Balding Men Try Spray-On Hair

– I would highly recommend this. You totally can’t even tell, that this is not my real hair. (upbeat jazz music) – I don’t imagine this is something that can be solved with a simple spray. – It seems a little bit
too good to be true. – My hair just started to recede, you can’t really tell that
much, but I think every guy kind of goes through this
phase when it just starts, where they start to
freak out a little bit. (snorting) – Whoa! – At this point, it just
looks like black spray paint. – I’m just gonna, oh damn! – This really is just
spray paint (laughing). – All done! – I think it’s just kind
of getting everywhere now. – It feels stiff and dry. – I think this might have
to come with some sort of, product where you put it here
and then you spray around it. – Yeah, I saw a hair in
a can infomercial on TV. – And I was like, oh wow,
it looks good on camera. I always just wondered if
it looks good in real life. – But also my pride wouldn’t let me order one of those things. – My hairline probably
used to be like here. – It’s like I’ve taken a salt shaker and just dumping on your head. – It kind of is like
when you get a haircut and the hair flies everywhere. – Yeah, it’s startin’ to fill out. – Okay. – Hey man, you got a brown forehead. Oh no, that’s hair! – There’s a lot coming out. – I mean, it’s kinda cool but, I don’t know, just to
have to do that every day would be a big pain in the ass. – So like, maybe if I did like this. No, that did not work! – The spray product wasn’t my favorite. It kind of left my hair a
little bit too poofy and frizzy for my taste. And not to mention, I look like a cockatoo when I was putting it on. – I’m not sure if I would
actually try this product again. I think, if anything, it just
made me be a lot more okay with just letting it, letting
go and just letting it be. – Yeah, it looks pretty good,
I just wish it was real. – I think I would definitely
try this product again. ‘Cause it definitely fills in the place where I actually have hair. But I tried to move my hairline forward and that did not work at all! – I’d rather just present
my honest self, I guess. And if people like it, they like it. If they don’t, then they can
find someone with more hair. – I think my only concern
about wearing this out is sweating, ’cause it’s
gonna be like crying mascara down my face. (upbeat jazz music) (electronic dance music)

100 thoughts on “Balding Men Try Spray-On Hair

  1. Guys… Just shave ur fuckin' heads. U know what, no lie, I don't really think people with those head hair rings look professional. U know those guys that are bald just on top? Ya to me whenever I see them, they sort of spell out lazy and sloppy to me. Like really? U couldn't have shaved in the morning or something. But that's just me, I think a straight up bald head looks more professional and clean.

  2. For anyone confused: the hair spray isnโ€™t made to extend a non existent hairline, it adds on to your already existing hairs that are thinning out and makes them darker and thicker (or to be simpler, itโ€™s not meant to give you new hair wherever you want. It just makes your hair look thicker and darker).

  3. Being a woman with hair loss makes it very difficult for me to just present my natural head to the world. This kind of thing is just about all I can afford.

  4. It works. It is just because some of you morons don't know how to apply it or don't have enough strands to make it all tie together. It works more like a really good thickening agent for thinning guys, not heavy bald dudes.

  5. It's not used for receding hairlines lol it's used for thinning hairs

    Obviously it won't re grow the hairs that don't exist

  6. If I started to go bald I would just shave my hair off, no point of keeping my hair if its falling out. I would rather be bald than have a receding hair line.

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