kind of work with the mask on. Yeah. But they work with the dolls, too. Okay, here we go,
on Barbie. She actually looks pretty good. Heheheh. Here we go! Whew! She looks good. Styling! What I
like a lot. Okay, so we have Barbie credit card. Ooh! And these jewels, too. So, ‘cause it’s like
Glamtastic! So glamtastic. So I figure we can maybe put like, make a like maybe a jewel necklace or something on
her. Oh, that’d be cool. Yeah. You could stick, you can just stick it. Almost like those tattoo, or those
piercings. Oh yeah. See how really painful you can get there. Ooh. Yeah. Get away from that. We don’t
want to promote that. Hahaha. Here we go. And, probably the premiere thing is the cell phone, ‘cause
it’s two pieces, see how like a jelly case, so to help protect her phone. Oh! Which is real cool. A foam case!
Funky! And then, um, you can press it. Well, actually it’s um, one that you tilt and you can see two different
screens, so one looks like a i-Phone. So it has all the apps and calculator, and the other one says Barbie
and then “slide to answer” just like i-Phone. Wow. Yeah! And you can press it, and it vibrates and
makes sounds. Ooh! Isn’t that cool? I’ll really like I’ll put it on the table too. It really vibrates! It like
it kind of rings. Wow! So, that’s cool! That’s super cool! Oh, I think you can glam up your phone case too! Oh! Maybe
that’s what I can do. Okay. Let me do that. Yeah. You can bedazzle it. Oh, we’ll bedazzle, and
then, what else do you have? Umm, let’s see. Oh, I’ve got this little lipstick here, so on one end, it’s
lipstick, so. Okay. Yeah. But on the other end, it pulls out, and there’s like a little like camera thing
in it. Oh. So, when you like press down. Oh, so it’s like. It just like pops out. Oh!. So you don’t see, yeah. So,
it’s like a pretend camera. That’s cool. It kind of reminds me of the thing in “Men In Black” you know.
Oh, yeah! It erases your memory. Ha-ha, that’s funny. Maybe that’s what it is. Yeah. A memory eraser.
That’s kind of cool. Oh, here’s the little bag. Uh, with the spies on it. It flips open, and there’s lots of
room in there, and there’s like a front pocket too. Oh! And you can put that on her shoulder too, if you want
like to get to the side or something. That’s cool. That fits there and we can put all of, you know we can put
our secret reader makeup thing in here and put her lipstick in there and all that kind of stuff. That’s
awesome and then I have I just blinged up my cell phone a little bit. Ooh. Just on the bottom, but you can
put more on. That looks pretty. It looks cool. It’s kind of. Yeah. I like these kind of pieces. It’s very cool.
Oh, and you can’t forget our mustache. Oh Yes! Yes! It’s like a ring. Okay. Okay. So, let’s see it. Hahaha.
And it’s small for him. Oh, there you go. Huhuh. Wait! Who is that? Hmmm? Spidey, is that you? No, it’s
Bonnieall. Hahaha, Heheheh, No. It’s Spidey’s evil twin. Yeah, it’s Spider. Hm,hm,hm.Hahahah. It’s Venom!
That thing’s hilarious. Yeah, and you can just put it in front of your Barbie’s face or something. There
you go. Oh, that’s hilarious. I love that. It’s like my favorite thing. Yeah. This is awesome. In the whole
thing? Yeah, seriously. Okay, here’s my case with more bling things. I love it. Bling. Bling! Bling, bling!
Okay. Coolness! Well, please like this video if you like all of our new toys. Also, you got to vote who has the
cooler Barbie play set. The Glam with me, or the Spy with Spidey. Ooh! In the comments. Thanks for watching!
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