1. When nate was saying that setting spray might be in the trash can the i at the top reccomended jeffrees video about wearing brands that hate him XD hmmmmm 🤔

  2. Currently on pause because my mum won't stop talking, would love to watch the video but instead I'm stuck reading the comments 😥😥😥

  3. This cracks me up! Nate did such an amazing job! You could totally tell he pays attention to Jeffree when he’s doing his makeup, or when he talks to Nate about makeup!

  4. Awwww,never seen someone put on mascara without opening their mouth.I can't do it.But Nate doesn't wear makeup,or need it,so it's fine for him most def

  5. Ok, ok, ok, ok don't get me wrong mad respect for Jeffrey and this may be because I don't watch him that often, however, WHERE ARE YOUR EYEBROWS????? I just noticed this after the like 5th video of my binge, but like can anyone fill me in????? Note this is not trying to be mean or offencive, please don't get me wrong!

  6. I love how well Nathan and Jeffree compliment each other as a couple. Jeffree is out there and big while Nathan is soft spoken and quiet. But like. Just how much he supports Jeffree and loves his favorite things makes me so happy. And going so far as to even do a full face is amazing. I love them.

  7. I love to see people loving each other n this wat I get every times i open this video because I fill lv n that make it easy for me to learn

  8. awe he’s so calm and nice like when he said can we please skip this step because of his eyes 👀 aww my heart 😩❤️Xx
    he is actually so good at makeup and i don’t know if he wears makeup everyday but it’s obvious he pays attention to jeffree, so cute 💐

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