AUDREY HEPBURN Makeup Tutorial | Breakfast At Tiffany’s

hey it’s Jackie and welcome back to my
channel I’m so excited to be filming again I’ve been sick for a while but I
thought I would recreate this Holly Golightly look from Breakfast at
Tiffany’s of course we have another Audrey tutorial I’ve been wanting to do
this one for a while because one of you guys requested it over on Twitter and
I’ve already done a Breakfast at Tiffany’s look you can see it on screen
here years ago but this look is a little bit different and I think it’s so cute
so I hope you guys enjoy it and also head over to my Instagram because I did
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small family got going on and let’s just get started with this look starting with
cleansed and moisturized skin let’s prime I went for a luxurious pick today
the YSL – touche eclat blur primer this is an illuminating primer that blurs
imperfections and boosts the radiance of the foundation it feels really nice and
it has gold speckles in it and I just feel fancy AF would I use it and next up
foundation I’ve been using the NARS natural radiant long wear foundation in
the shade Mont Blanc which is light with pink undertones it matches me really
well when I’m out my palest and it is high coverage but lightweight and I just
apply this in a really thin layer you can skip concealer to keep it really
natural on the skin but I’m trying out the Rimmel a lasting finish a breathable
concealer in the lightest shade to brighten up under my eyes sides of my
nose and on my forehead to set right under the eyes or in areas
that I might crease I like to apply the Revlon Photoready translucent finisher
with my L’Oreal sponge to set or any beauty sponge and then over the rest of
the skin I took Bobbi Brown at nude finish illuminating powder in new to set
in a less heavy way and bronzer Audrey isn’t super bronzy so I’m using benefit
hoola lite to start sculpting out my face and give me a bit more color I’m
narrowing out my forehead even though I will be wearing that mask for the
pictures but this will slim my face to be more of an oval like Audrey and also
begin to accentuate high cheekbones and a more sculpted jawline now of course
the nose contour I never skip this part I’m slimming the bridge and sharpening
up the tip again for more of a sculpted look
bring the bronzer through just above the crease of the eye to start to give more
of a deep set I look and we’re going to repeat these contour steps through the
cheeks and the nose with Too Faced nudie shadow I usually use this for my contour
just because it has a bit more of an ashy shade to it and I like to do this
really subtly to just add in the shadows one more time if you suck in your cheeks
and then lightly dust into the hollows down around your mouth it really matures
the face so I like to do this and then to prep the lips
use your favorite balm I love the Barefoot Venus lip balms this one smells
like grapefruit and is super smooth and brows I’m using a new Maybelline
brow product that I’m really impressed with and I keep reaching for this one
this is the total temptation brow definer is really smooth and the medium
brown shade is perfect it has a bit of warmth to it but it’s not orangey and
then I’m creating slightly arched brows like Audrey and coming out with a cute
rounded spoolie if your brows are farther apart you will have a more
accurate look I just slanded the head of mine slightly to get that opened up face
framed by the brow and at the pallet I picked out for this is dior so it’s
pretty expensive check the down bar for a couple more
affordable options but I saw this palette called undressed and they looked
buttery and like a gorgeous everyday palette so let’s start with the center
light taupe for a base all over the lid and I also like to apply under the lash
line then with a satiny shadow applied to the lid and this one is a pretty
similar shape to Audrey in this scene and I was experimenting with the deepest
shade and found it was really easy to work with when I place the shadow down
in the area I wanted using the little mini applicator and then I blend it out
with my own blending brush and did you see how easy that was there was just a
bit of product on there took very little effort to create that smokey hazy look by
bringing the brown above the crease slightly again to fake a deeper set I
and I was really impressed by these shadows please ignore the flakes in my
hair by the way oh my god I checked to see that they weren’t there prior to
filming but it happens so apologies and with the lightest shadow in the palette
applied the brow bone you want to do this quite heavily it’ll bring the area
forward so it’ll make the crease appear more sunken in one more time I took the
satin shade and blend it over the lid and then at the very top there I added a
touch of the lightest shadow to pick up the light and this last shadow step is
optional but I really like it this is a gorgeous urban decay shade I’m always
