Aveda | How to Create Beachy, Textured Hair

Love the beachy textured hair styles modeled
on runways? By the end of this video you’ll know the products and techniques you’ll need
to create the look at home. Allen Ruiz is here to walk you through it.
To start, shampoo and condition your hair with the Aveda system recommended by your
stylist. Prep your hair with brilliant™ damage control™
to help protect it during combing and heat styling.
Part your hair to one side. Rough dry your hair until it is fifty percent
dry, scrunching as you go to create texture. Twist locks of the hair and puff them with
pure abundance™ hair potion to set. Continue until twisted locks are evenly distributed
throughout the hair. Always twist away from the face. This will
give you a lovely directional look when you’re finished. Now scrunch the twists together as you blast your hair dry using a scrunch, squeeze, release
pattern. In this technique your hand acts as the diffuser
giving hair direction, texture and fullness. To really amp up your textured finish, add
a layer of control force™ firm hold hairspray. Then repeat the scrunch, squeeze, release
technique until your hair spray is completely dry.
And here’s your finished look, a beachy textured style just like the ones created by today’s
top stylists.

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