drawn to the really shifty shadows so it looks green but then it also has a
reddish brown under different lighting so apply to the lashline for an extra
pop I saw in some moments it looked like this so I just went with it but might
have just pinned the lighting and time to lie
I’m using this brown liner by Annabelle bringing it into the tear duct under the
lashes I like to dot along this will really enhance them when we apply
mascara and then create an upturned wing for false lashes I think these ones from
Sephora really brought the eye look together they are the perfect flared out
shape some tips are to apply the lash around your finger to help bend the band
apply dual glue and wait about 20 seconds and then pop on through the
middle and then line up the corners and boom little charlotte tilbury mascara
this one is not quite black so it’s a bit more natural to the bottom lashline
I usually skip this step but if you want those really doe lyke eyes then apply a
ship being shade liner to the waterline and this will really open them up and
now for the lips start by lining the Cupid’s bow a little bit straighter and
my favorite MAC lipstick right now is called kinda sexy and it’s a perfect fit
for this look and then if you want to lighten up the center for some dimension
I went with the balm a and L’Oreal lipstick lab in the shade confidence and
can’t forget finishing off with a little blush and highlight I’m obsessed with
the love flush blush by Charlotte Tilbury
her blushes are my favorite thing from all of her makeup and they do really
have a gorgeous finish so apply this high on the cheekbones and then I’m
adding a bit of a Gigi Hadid liquid highlight over my powder products I like
to do this just on the top of that cheekbone for Uniqlo that has a pink
Sheen and on the tip of my nose Charlotte Tilbury a beauty light wand
this one is my favorite liquid highlight for the nose you only need a little bit
for a gorgeous shine but again I will have some dupes because some of these
products have been pricy and there’s the look keep on watching for a quick hair
tutorial to complete this vibe now for the quick hair look I have
already started off by teasing the crown of the hair into a pouf and I will have
a tutorial on how to tease listed in the information button and it’s actually
another Audrey look but then we’re just gonna gather a section from the back and
twist into a fluffy bun so just twist in one direction and loop the hair around
itself and then use bobby pins to secure in place and I’m picking up some of the
hair within the bun and then I am adding it into the base of the teased hair
underneath it separating it out for some volume for the curls that I went with I
wanted to do something a little bit retro and help shorten the length of my
hair so I took a classic one-inch curling iron and then wrap the ends
around the barrel a couple times then I put the clamp down and rolled the hair
like you normally would and I waited a couple seconds and then released the
iron and I kept it facing vertically and once you’ve created about three curls
per side then just brush it out and they should spiral together add in your
favorite hairspray for long-wear and there you have it I completed the look with this dress
shirt that I got off Amazon and then I went with Chanel number five for my
classy fragrance and because this is the Breakfast at Tiffany’s look I thought it
would be fun to show you guys my delicious breakfast recipe that I have
totally showed before on my channel but here’s my upgraded version hello from
the kitchen for this quick recipe you’ll need a banana tortilla your favorite
peanut butter or even better at Julia’s a best-ever chunky almond butter and a
little bit of actual butter so first I’m mixing up my almond butter my classmate
from high school actually created this company it has a sweet and savory flavor
with Chia and flax seeds cut up that banana spread the nut butter over half
of the tortilla this nut butter has benefits of fiber and omega-3 fatty
acids and I just prefer the taste of this so you can find this in Canada it’s
popping up in more and more stores so support Julia she made something really
awesome and is a really nice person so I will have a link down below where you
can find it and it is vegan, add butter on either side just so it doesn’t stick
to the pan and let’s warm this baby up on the stove this is delicious it’s like
a dessert I make it all the time for breakfast or a snack and it helps if you
have a cat to cuddle while you’re eating the snack thanks for watching I hope you guys
enjoyed this Audrey Hepburn look and if you did make sure you give it a thumbs
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know what you’d like to see next I have tons of video ideas but I’m always
adding to it and this was requested so I love when you guys send me requests and
I’ll see you in my next video

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